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20 responses to “Sprint Follows Industry, to Terminate Customers over Roaming, Data”

  1. Jonny

    Clarification on the data: they will poteneially terminate users who use over 5 GB of ROAMING data.

  2. Humberto Saabedra

    That is incorrect Jonny. The internal documents state that the limit is a soft cap of 5GB per month on the Sprint network or 300MB when using data while roaming. Blatant, excessive usage after repeated warnings will result in termination.

  3. Sam

    From what I have read on other sites, it seems like its a 5GB cap on ALL data and 300MB on roaming.

  4. Jonny

    I stand corrected. I misread the memo.

  5. Gus Randall

    Will this affect EVDO network cards for laptops or just phones/smart phones? I bought a Sony TZ specifically to have internet anywhere, anytime for surfing, work, etc.

  6. Michieru

    With all due respect Christopher Price, where exactly did you get this information to validate that claim, yes I am well aware of the internal memo floating around, but have you verified that memo to be true and accurate?

  7. Scott

    i dont think we have to worry

    5 gb of data on a phone or smartphone is ALOT

    I use vision alot and i have only used a few megs in a month

  8. Don Louie

    So the SE plans have a cap too? So much for not worry about the meter running, just when you think they are making progress another step backwards

  9. Mobile Notes: Cell shopping, T-Mobile, Sprint, Video streaming | Going Cellular

    […] will continue a trend of purging customers by cracking down on customers who roam excessively and who use more than 5GB of data. It’s like Sprint wants to continue losing a million customers a quarter. Seriously, though, […]

  10. conrdad santos

    so how do you find how many bites ( kb, mb,gb ) you are using monthy so can avoid going to exceeding the 5gb o

  11. Don Louie

    Go to “My Account” on the Vision Home page and then “Current Usage” or logon from a pc and check usage detail. I didn’t get a tally of data usage until after the Ensemble migration so maybe they planned this all along

  12. Gary

    To HELL with charging what the market bears. Set yourself apart Sprint. If you that concerned with what the others are doing start offering more free phones and/or lower the prices on exixsting phones like ALL the others are doing.

  13. GusRandall

    DonLouie – unfortunately, that doesn’t work for laptop cards. On phones, do you have any idea how the page works? It says my mogul has used “2270” in just 3 days. Is that 2270 bytes? k? MB? I hope it’s not MB or I’m dead.

  14. Jack

    So when does this go into effect. Would I be subject to the ETF if I cancel their breach of contract, by setting a limit to the unlimited data card plan?

  15. Nina

    This will be very concerning to all the Public Safety Users out there. Fire, EMS, Police, Sheriff, etc. If they can’t get data because of the cap during a major incident (think hurricanes, major wildfires, national political conventions, etc) – – food for thought!

  16. Lance Hatcher

    To “Christopher Price”… Incorrect. One of my lines was canceled without notification for excessive data on an “unlimited” phone as a modem plan. They would only restore service if I agreed to the 5 gb limit and warned that the account would be monitored and on a probationary status. Been with sprint over 12 years! Simple corporate extortion. Pure greed. Cutting costs and services to increase profit is the mark of a doomed company. Now sprint has nothing but it’s age to set it apart from the herd… Guess whats for dinner?