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10 responses to “Sprint Delays Hero/Moment Android Updates to Q2 2010 (Updated)”

  1. bublite

    I think this is good news. Prevsiously they only promised the first half of 2010 so early second quarter is moving it up from what most people expected of late second quarter.

  2. Christopher Price

    Initially it was reported 1Q10, quickly changed to 1H10, now it’s 2Q10. Not unexpected, but at the same time, consistent with the snap change from 1Q to 1H.

  3. Sean Doherty

    @Christopher, where was it ever officially reported 1Q? We’ve always said first half 2010, now we’re moving it up to early second quarter.

    Sean Doherty
    Sprint Corporate Communications

  4. Christopher Price

    We didn’t say the word official. The first official report was 1H10.

    I agree that the distinction isn’t a delay, and I’ve instructed the team to post a clarification. Still, to users, it is a delay because of the expectations game. Leapfrogging Android 1.6 always sounds nice, but when everyone else has Google Maps Navigation… every day is a delay.

  5. Sean Doherty

    @Christopher, @Humberto,

    Thanks for the clarification post. Believe me, as an owner of the Hero myself I am just as eager as the next person for the update to be released.

    With respect to your second paragraph, the “update options” that we referenced in the tweet have to do with OTA vs. PC-based or in-store updating and what will be technically feasible for the devices. That’s still TBD, but we’re working through the options with the manufacturers.


    Sean Doherty
    Sprint Corporate Communications

  6. Jody Treft

    I hope it will be PC or OTA because, in my neck of the woods, it wouldn’t be feasible to have it done in store due to the horrendous amount of people flooding our small store. In other words, it would be a week+ to get in our store to have it updated.
    I just hope they get all the little gliches with the Moment fixed in this release. Battery life (even when all the extras are off) and the Bluetooth voice activated dialing (Voice Control on the Moment) is terrible. I traded my Hero (love at first sight but,) for the Moment because it didn’t have bluetooth voice dialing and HTC said they wouldn’t be adding it to the Hero in the update.

  7. zdrman

    I brought my “hero” on its release, being assured that Android 1.6 would shortly follow…then within a month the Droid with android 2.0 came out…then the Nexus with android 2.1 just behind…with both Sprint and HTC promising something better down the pike…so HTC has the ROM as clearly seen with the Nexus and the Desire but not the will…Sprint is cutting but no longer on the edge…just say NO to them both – the “Now Network” just doesn’t live up to its name!

  8. JJ

    By the time they release the update there will be a hero replacement already with a snapdragon processor.

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