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161 responses to “Sprint Confirms Froyo Upgrade for Samsung Intercept, Android 2.2 Update”

  1. Ami Rob

    Well I called Sprint customer care. And two different reps said by the end of the month… can’t say more on that right now…

  2. Edward Coast

    Thanks, Keith.

    Meanwhile, I found this:

    I wasn’t able to get Option 2 to work. However, I was able to get the factory reset as you mentioned. Do they both accomplish the same thing?

    I called Virgin Mobile and asked about the Samsung Intercept if they knew when they would roll out the 2.2, and the technical support person said he didn’t know when. He did tell me I would get a notification when an update was available. And that updates would be done on the cell phone itself by selecting Update Android. Which I did today (11/28/10) and it said the system (which is running 2.1) is up to date.

  3. Ami Rob

    Me again. I spoke to a rep at Sprint again yesterday while dealing with the bill and they said DECEMBER this time! that is annoying. first they said by the end of Nov. now they say Dec… nonetheless, it is coming. so we wait. Also, i noticed that maintaining a task killer is somewhat of a babysitting job. what’s the point? i just downloaded open home and put the “power management” widget on my home screen. tap that whenever you think about it and performance and battery is great. and always fully charge a new phone before using it your battery will do much, much better. As far as nonresponsive back and home keys, this is not a good phone to have that prob with’ consider a swap. I haven’t had that prob. VM is what gets on my nerve… I have had an app error- unexceptedly stopped. i ignored it by hitting force close then just went back in, but at one point did need to restart my device. but that stopped. I really don’t know what that was all about. Perhaps these things will be fixed in 2.2. hope some of this helps!

  4. DeadMansLife

    Planned for when??? Still waiting.

  5. Dustin

    November 30th Samsung Intercept Virgin Mobile USA. Just checked the update Android and still says currently up to date. Any ideas on how much longer for VM or Sprint??

  6. Nick

    I am getting anxious for froyo. Though I am a bit bummed that Flash may not be available still. As for the phone, I am really happy with it. I was having some problems with the back and home keys for a few weeks, as well as some apps force closing. I also had a problem one day where the phone kept re-booting but hasn’t done it since. I recently stopped using TasKiller and performance seems to have increased. I havent had a problem for a while now.

    On a side note, I don’t really know much about these Launcher Apps people are talking about. I will have to check them out.

  7. Larry

    Chris, do your Sprint sources tell you that this update is still coming?

  8. 2HOT4U

    If your phone is already rooted with a different kernel are you going to have to go back to stock kernel in order to update.

  9. Dustin

    Yes. I have seen people with rooted phones try to update to Froyo and it does not go through and you are unable to upgrade. So how much longer until 2.2.1 comes out on Intercept? Any ideas?

  10. Dave W

    so we have to just wait a little longer than we thought for 2.2 on the intercept then?

  11. barry - Great Wave Investigation

    Can anyone post specific instructions to do the z4root method and where to locate what is needed?

  12. barry - Great Wave Investigation

    just adding email notice to myself

  13. joe

    just adding email notice to myself

  14. Saul

    Im Still waiting on the 2.2 the lady i spoke on the phone today said there an update on Dec , 15 hopefully shes telling the truth

  15. Dustin

    Ok so why on Sprint’s website does it list the Samsung Intercept’s operating system as Android 2.2? Obviously we don’t have this update yet so I’m very confused.

  16. Kris

    I spoke to Sprint for 2 hours earlier, said no date for upgrade..which is BS!! Especially since new customers are getting shipped Intercepts with 2.2..Just like sprint to crap on the paying customers and beneifiet new ones!!

  17. Kris

    They just keep saying soon, When is soon?? so sick of hearing that word!!! If u can give it to new customers where the hell is ours!!

  18. Brian Hartwig

    Well, I just upgraded for free to an Intercept, re-manufactured, about 11:30a PST, as I was having troubles keeping the charger connected to get a full charge at the local Sprint Store, in Eugene OR. I initially went in to at least exchange if needed, but turned out there was a ‘known issue’ on the Moment (SPH-M900), and they had the Intercept, a step up on the 3G network, unlike the Epic, which support 4G as well. I even had it rooted and a different version, that I had downloaded and installed from That apparently did not make a difference in taking it in. I did not even mention that fact to the one behind the counter that assisted me.

    Here is my stock info, not rooted:

    1) Model number: SPH-M910
    2) Firmware version: 2.1-update1
    3) Baseband version: S:M910.05 S.DF27
    4) Kernel version: 2.6.29
    5) Build number: Samsung ECLAIR.DF27
    6) Hardware version: M910.05

  19. Daniel

    I just hit update firmware and it says “Session in progress” so i assume is is pulling down froyo

  20. Dustin

    Are you on Virgin Mobile or Sprint? And is it still doing it?

  21. Mike

    daniel do you have sprint or virgin mobile?

  22. Daniel

    Sprint, I got a phone call and it stopped. Now it wont start up again.

  23. Dustin

    Well please fill us in if anything good happens!

  24. David

    Just tried update firmware and update android, nothing. Sprint

  25. barry - Great Wave Investigation

    Daniel…….were you doing mushrooms or what?????

  26. kris

    I think he may have been barry!! that or the long wait we’ve had for this update has gotten to him like it is me:)…I’m hopin the guy above is right with the dec 15 date..sprint would give me no infoexcept “soon” the intercepts that are on the sprint website are now showing and shipped with 2.2 it should b any day…but just like sprint to give it to a new customer before old loyal ones..they care more abou t a new sale than taking care of us..if they didn’t have the best plas a provider switch would b in my future..let’s just hope this update comes soon..I check my phones updates many times daily so first I see ill let ya all know!!!

  27. Dave W

    i have been a customer with sprint since 2001 and this is Sprints M.O. they care more about getting new customers than actually keeping the ones they have.
    The only reason i have hung on as long as i have is because they are cheap if Verizon wasn’t so darn expensive i would definitely be with them.
    Anyway…….hurry your A$$ up get us some 2.2

  28. barry - Great Wave Investigation

    I just called VM and they received word that 2.2 is coming but they don’t ever get dates. A notice will be send to customers when available and then download from phone. I had a poorly educated Tech last week who told me my bluetooth was not working cause of the phone and to exchange it. This was prior to my research…so I went to Best Buy and they swaped the phone for me..naturally BT still not working right…the guy in BB told me there are problems with most Droids regarding BT…but gave no explation. Now I and we all know it is the 2.1 and need 2.2. It is unreal that we have to take a step backwards with a new phoe. How many people have BT devices and can’t use them with 2.1. so hope we will get the 2.2 soon…it did seem soon may be soon…but unemployment will improve soon too according to our friends in Washington…by the way I nicely told the VM Tech they should do something for my time and they gave me 100 bonus minutes. Though that was nice of them, even though it’s not a big deal and does not help the situation. By the way, anyone using a browser that might be better thean the one on this phone??

  29. Xavier Renteria

    Ugh Ive had this phone since it came out. And really I dont have any complaints with mine except the occasional freeze or back button. But all in all its a good phone. Ive just been on edge waiting for Froyo. Getting froyo will def give this phone a performance boost. COME ON AND GIVE IT TO US SPRINT AND SAMSUNG!

  30. Dustin Welborn

    Someone posted this to the Sprint website just a couple says ago.

    5. Dec 8, 2010 Posted in response to: Halberg217
    Re: Intercept 2.2 update?
    Just got off of the phone with Sprint Tech Support after noticing that the website now lists the Intercept as shipping with Android 2.2
    After talking the Technician I found out the following info:
    New Samsung Intercepts are shipping with Android 2.2, all of us that already own them will have to wait, I was told that they had the Android 2.2 update ready and because of a leak someone got ahold of they screwed up alot of phones so they pulled the update back. But I was also reassured that the update will be out in the next 1-2 weeks and would of been out already if not for the leak. It will be an OTA update and is currently just waiting to be released. According to the Tech, they had to replace and repair alot of phones because of this leak and that is what the hold up is.

  31. David

    I use dolphin browser HD, you can get it free from the Market and I personally think its a lot better than the the stock browser (and a lot of people agree)

  32. Dustin

    That’s what I thought too! I just found that thread on the Sprint website so I posted it. I have no idea about it’s legitimacy.

  33. Yuri

    Sprint’s full of s… On the sprint’s website, Intercept ships with 2.1. They don’t have the update. No update for intercept was leaked. I think we can forget about update for this phone because it’s really unpopular phone.

  34. Mike

    just wait a bit longer we will get it, i just hope virgin mobile gets it too

  35. kris

    Iwish people would quit making uninformed comments on here..duh this is a post of phone news confirning the intercept is getting 2.2 but u post its not wow!! And on the website they are showing shipped with 2.2 ..sprint techs even confirm this…as for it not being. A popular phone…where do u get ur numbers from??? Intercept sales are good with a great following since there release in july!! U obviously own one so u must have thought it was a good buy..either that or ur some knuckleheadvwith some other phone making comments on a thread that doesn’t. Concern u!! Either way people. We will ge2t 2.2!! Don’t listen to the naysayers!! I excpect it within the next few weeks

  36. David

    I know that the upgrade was confirmed by Sprint. However, Yuri is correct about the Sprint site now saying the Intercept has Android 2.1. Any news on this?

  37. Dave W

    Still holding out that Dec 15 update, Just wish sprint would be clear and communicate with their customers like maybe a account message or email and stop all this speculation.

  38. Twister

    Ok.. I just went to the Sprint store and they told me that none of the Samsung phones have 2.2 yet. They were supposed to release 2.2 when the Intercept came out but there was something that happened with it and Google held it bac. It should be out any day now!

  39. PRoPAiN!

    Me: Intercept on VM, so I’m not holding my breath just yet. I’ve been monitoring these comments (if for no other reason than it’s the first result I get when Googling), and December 15th has been the only concrete date I’ve seen anywhere. As that’s today, I thought I’d throw my “me, too!” in and ask if anyone’s gotten the update as of yet today.

  40. Twister

    No update yet… Will try updating my Android on my break…

  41. Twister

    No Froyo yet…

  42. Twister

    One other thing the rep said while I was at the store yesterday is that noneof the Sprint Samsung phones have been updated to 2.2

  43. Barry

    See my comments above. There apparently is no need to keep checking your phone, closing your eyes, and crossing your fingers when you check the update button. The Virgin Mobile rep told me that WHEN and I say WHEN (if there ever is a WHEN), notification to your phone/email is sent out first and then you can go to the update on your phone. I’m sure everyone checks there phone for an update at least once a day and anyone with any type of compulsive behavior, might check several times. I don’t know why people waste energy on these things, when they should use the energy for something more productive…I know protest is a horrible word, but wouldn’t it be better energy spent if several thousand customers emailed and called Sprint and VM at the same time to ask, “hey where’s my 2.2”?

  44. Twister

    BARRY> It is actually Samsung that is withholding the 2.2. Supposidly some one hacked it and screwed up a bunch of phones…

  45. Barry

    That sounds like utter bull. Android is up to 2.3 and 2.2 is a stock item, which just has to be modified by each of the cell phone companies so they cfan control all there customers. This was also mentioned in earlier post and I just can’t buy it. With all this tech out there, if they wanted to realease it they would do it. Maybe it’s a Holiday thing, so more expensive phones are sold, who knows, ….seems like they just press a button and let it loose to the public….not a big deal…except for their marketing departments, who plan out every move and suck us all in.

  46. Twister

    Barry> I could not agree more.. I am just relaying the info that I was told… I wish they would release the 2.2. Maybe they will skip 2.2 and roll out with 2.3 for all of us… the fact that Samsung has not rolled out their 2.2 is what baffels me. For ex: HTC and other phone other than Samsung all have their 2.2. Its a samsung thing…

  47. Barry


    Chat Window Page 1 of 2
    b Please wait for a Samsung Agent to respond.
    @ You are now chattlng with ‘Marcus’
    .- :I) H80wc an I Marcus: Hi, thank you for contactinq Samsunq Technical Support. How may I help [
    you today’
    -: I understand that vou want to know about the ohones wlth Android 2 2. Am ‘ : help you?
    I correct? ‘ – . –
    ,’Mareus: Thank you for the confirmation.
    lMarcus: I am sorry, there are no phones as of now from Samsung that comes wlth ‘1
    Andratd 2.2 default.
    Marcus: The software will be released in the future and you can update the phone to 1
    the Android 2.2.
    M;dreus: I f the phone supports Android version and if the phone is currently on
    Android 2.1, it will be released.
    Marcus: I am sorry, as of now there is no update for the phone from Samsung and
    there is no exact date of one being released. You will be notified by the carrier and In ,
    the Samsung website once the release is official. I would have surely helped you if I , .I
    had the information regarding the date. I don’t want to provide any wrong
    a Agent IS typing a message