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2 responses to “Sprint Direct Connect Android App Now Available On Google Play”

  1. DP

    The Kyocera Rise…and eventually the LG Optimus Elite. Well this is somewhat of an underwhelming development from Sprint. If they ever want this PTT app to catch on, they need to make it so that it works with virtually any smartphone-iOS, Android, Blackberry, WP8, etc.

  2. thinkitthrough

    It will be interesting to see if the Anrdoid PTT app takes off. IMO, a good 15-20% of even family & friends communications can be served more efficiently via PTT than by either voice calls or texting. Each mode has its place, but intelligent use of PTT is definitely a more efficient mode in roughly 15-20% of routine family commmunications.

    Sprint’s new “Sprint Direct Connect” over CDMA on the Kyocera dedicated PTT phones has generated a lot of discontent, and negative postings, from their former Nextel iDEN users who were railroaded into making the switch early from Nextel DC on iDEN to Sprint Direct Connect on CDMA.

    If the Android PTT app takes off, I do hope that the marketing & the tech-support people at Sprint are smart enough to include information for PTT newbies on the basic PTT ettiquette that was developed over the many years by Nextel users. Properly & considerately used, PTT is another excellent tool in the toolbox and can be very discrete, in many cases less intrusive than the ringing of a regular call or the diversion of a person’s attention when texting. Carelessly or thoughtlessly used by clueless individuals, PTT can & will generate animousity and negative PR. Please, Sprint, include in your advertising, user imanuals and new-user introductions to PTT, all of the PTT ettiquette and efficient “codes” embodied in the tribal knowledge developed over the past 20 years in the Nextel user community.