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11 responses to “Sprint Doubles the Savings… By Changing the Math”

  1. Don Louie

    There haven’t been many positive Sprint stories on this or most other sites, good lookin’

  2. Ryan Woods

    I don’t see why everyone downs Sprint so much anyway. I have had service wih them since 2000 and have rarely had a problem. When I did have one it was properly taken care of

  3. bottomline

    I truly believe that among all the major carriers Sprint gives you the best value inspite of all the so-called drawbacks. Lets face it, every carrier has a drawback of some kind but if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, Sprint wins hands down.

  4. Don Louie

    I will testify to that, after getting a employer discount with the big 3 Sprint still wins even w/o factoring in the discount for them but using it for the other 2, with the discount it’s no contest.

  5. JJ

    Ive had sprint for about 5 years and their signal coverage gets better every year which is a bonus to the amazing price of my plan. The way i see it, sprint just needs to continue to improve their customer service and theyll be fine. I wont be canceling anytime soon.

  6. frank

    I agree, I hear so many people talking Crap about Sprint, I live in OC and it works AMAZING.. I just hope they could keep up with new phones little bit more. Their packages are not comparible with AT&T and Verizon or Tmobile…. I also won’t be canceling for a long time! 🙂 Their CS definitely could get alooooot better… Bunch of goofballs there for sure lol

  7. Ian Mikutel

    Great savings, too bad they don’t have a killer device to promote their services with…such as the iPhone.

    Love the CEO though, Dan Hesse is the man.

  8. Marc

    Sprint is the best provider hands down! Everyone needs to get off the lets trash sprint bandwagon. They are inexspensive…have good coverage…and great data connection speeds! Oh, and no annoying “nerd” to put up with in the ads. Long live sprint!

  9. jose

    they also didn’t factor in the fact Sprint doesn’t charge for bandwidth. I have Slingbox mobile and would easily go over the att’s data plan.

  10. Katie Richardson

    Sprint has a killer handset with the Instinct! It has eery possible feature and a touch screen. You can even prioritize your voicemail because it shows who each message is from and you can choose the order you listen to them in, or if you listen to them at all!

  11. cessch

    i been with sprint since 1998 at least and once a few years ago i was gonna quit em and they offered my free internet and free sms on both phones. so i go mobile next gps sms 2 lines for 69.99!. i too never understand why att and verizon is 1 and 2 and sprint number 3. i just order the evo 4 for my mom.