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7 responses to “Sprint Hero Android 2.1 Update Rolling Out on Friday”

  1. i like dan hesse

    I’ll believe when I see it…

  2. Dave

    It is not coming May 7th. Confirmed by Sprint Admin here:

    The very last post in the thread. Please kill the rumor mill.

  3. Dave
  4. Adam

    Just so frustrating that Best Buy has Sprint Hero 2.1 Phones in stock and will be selling them starting on friday. I was just in there tonight and held one in my hand.. YES they are 2.1

  5. Christopher Price

    Dave, let’s set the record straight.

    Posting an internal company memo is not the “rumor mill”. If Sprint doesn’t release the update on Friday, the situation changed after we reported it. It’s not a rumor to relay what Sprint is telling their own staff in real time.

    The tweet you cited was from mid-April and pre-dates our report.

    Finally, the comment from a Sprint forum admin did not deny the May 7 date. Re-read it to see carefully what they actually said.

  6. Creighton

    um ya what a joke not happenning big surprise. They could launch it now for the Moment and Hero there just being greedy like most corps. They think everyone is gonna jump right in & buy the Evo hope they do launch it for my moment at least before then. Dont they wanna sell more of there other devices?? I mean good marketing for them but quit teasing everyone!

  7. Rhetoric

    For all who keep whining for your Android 2.1 update.. go to google. Do a seach for: Fresh Kitchen Android

    Go to the site. Do some reading. You will find that the 2.1 OS has already been ported from the Nexus and recoded for the Sprint HTC Hero. Follow their directions, and UPDATE YOUR PHONE.


    I’ve been happily using my FULLY FUNCTIONAL “unlocked” Sprint HTC Hero on Android 2.1 for over 2 months now, and I’m loving it. If you’re STILL waiting for a bunch of corporate coders to give you your update, then you’re already suffering from a severe case of
    F A I L. Go check out the site. Follow their instructions. You can’t go wrong.