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161 responses to “Sprint Confirms Froyo Upgrade for Samsung Intercept, Android 2.2 Update”

  1. kris

    I spoke to a sprint system admin on sprint forum last night..would only say asystem maintenanse uprade is targetes for nest week …not surw what that means for us

  2. Twister

    A system maintenance upgrade mean that sprint is updateing their computers and what not… Prolly hase nothing to do with the customers

  3. Dave W

    Also just sent an email to samsung regarding a update for the intercept will post the response when i get one.

    some others might want to do the same……

  4. barry - Great Wave Investigation

    Dave…good work…my chat + your email makes 2 customers starting to bring issue to light…where is everyone else..or does everyone just expect a new phone for the holidays so they can throw out the Intercept they just bought? Only problem, the Custormer Service Reps in Daily Land really don’t give a s…, the corporate heads need to know what’s going on…I don’t have time to find their contacts…anyone else want to step up?

  5. Dave W

    i just did a little chat myself with an agent it took a while to get into window with an agent but here is the context, not very encouraging..

    Please wait for a Samsung Agent to respond.

    You are now chatting with ‘Arthur’

    Arthur: Hi, thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. How may I help you today?
    Visitor: Yes sir i have a few questions regarding the samsung intercept for sprint
    Arthur: Please go ahead with your query, I will be glad to assist you.
    Visitor: ok, i have been hearing alot lately about the intercept possibly getting an update from android 2.1 to 2.2 is there any validity to this?
    Arthur: As of now Android 2.2 upgrade as not been released and we do not have any information regarding the upgrade from Android 2.1 to 2.2 for the Intercept Phone.
    Visitor: ok thanks
    Arthur: You are welcome.
    Arthur: Do you have any other questions for me?
    Visitor: no thanks very much

  6. Dustin

    Ok I did my part and sent in my question regarding the Android 2.2 update for the Intercept to Samsung. They need to get the message that they are losing future and current customers over this.

  7. Xavier Renteria

    Its 10:49pm on December 15th and STILL NO FROYO. Really im just becoming restless over this update. I mean look around you Sprint and Samsung. All the other phones have just about made it to 2.2 and are soon getting 2.3. WTF?! If someone can post a link to email sprint and samsung about this can you please post it? I would like to take part in sharing my issues with them haha.

  8. Twister
  9. David

    Can this be confirmed? I am new to Android and don’t know the community resources well. Just trying to determine the validity of this claim.

  10. David

    Well, I’m not the type to get all excited at every “leaked” document or ambitious news story, just wanting to know. Thank you Chris and I guess I’ll sit here patiently awaiting the update–besides you’ll be waiting whether you’re mad or patient, lol.

  11. Rick B

    Android 2.2 is here on Sprint. I went to Android update and Froyo 2.2 has now popped up. Nice!

  12. Twister

    Select phones are getting the update right now… I for instance woke up to the 2.2 Update (It is freaking AWESOME BTW) but my fiance has the same phone (the pink version) and she has not yet received the update. But.. It is being rolled out so all ya need to do is sit and wait 🙂

  13. AKS

    Why the heck is the entry level Samsung Intercept getting 2.2 before the flagship Samsung Epic? What gives? Doesn’t make sense.

  14. David

    Rick B or Twister: did you get an alert or did you just check Update Android?

  15. Rick B

    David, I used the Update Android button. I didn’t get an automatic push from Sprint.

  16. David

    Ok, thanks Rick B, looks like I’ll be waiting a lil longer.

  17. Paul

    Just posted by a Sprint Admin in Sprint forum:

  18. michael h

    Hey do we get live wallpapers? And why hasn’t my phone got the update yet?

  19. michael h

    Hey do we get live wallpapers? And why hasn’t my phone got the update yet? I hope I get it before the nights over! Getting excited.

  20. Paul

    Per Sprint Admin on post entitled “12/17 – Samsung Intercept Maintenance Release – Android 2.2 (DL05)” (link included in posting 3 comments up):

    “Update: This release is pushed from Google and may be released in waves, so you may not see it on your device immediately.”

  21. kris

    for. Thoes of u that have rceived the I am one of the ulucky wakiter..what changes are seen from the update??

  22. Xavier Renteria

    Nice! Finally its rolling on out! Im one of the unlucky ones though, haven’t gotten it yet =/ but yes, I’m also wondering for those who have received it. Has it improved the overall performance of the Intercept? How is the built in Android browser?? Any Flash support?

  23. john

    Hey any info on how froyo is running on the intercept? performance better? do we have flash? any big changes to UI? seems all the 2.2 recipians are too busy playing with it than to answer ?s

  24. tony

    I’m starting to wonder if the update was actually released. The reason I question is because when I had the moment and I upgraded from 1.6 to 2.1 I had to make an in store visit. Sorry for being a skeptic. Prove me wrong please????

  25. robert lampton

    I have a Samsung intercept that had android 2.1. I received the 2.2 update on Dec. 18. I am now having several issues with my phones capabilities. I am unsure if these are the result of the update or my inexperience with the new OS. If someone could leave a comment on how to get answers that would be great. Thanks

  26. Dave W

    12/17/2010 10:50pm no 2.2 yet hurry up and wait….

  27. A Sw

    I am pulling down the 2.2 update now (Auto push from sprint) I’ll report back.

  28. A Sw

    Update installed, everything is much faster I have no problem running apps that were slow before. No live wallpaper though. That was just my quick look at things i’m sure others will post more.

  29. Xavier Renteria

    @ A Sw

    Did you just get an alert from Sprint that there was an update? Or did you click update Android from the settings menu? Did you have to restart the phone to get the update or did it just pop up? Im anxious to get the update and still havent received it 😛

  30. keith

    IDK ABOUT U GUYS BUT I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Jonas

    Has anyone benchmarked the new update with linpack?

  32. CJD

    Phone upgraded. No option to download flash and no live wall paper. Bummer
    On the upside. LOVE the new interface. Hope it works better

  33. kris

    WOKE UP TO 2.2!!! FINALLY!!

  34. Paul

    Got the update pushed. Looks good. Don’t like the fact that notifications window doesn’t have direct access to WiFi On/Off or Silence mode though.

    How do you install apps to SD? I downloaded a couple apps to test and didn’t get any indications about it.

  35. Kevin

    My wife’s phone got an update alert on her phone this morning. clicked ok and off it went. Got an error after it ran for a while then the phone rebooted. it is now BRICKED. won’t boot!!! Absolutely useless. I get the Samsung splash screen and that’s it. Appreciate the update, WTH? Now we have to drive an hour to the nearest Sprint store to get it looked at. Anyone know any tricks to get it back running before I take it in to the store? The hard reset option of holding the volume down button and powering on does not work BTW.

  36. Brian Hartwig

    Yes, I received the pushed update (from Sprint) between 11:30p Friday night and 8:30a this morning, and went ahead and installed it. However, at first play, I don’t have “Silent” mode, but “Vibrate”. I would rather no sounds at all, except for alarm and media. Ugh. I have a remanufactured phone, and got error messages before the update that it wouldn’t get PRL or Firmware from Sprint, nor after the update. So that might be an issue with this particular phone.

    My current “micro-computer” phone info is as follows:

    Model number: SPH-M910
    Android Version: 2.2.1
    Baseband Version: S:M910.05 S.DL05
    Build number: FROYO.DL05
    Hardware version: M910.05

    A BIG THANK YOU to all those that took their time to contact Sprint and/or Samsung about this update, and finding out about how soon it would be coming out.

  37. Brian Hartwig

    Okay, found the “Vibrate” setting under the “Sound” settings. By default, it is on as “Only in Silent mode”. The other options are “Always”, “Never”, and “Only when not in Silent mode”.

    @ Tony…. 2.2 is a maintenance release (or update), so it is being pushed to the phones. Going from 1.6 to 2.1, as you mention is an upgrade. It’s like going from Windows XP SP1 to Windows Vista or 7 SP1; where as an update is like going from Windows XP SP1 to Windows XP SP2 or SP3. You are not changing the base operating system on a maintenance release. Hope this helps.

  38. tony

    Brian that helps a ton. Thanks!!

  39. Brian Hartwig

    Tony, you are most welcome.

    I just looked at the original post date of this story. It has taken 4 months to get the update; interesting.

  40. Xavier Renteria

    I FINALLY GOT IT!!!! It is much better than 2.1! It seemed to have wiped the slightly customized look that Samsung had put in with 2.1. Fine by me, I like the simplist Android approach. At first boot it was kinda slow, but after shutting it down, then restarting everything is fast! Love it…now where is our 2.3 Gingerbread?? HAHA jk..

  41. julia

    Lol xavier…. lucky. Hey has anyone with a vm samsung intercept gotten the upgrade yet?

  42. Will

    Just called VM customer service inquiring about the upgrade…waste of my time. After being put on hold, the rep came back to offer me some plan upgrade, 30% off, blah blah blah. They had no clue about what I was even talking about. I love outsourced “customer service”. So, its pointless to even try…just wait and see, I guess.

  43. Kevin

    Turns out the Sprint store was full of people with Intercepts that were bricked by the update today. So many that they had to order most people new phones because they didnt have anymore in stock. Be a few days before my wife gets her new phone. That really sucks… No telling how many people lost their phones to this update today but there were a lot at the one store we were in today so I suspect there are a good many.

  44. Dave W

    woke up to an update installed and running smooth as butter, i like the new interface faster and streamlined.
    haven’t tried to save apps to SD yet was at work ALL day and will fiddle with it later.
    dont know about flash yet.but so far so good much faster thats for sure.

  45. tony

    There isn’t flash support with this update. However you can download “skyfire browser” from the app market which converts some flash. Also to save to SD card go to settings/applications/manage applications… go to dowload tab choose app you want to save to SD card. Then look for option save to SD card. Note* some applications like facebook/twitter cannot be saved to SD card. Every app is different some can be saved some cannot. Hope this helps.

  46. David

    What a POS upgrade. Not only did it change alot of the functionality of the phone (I now have to push and swipe to end a call – HUH???) but IT WIPED OUT MY ENTIRE CONTACTS LIST.

  47. michael

    got the update this morning and so far I’m stoked to see the changes. first thing since david complained about it is the new way of answering and ending calls. it’s a hundred times better than the stupid hold your thumb down method that was required before. also, of course a complete update is going to change the functionality of your phone (why else would you update?) now onto more important matters. my phone is opening up applications much faster. i’ve been able to move all compatable apps to the sd, though was surprised that only 25% of my apps were compatable. needless to say, it was still worth it to clear up a quarter of my internal memory. also, no ones mentioned it but they thoroughly reworked the bluetooth in the update. it is now very functional and extremely easy to use. the dialer has changed too back to the standard android dialer. i noticed that the home screen was a lot better as well, both looks wise and functionality speaking, there are also five screens now. however launcher pro still works way faster and more efficiently than the stock ui. if you don’t have launcher pro you should get it, it’s free on the market.

    There’s still no flash support, but i’ll try skyfire and see how that works out. no way to do live wallpaper still but I could care less, that’s just a pointless waste of ram and cpu.

    also, I noticed a new task manager and a couple of other new apps I can’t remove as well. haven’t checked them out though, just the task manager, which is pretty good but nothing too extraordinary.

    also, the performance tweaks really show. my phone hasn’t force closed any apps on me since updating.

    remember, a large portion of complaints regarding electronics are the result of user error. this update is definitely worth getting. not doing so would be absolutely ludacris.

    oh and the one issue I had with the update was losing the easy access buttons on the notification bar, but I can do without in exchange for a much more functional phone overall. i’ll keep you guys informed if i see any other changes.