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16 responses to “Sprint Facing ROM Issues on Treo Pro, Leading to Delays”

  1. Zed

    I am using one I got at best buy before they were pulled, I noted the 40 remaining, but have not actually run into any problems, and I put it through the paces over two weeks. It is actually quite snappy and more stable coming from my former Treo 800w model. They probably can tweak it up another 10 mb or so without too much difficulty. I would guess it will ship earlier than March 15. Perhaps they want to be 100% sure to prevent a redux of the 800w screw-ups.

  2. Mustang46L

    Yeah, but in comparison I have over 100mb free on my Touch Pro with the same amount of memory installed. It might not be very noticeable, but still.. something is wrong.

  3. los2003

    I played with one today at the sprint store.. the manager was sent one about a week ago. the phone was suprisingly quick

  4. stewped

    this is total bunk. you’re posting speculation from a competing vendor as if its fact. how does HTC know why a Palm device is delayed, anyways? there are no further delays on the Pro past 3/15. the delay has never been due to ROM issues. you are full of it.

  5. Christopher Price

    Stewped, HTC is the hardware manufacturer (ODM) for the Treo Pro. Of course they would know about the delays.

    You really have no idea what you are talking about.

  6. ken

    I’ve had the Pro for about 2 weeks now and just noticed yesterday the phone freezes or just goes very slow. Also today I notice a very small crack near the bottom of the volume switch. I remember reports about the GSM version having the same problems. I hope this is just mine and not a phone problem. Sprint and Palm do not need any negative device launches.

  7. Joe


    Yeah you get ’em man! Anyone who knows anything about the industry knows the the Treo Pro is made by HTC…


    Cracks huh? It seems like this glossy plastic just isn’t meant for phones. Look at the cracking issues with the iPhone 3G’s plastic backing. I haven’t held a Treo Pro in my hand, but it looks similar to the iPhone 3G’s material….stinks

  8. Todd

    Ken, had the same cracks on my Treo 800w from Sprint. Sprint replaced it. Bunch of reports on this. the 800w cracks around the USB port.

  9. stewped

    wow, you really got me. you owe me a beer when it launches on 3/15 mr. insider

  10. Forbin

    My Treo 800w cracked too. Battery door cracked when it was 60 days old last week. Sprint marked my account to trade me up to my choice of the Treo Pro or Pre when they come out. Sweet. I will go for a Pro, more tailored for business user. My junior high schooler wants a Pre, I will get one in June when they come out.

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  14. OuterBase

    So is this story just bunk?

    I hear the reshipment have the exact same amount of free memory as before. Did Palm and Sprint just give up? They are going to sell it now with no fix? Is Palm that broke and that hurried??

  15. Steve

    Outebase – in a word, you are wrong. The reshipment ( version 1.04) has more memory and a memory leak plugged.