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8 responses to “Sprint Delays XOHM Launch to October”

  1. Sprint’s XOHM WiMax service slips back to October

    […] to Baltimore to try to bask in the glorious rays of WiMax right off the bat, however. According to PhoneNews, the October 8th debut won’t be a commercial launch, with only select individuals […]

  2. Mustang46L

    Actually, I believe the launch meeting is October 20.

  3. Dustin

    I hate to say it, but Sprint needs to swallow their pride and just go LTE like everybody else. If they don’t, their handset selection is going to be even worse than it already is!

  4. Tony

    Well, LTE is still in the lab. Just look how on-time all the 3G roll-outs were, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if LTE is late. And companies plans can change; for example, the current financial situation just might have an effect.

  5. Bill Kircos

    I work for Intel, so take with a grain of salt. First, there are a few days left in September and wimax world is next week. to say that sprint has delayed their network is not accurate, yet, just b/c the formal celebration is in October. Second, on LTE, agree with Tony. Whether or not you are a fan of wimax or lte, the companies behind wimax have at least a 2 year if not longer advantage. what company and entire partner and ecosystem around that would ever try and give that up? that may be short in the telecom world, but in the computing area, it’s an eternity.

  6. Conrad

    Humberto, I enjoy your writings in Phone News, but I hope you’re very sure that Sprint is not going to launch Baltimore until October. You seem a bit harsh on them in your piece. If it does turn out to be a September launch, I hope you give them their due very publicly for meeting the September deadline that they gave publicly. I, for one, am looking forward to a mobile WiMAX world and the speeds it will offer!