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7 responses to “Sprint Confirms HTC WiMax Android Device By Summer (Updated)”

  1. Jesse

    now just to put a wimax tower at every walmart…. : ) now that would be awesome!!! will it happen???

  2. Christopher Price

    Sigh. When Mac OS Rumors claims Apple will be using its Apple Stores to build a cellular network, everyone points and laughs.

    When Engadget makes a similar claim, it’s just said. They obviously don’t realize the nightmare of lighting up individual locations, in the middle of nowhere, with WiMAX.

    Odds are someone noted to a tipster that Walmart was in talks with Clear to build cell sites on stores where their network is/will exist. That’s all.

  3. EP

    So with a WiMAX radio and a seperate CDMA radio, it should be possible to talk and surf at the same time while in a 4G area I’m guessing…

  4. JJ

    yea thats my question. Will you be able to talk and surf at the same time? I hope they come out with a windows mobile wimax phone. As of now I still won’t pay extra for a different plan just to have an android phone.

  5. nonegiven
  6. 3tech

    Well how disappointing about the supersonic not being available until closer to the end of the year! Well, I’m gonna give it until June, otherwise I’ll be getting the HD2!

  7. HTC WiMax Android device for launch this Summer confirms Sprint | Android Arena

    […] The HTC phone appears to be the previously discussed Supersonic which Sprint execs say will have a dual Ev-Do/WiMax radio and will be targeted to business and governmental workers besides consumers. source: Forbes via PhoneNews […]