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20 responses to “Sprint Confirms HTC Pro 7 as HTC Arrive”

  1. Nanfy

    Lets see here.

    1st Generation Snapdragon Processor. 2nd Generation Snapdragon processors have been out for months now in plenty of devices.

    A lackluster small 3.6 inch screen that “the LCD panel produces washed out colors, and blacks with a purple/white hue, like it was drawn on with a cheap black felt tip pen. Viewing angles are rather shallow as well”

    Crappy Screen and a 1st generation processor.

    I think I’ll pass once again Sprint.
    Sprint needs to try harder and get phones with up to date hardware that is competitive.

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  2. JJ

    You can say that again. Verizon just keeps beating them in everything. Verizon is hitting the market with the new thunderbolt that runs lte has a newer processor and sprint comes out with this? What is going on over at sprint?

  3. MR


  4. F1

    I, honestly believe SPRINT is heading into self destruction, nothing CEO D.Hesse. does is helpng the company, even being first with 4G, they are shooting themselves in the foot by talking about switching to LTE next and maybe have WIMAX also on the same radio, do you remember Nextel ?

    It is a basic business & marketing principle, don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

    1.Forced Everything Plans on so called “legacy plan accounts”!
    No Smartphone for you! “Soup Nazi” anyone? These are their best, established accounts!

    2.4G WIMAX, just months into the EVO introduction, again their inaugural 4G customers, they start talking about LTE, maybe this, maybe that, who in their right mind would want to invest into an expensive new phone, when the seller is already second guessing their own plans?

    Neither a Consumer nor an Investor could look at SPRINT as a “sure thing”.

    At the end of the day it is a $3-$5 stock, today it is a $4 stock, used to make light of it when it was a $20 stock a decade ago right arround the Nextel fiasco.

    Q.: VZW & AT&T are each 6-7 times more valuable, and yet, each is only serving only twice as many as SPRINT, why do you thing that is?

    A.: One word answer, “leadership” or lack there of!

    With all their new darn right hostile policies, the temporary bandage on bleeding accounts, will soon enough peel off, hence Dan Hesse’s pride and joy, his crown achievement will once again collapse with complete disinegration to follow, because consumers like anyone else want stability.

    Thank You

  5. bottomline

    So is it official that legacy plans(free & clear plans) will not qualify on this phone??

  6. Nanfy

    Yes, you need an “everything plan” with the additional 10 dollar smart phone add-on.

    An “everything plan” that you still have to add something to it, so its really not everything. False advertising?

  7. Phoneman

    No 4G on this phone? What are you thinking Sprint?

  8. JJ

    No wp7 is 4g right now, so what makes you think sprint was going to make it 4g? Its identical to the gsm version except for the gsm chip being cdma. Its also a good thing its not 4g. Most people don’t have access to 4g towers and can save money by not having a 4g phone. Good thing is that now sero customers can get a high end wp7 phone for only $40 a month.

  9. Phoneman


    Did you just say it’s a good thing it doesn’t have 4G?

    Lol, try again.

    You do realize that Sprint charges the $10 “Premium Data Fee” (also known as the 4G tax) on 3G phones too, right? So “most people” won’t save a dime by missing out on 4G.

  10. F1

    Everything Plan +$10 + SPRINT Surcharges= How is that competetive?!

    Keep in mind, that the extra $10 charge, is NOT subject to any ‘discount”, 4G to me would have been a justified expense, however the 3G and ESN change charges are simply desperate.

    I will not drop my Fair & Flexible 700, even if SPRINT refuses to replace or upgrade my Palm Pro 850 Mobile 6.1 with a comparable device, they simply do not have anything in the “line up” worth my consideration.

    Why Microsoft 7 when 8 Beta (first MS Tablet OS from the ground up) is coming out in the Fall, besides no more MS for me,don”t you just love their product and customer support??
    My choices are either the iOS( it simply works) or a matured ANDROID “post” Honeycomb ( see ) version.

    Thank You

  11. F1


    This link is in support of my previous date stamped statement:
    F1 on February 23rd, 2011, 5:30 pm

    Thank You

  12. JJ

    The reason I said its good is because most people don’t have access to 4g and also will save on battery life as 4g sucks the battery like there is no tomorrow. I also mentioned sero is the real winner here. Since it is a 3g phone sero customers only pay $10 more which they would have done anyway for a hero or pre. Now the $30 sero will still be only $40 instead of $50. Thats all I meant.

    You are right about sprints everything plan. It should not be called everything plan if you have to add $10 to a smartphone. It should be called everything that doesn’t include a smartphone.
    As for coming out with wp7 instead 8 they had no choice. Where do you see a windows phone right now with 8? There are none. So thats not a drawback at this point especially with an update coming soon.
    I do understand you about not getting rid of your great plan. I still have my wife on sero and using a dumbphone cause sero is so awesome.
    But right now you can’t down wp7. Yes you have android as an option and hopefully soon we’ll have the new webos but don’t count wp7 out yet. I myself will keep my evo till the evo 2 or something similar but I would not mind trying wp7 after their update and after they add tethering too.

  13. Phoneman

    “most people” don’t have SERO. And if you aren’t in a 4G area, you can turn 4G off and then 4G doesn’t kill the battery.

    Besides, “most people” do have 4G these days. Yeah, there are still plenty of markets that don’t have 4G coverage. But with over 100 million people in 4G areas right now, today, it’s safe to say “most” of Sprint’s customers are either in a 4G area, or at least travel to a 4G area here and there.

    With 3G not being any cheaper than for “most” customers, I don’t see how anyone can say it’s a good thing that a new smartphone doesn’t have 4G.

  14. JJ

    With that said, sprint is in talks of switching to LTE so yes its still ok that this phone doesn’t have 4g. I myself would not mind it. I have the evo and I travel to orlando which has 4g and I have gotten the 4g signal only once. So in the end yes it would be a plus to have 4g on a phone but it surely doesn’t hurt it if it only came with 3g. Either way this phone is still going to sell.

  15. Phoneman

    @ JJ
    I have 4G everywhere I go. I never even turn it off anymore.

    There is no way I would consider getting another Sprint phone that doesn’t even have 4G. Especially if the plan is the same price as my current 4G plan.

    For you to say it won’t hurt this phone is foolish. Like I said, most of Sprint’s customers do get 4G now. This isn’t like when the Evo was released and nobody had 4G. Over 100 million people live in 4G areas today, and more than that travel to them.

    It will absolutely hurt this phone not having 4G.

  16. F1 Thank You

  17. Dominik

    I hope that Nokia brings something to Sprint running WP7 and hardware that makes everyone drool.

  18. F1

    Nokia & MS, so yesterday…
    How could possibly something good come out of the two dinosaurs of 80’s & 90s technology? As far as I am concerned, both are d.o.a. !
    The future is in ever evolving applications, not in corp. boardroom cocoon strategies.

    Thank You

  19. F1


    This didn’t take too long,
    “Microsoft to demo Windows 8 tablet interface in June” ? By Joanna Stern

    Thank You

  20. F1

    Not so fast, well maybe not, what the heck, what can one expect from Microsoft!! Just save your money you will be far better off! lol

    Thank you