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18 responses to “Sprint Delays Epic 4G Froyo Update”

  1. Tim Smith

    You report, they re-decide.


  2. Jimmy

    Freakin idiots!!!!!!!!!

  3. Adam

    Unacceptable customer service (Sprint). Unacceptable hardware (epic4g). It’s time to switch to T-Mobile and HTC. That’s very sad.

  4. DP

    How is t-mobile’s customer service or hardware any more acceptable???? Their Galaxy S phone (Vibrant) hasn’t received the Froyo update either.

  5. Jonathon

    I dont know where to go sprints a liar. T mobile loses peoples data. Where to next!!!

  6. Michael

    Going back to Rotary Dial Phone

  7. Kent

    Sprint isn’t a liar, they never publicly released any dates for the launch, because its not ready. When it is ready it will be released asap. There have been at least 2 updates, that I know of, that have been released from samsung to sprint, and sprint has rejected them because they wouldn’t pass their certification process. I would hate to have another samsung intercept issue pop up with the much more expensive epic, could you imagine that all the epics bricked because of an error. The release will come, and it will still probably be the first to market. Hold your horses people.

  8. Chuck

    Why is anyone up in arms over the 2.2 release for the Epic? Will it make the phone that much different? Will the phone start doing magic or something once it has 2.2? I don’t get why people care so much about a stupid software update.

  9. James

    I dont think its that people want it to do magic tricks- They just want to get the updates that are inherent in having a phone that is as expensive as the epic, and wanting it to do what other phones in its generation, and before it are able to do. You buy these stupid phones and expect them to get the support that is involved in the cost of owning one.

  10. Mike

    I’m going to agree with James here – we not only bought the most expensive phone but one with a premium fee. I feel that it should be a Sprint priority. However, I suspect this is a combination of Sprint customization with Samsung not being willing to put the resources into developing for US carriers.

    Fortunately, I found a BusRadar for Madison so I no longer _need_ flash to track my buses. Yeah, I’m a wuss and don’t wish to wait at a bus stop any more than needed on these cold winter days (although it will be raining).

    I just wish Sprint and Samsung would pony up, stating a specific date for 2.2 to be released or they will refund the cost of the phone to the users (splitting the refund cost between them) if that date is not met.

  11. Uranidiot

    Yes kent it makes the phone way better or haven’t you noticedthat the gps is still wonky. I left my tp2 because it wasn’t going to get flash and the epic was. Duh I guess I’m wrong. I heard it was because of sprint id. Does the evo have sprint id…no. Y not release froyo then add sprint sh!ty id latter. F@cking morons. Anyway last samsung phone ill buy

  12. DP

    Let’s put on our thinking caps for a moment. If it were solely because of Sprint ID then why don’t the Fascinate, Captivate and Vibrant have froyo either? Obviously those versions of the Galaxy S won’t be utilizing Sprint ID. Don’t believe everything that you hear…

  13. Jonathon

    Sprints a liar because they sold me when they told me id be covered with 4g by the end of the year. They promised me so. Froyo’d be on my phone by the end of the year…. we got about another 13 hous left I say. I’m a consumer. When given a promise I expect to followed up with in some form factor or another. It sems sprints really only fousing on drawing more clients in to trap them.

  14. Chuck

    @Mike, that is just silly to think that Sprint and/or Samsung would give you a refund because you dont have 2.2? Come on now, they would never do that, because there is no reason to. Would you rather have them rush out an update that is full of bugs and glitches or wait a few weeks more to have a solid build of 2.2? The world is not going to end because you dont have Froyo on your Epic. Just give it time. Its coming. Yes, not as fast as they expected, but it will come out soon enough.

  15. Jon

    WoW I have the epic and im fine with it. All you people are crazy for getting soo upset over a little update that sprint never set a date for. No galaxy s phone has it yet. And you all would be the first to complain if they released the update and it had bugs “im leaving sprint they cant even test the updates?! This is bs” I can hear it now. Relax and worry about something more important. Really.

  16. Bill Oawney

    Yeah I should be happy that I pay a premium to use a phone that don’t support blue tooth for voice mail, when I had a TREO 755P that did this for a lot less per month!

  17. Jon

    Bill, again NO GALAXY S PHONE (ON ANY CARRIER (this means verizon, at&t and tmobile) HAS THE 2.2 UPDATE !!!! Its not Sprint!!! READ!

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