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13 responses to “Sprint Delays HTC Touch Pro Launch”

  1. Mustang46L

    Where is this news coming from? As of today internal paperwork still shows the 19th as the soft launch date (as in Telesales only).

  2. Dan

    I bet it will still launch through Telesales on 10-19-08. The company I work for ships Best Buy all their phones and we have yet to receive any from Sprint so it will not be launching through 3rd party stores this Sunday.

  3. Jeff

    Well, I guess there’s one less thing I’ll be doing this weekend, picking up my Touch Pro from a local Sprint store.

    I think a call to Telesales on Sunday wouldn’t be a bad idea, just in case.

  4. Humberto Saabedra

    I got the memo from a DM in Dallas last night that was sent out to all corporate employees a month ago regarding this and the story reflects multiple other Sprint representatives who are now saying the same thing regarding the Pro launch.

    The store launch is pushed back to the 24th because HTC is experiencing production shortages and wants to make sure everyone can have enough stock. As of right now, the Rant, Highnote, and Lotus are listed in Brightpoint as active for launch this weekend.

  5. jonnyshoar

    nyack, new york sprint store says they will be selling it on the 19th. manager showed me one from stock. shhh.

  6. Dave

    Well, I cant tell you that retails store will not be selling the phone on the 19th as we do not have any stock of the Touch Pro. We do have stock on the High Note, Rant, and Lotus however.

  7. Josh

    who cares if they dont have enough let those of us who will get there first have them this weekend the slow pokes can wait till next week lol

    PS i talked to a rep this afternoon err friday afternoon they said still plan to launch it sunday.

  8. Jon

    Can someone tell me what’s the difference between the diamond and pro…

  9. omega

    The PRO has a Slide out Keyboard

    512 Rom
    Micro SD slot

    Thats about it Jon

  10. rlmentz

    Did anyone get their hands on one this weekend?

  11. nvo

    it also comes with a flash

  12. BIG D

    I work for sprint roughly about a month ago htc came by and brought 15 htc pro touch to give us some training i work as technical support played with for about 7 hours and it was Great!!!!!!! Ima trade in my instinct for the phone i was suppose to get it the 17th

  13. dan

    pro has a the following differences vs diamond

    – slide out keyboard
    – camera flash
    – external memory – micro sd
    – business card reader with camera
    – 512mb rom vs 256mb