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5 responses to “Sprint Delays Treo Pro Launch”

  1. Joe

    Think they’ll end up canceling this in lieu of the Pre?

  2. Tom

    I would bet that it is only delayed at best buy stores, and will still be available at the sprint store. (I was at best buy, and this uber Nerd… really, not a pun… was looking at an internal memo which looked just like the one which I have seen floating around the web. Has anybody who has any sprint contacts actually heard it from them?

  3. Dave

    This device has been delayed in retail stores too. 2/15 looks to be the new nationwide release date in all channels.

  4. Eddie

    what kind of ignorant stubborn fools put less memory in the newer device than their previous gsm one???

    Palm can basically write the book on how to loose in the PDA game, and let your competitors tear you apart.

    They have nothing selling currently except for centros which they dont make a buck on. The GSM version of the Pro cant be purchased with a plan, so that phone has close to 0% market share, and it looks like they took a large crap on the sprint CDMA version.

    Something tells me the upcoming pre will be missing one feature that will destroy its usefullness, and holding it back from being an excellent device.

    Palm just cant do it, they dont know how to win, what a bunch of losers. Just do everybody a favor and shut your doors please, and stop wasting peoples time with this crap.

    I predict the only threat to the iphone and Rimm in the coming years will be the android phones and symbian if it comes more prevelant in the US. I am sick of windows mobile devices too sporadically glitchy to be used as solid business phone.

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