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4 responses to “Sprint Details Mobile Broadband Changes Rolling Out in November”

  1. Carlos

    I guess the most important question is whether this constitutes an etf free exit opportunity. You would think this is a pretty big material change but hopefully others can chime in.

  2. Jeff

    How many iPhones did Sprint sell?

  3. JailBird

    The Rev A speeds are already crappy, so I doubt anybody noticed them getting crappier!

    But this is insane. It’s bad enough we lost unlimited 3G for mobile BB when we got WiMAX, now we’re loosing unlimited WiMAX too? Granted it was basically worthless..

    So now we get the same caps as Vzw, yet slower speeds and an extra $9.99/mn to boot! Sounds like it’s time to move my mobile BB to Vzw!

  4. peter

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