Sprint Details WiMAX Expansion

ImageSprint has announced its WiMAX expansion plans following similar details made by Clearwire earlier this month.

Sprint will be mirroring Clearwire’s rollout in the following markets:

Atlanta, Honolulu, Charlotte, Las Vegas, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas/Fort Worth, Portland and Seattle.

Sprint will also be rolling out service in 2010 in Boston, Houston, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. also mirroring the future rollout by Clear owing to Sprint being an MVNO for Clear.

Sprint has also confirmed availability of Sprint 4G branded equipment including a single-mode 4G data card, embedded laptops, a small-office-home-office basestation modem, and a tri-mode phone between this year and 2010.

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4 responses to “Sprint Details WiMAX Expansion”

  1. Don Louie

    I’m so waiting on this, I plan on getting the combo home/mobile but will probably wait on Clear

  2. F1

    Tier 2 had told me of this back in 2007, later in 2008 they told me of new dual mode devices coming i.e Nokia Wimax 810,Asus Netbooks.
    A B.K. Company ran by D.H., whose idea of 4G is one City of Baltimore!
    L.A. is not even on the map!!!
    When 2o11?? It is a joke, the other night I called *2, “Please call during our regular…”, no more 24hr Service, or on hold for ever, whats next??

    On my 1997 SprintPCS box they braged of 24/7 Customer Service,Free First incoming Minute,…Sad.

  3. Don Louie

    The Samsung Mondi is going to take the 810’s place

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