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17 responses to “Sprint Hero, Moment Android Updates Once Again Delivered Over the Wire (Updated)”

  1. aaron j

    The Samsung update appears to be available on the Sprint site at, complete with instructions, etc.; eagerly awaiting the Hero update!

  2. Douglas R

    Unfortunately, the update that is available is the CL14 update from February. Moment owners are still in limbo, but that’s not really any big surprise by this point.

  3. rizzo

    I do not think the 2.1 update is what is available at the URL you posted. See the release date and Software version number.
    Technical Specifications:
    Dated: 2/19/2010
    Software Version: S:M900.8.0S.CL14

  4. Jason

    Your a fucken dumbass aaron, learn to fucken read asshole…
    it was february update…

  5. aaron j

    I see the date now, must have missed it the first time around. That sucks. And look who’s talking, Jason.

  6. Stifler

    Aaron u fucking asshole learned how to read!

  7. Slayer

    LOL I didn’t even believe Aarons post the first time and straight to the site and the first thing I did was read the date. Can you be any more clueless?

  8. aaron j

    Do you all really have nothing better to do than to complain and curse? How lame. No worries, I sure won’t be coming back.

  9. phone

    chill out guys

  10. Simon Belmont

    Oh great, so now Sprint is saying to keep waiting even after the Sprint memo leak from late last week? *Pffft* The leak gave a specific time for the Samsung Moment (April 30th), which has now obviously passed. Of course, like some have said, they (or HTC for that matter) haven’t made any official announcements except Q2 2010.

    I’ve been a fairly big proponent of being patient (or just rooting your phone if you’re impatient), but this is getting ridiculous. Froyo is coming in a month or so and we can’t even get Eclair? It’s like running Windows 3.1 when everyone else is running Windows 7. Please, let’s get this done, once and for all, okay?

  11. Simon Belmont

    Just to clarify, I will continue to wait patiently because I don’t want to root my phone and void it’s 2 month old warranty at the moment. But I really hoped this was the grand finale.

    Wishful thinking I know. But, I will keep my fingers crossed.

  12. aaron

    3:28:11 PM : Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Anne B.

    3:28:32 PM : Anne B: Hello Aaron

    3:28:38 PM : Aaron : hi im wondering if there will be an update to the firmware for the htc hero today or this week?

    3:30:19 PM : Anne B: HTC hero will be updated within 1 to 2 weeks.

    3:31:08 PM : Aaron : is there a time of day when sprint usually releases updates…ie. late night or early morning?

    3:32:24 PM : Anne B: No there is no particular time or day when sprint releases updates.

    3:32:48 PM : Anne B: Sprint will release any update at any time.

    3:32:59 PM : Aaron : ok thanks, just to be clear, the update probably wont occur before the 7th?

    3:33:29 PM : Anne B: Hope for that.

    3:33:49 PM : Aaron : thanks a lot, 😉

    3:34:14 PM : Anne B: You are welcome.

    3:34:25 PM : Anne B: Is there any thing else I can assist you today.

  13. Simon Belmont

    Not to sound mean or anything, but I usually take those calls and/or chat logs with Sprint’s support with a grain of salt. I’ve seen dozens of people on the Sprint and HTC forums call into or chat with Sprint and get date ranges all over the place.

    The Sprint support technicians tend to be one of the last of the company’s employees to know when updates will be released, the very last being the Sprint sales associates at Sprint stores. The general consensus seems to be that the updates for the Samsung Moment and HTC Hero will, indeed, be in the next two weeks though, so I agree with that.

  14. g00b

    What the … Why was my Palm Pre able to download OTA 80+ MB updates in the beginning? When Palm sent full image instead of deltas …

  15. Da Bol

    4:36:00 PM : Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Arthur V.

    4:36:10 PM : Arthur V: Hello.

    4:36:16 PM : Nicholas Mutignani: Hi

    4:36:26 PM : Arthur V: I will be happy to assist you today.

    4:36:36 PM : Arthur V: Let me check this for you.

    4:36:46 PM : Nicholas Mutignani: Ok, thank you.

    4:36:52 PM : Arthur V: You’re welcome.

    4:39:10 PM : Arthur V: Thank you for being with me.

    4:40:52 PM : Arthur V: I have check that the Android 2.1 for HTC Hero will launch in early May. I am sorry but as if now there is no specific date.

    4:42:16 PM : Nicholas Mutignani: Ok thank you for the info, but my main concern about the update is: Will it wipe out my apps I downloaded on the Android Market and/or delete my files on my SDcard?

    4:43:28 PM : Arthur V: No the application will not be delete.The upgrade will provide you better feature and applications.

    4:43:54 PM : Nicholas Mutignani: Ok, Arthur V thank you for your help today and have a nice evening.

    4:44:03 PM : Arthur V: You’re welcome.My goal is to ensure the issues that prompted you to chat are fully resolved. Have I resolved all of your issues today?

    4:44:12 PM : Nicholas Mutignani: Yes, thank you again.

    4:44:18 PM : Arthur V: We value your business and would appreciate you taking time to respond to a brief survey about your chat experience.

    4:44:28 PM : Nicholas Mutignani: Yes, no problem.

    4:44:38 PM : Arthur V: I sincerely appreciate this. To ensure you are able to participate, please disable all popup blockers before pressing the Exit and Complete Survey button to end the chat session.
    Thank you.

    4:44:43 PM : Arthur V: Have a great day.

  16. Dave
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