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46 responses to “Sprint HTC EVO Release Timeframe and Preliminary 4G Hotspot Pricing Detailed”

  1. Joel

    I don’t think Sprint will charge extra for using 4G but for hotspot MAYBE.

    Getting people on the 4G network rather than 3G will relief some of the congestion and I think is a win win situation for Sprint already

  2. Christopher Price

    Sprint has made clear today that they will charge for Mobile Hotspot. However, unlike Verizon’s free Mobile Hotspot, Sprint’s will work on both 3G and 4G.

    It’s less clear if there will be a separate charge for 4G, or if you will need a separate Sprint 4G voice plan.

    In terms of speculation, I’d say you’re looking at $69 to $79 for the Everything plan with 4G, and add on another $20 or so for Mobile Hotspot.

    There may be tiered discounts though. For example, Simply Everything might offer Mobile Hotspot for less per month than a per-minute plan.

    Bottom line, is, I think Sprint’s goal is to get EVO 4G users paying between $80 and $120 per month, but pitch it to them as an option that can replace their home internet connection. With Mobile Hotspot on 4G, it’s certainly a viable option.

  3. Informed

    Sprint charging for HOTSPOT is not an issue, the costs will still remain less than Verizon.

  4. Christopher Price

    Well, to be fair, Verizon is charging $0 for their Mobile Hotspot service. So, for the 66% of Americans who won’t have access to 4G in 2010, the Palm Pre/Pixi Plus is probably a better deal for this year.

  5. nanfy

    I would be shocked if the Evo 4g was not compatible with the Simply Everything Plan. Most users in the USA don’t have 4G access and I understand an extra charge for 4G, but if sprint is going to pull another SERO swap and block the Evo 4g from working on a simply everything plan they will whip up a torrent of crap from there most loyal users.

  6. mightnor

    That is ridiculous to charge an extra fee for 4G! You should charge the same and use it to bring over more customers. T-Mobile hasn’t charged extra to use their HSPA which will be faster than 4G. Keep 4G the same price and stay ahead of the curve!

  7. SaltyDawg

    Sprint should just announce the pricing already.

    They really should just include the hotspot for no extra charge if Verizon is including it.

    4G and hotspot included at no extra charge would be a win for Sprint. If Sprint starts nickel and diming customers, it could be that final nail in their coffin that everyone has been expecting. Being cheap is the only thing Sprint has going for them right now.

  8. Lazar

    I don’t mind paying extra for the hotspot service as long as voice is still operable.

  9. Jesse

    Hi, I live in Fargo and a local company is going to be launching wimax service in the next few months. Do you think that Sprint devices will be able to roam onto other wimax services? Or is it too early in the game to ask a question like that?

  10. JJ

    I just hope that the everything data plan will be enough to get 4g. I think its going to be. If hotspot is the only thing thats going to be extra then thats fine. I’m sure pdanet will come out with a program not too long after. Right now the only 4g in florida is going to be Miami I think. If this phone is all that its been hyped up to be then my Sero will be a gonner. This is the only phone I’m willing to give up sero for. Its too bad they no longer offer the $20/2 years deal anymore. Oh well. Lets hope there is no extra charge for 4g.

  11. CuriousMike

    Do we know yet if this device has native Exchange push support? II say native because I want it always running like WM, not a program that I have to launch. At the very least I need mail, contacts and calender–tasks would be great too but can live without it. Also is it going to open word and excel docs or do I need to buy extra programs if they even exist?

    Thanks for the info…

  12. WisconsinGod


    Yes it has native exchange support. It Has Android 2.1, which has native Exchange support. I know because I have been waiting for a sprint phone with Android 2.x before upgrading because I want the exchange support.

  13. F1

    @ Cris

    I would appreciate if you could clarify for us, that if “Hotspot” is code for “tethering”, or at least inclusive there of, and second is Android natively indeed “tethering” friendly?

    @ SaltyDawg

    I agree 100% on that with you, a chance for SPRINT to turn this ship around!

    Maybe we are seeing the dawning of long awaited consumer “wish”!

    1.AT&T: Unlimited Data on iPad

    2.VZW see above: “decision to include Mobile Hotspot access on the Pre/Pixi Plus last week at no additional charge”

    Thank You

  14. Christopher Price


    Mobile Hotspot is tethering over Wi-Fi. Android can handle Mobile Hotspot just fine, but it’s up to the handset maker to add it to a phone.

    There are already third-party hacks, such as android-wifi-tethter that work on rooted Android phones, and PDANet offers USB and Bluetooth tethering on the Android Market for free.

  15. F1

    @ Cris

    Thank you kindly for your timely clarification!

  16. CuriousMike

    Is the OS OTA upgradeable? Who does this, Sprint or Google? I was hoping that there’s a Android update button, and not have to rely on Sprint to release the updates. It only took them seven months to release an update for the Touch Pro 2 which is practically end of life now. I’m sure that there is a custom flash forum for this phone somewhere I just was looking for what to expect from Google…

    Thanks for the answers thus far though!

  17. Christopher Price

    As with almost every Android phone…

    Manufacturer (in this case, HTC), makes the phone.
    Carrier (in this case, Sprint), tests and approves the firmware.
    Google hosts the firmware on their update server once that’s done.

    The EVO 4G will be able to update itself. If you want faster-pace updates, your only option is Nexus One. It’s not clear if Google is working with Sprint and Verizon on CDMA Nexus One approvals, though the firmware likely is still jointly-developed with HTC.

    Apple and Palm are the only companies really going it alone on firmware updates. And both are probably are/will have to go through testing and approval on CDMA carriers. CDMA carriers are much more militant on testing and approval, and it’s a long story to go into all the reasons why.

  18. Joey C

    The question I have is wether the evo will work with 3g service even if the 4g isnt rolled out in one’s area yet.

    Would the htc evo work in a sprint zone that just has it’s regular network. I’d really like to get that phone when it comes out but not sure if 4g will be coming to my suburb of Boston location.

  19. Christopher Price

    Yes, EVO 4G will fall back to CDMA/EVDO for data when WiMAX is not present. It will always use CDMA for voice.

    Sprint hasn’t confirmed yet if you’ll be able to buy the EVO 4G outside of 4G coverage areas. When T-Mobile launched the T-Mobile G1, it was only available for sale in 3G coverage areas until after supply met demand for the device.

  20. Joey

    I’ll be curious to see what it means by 4g coverage in “Boston”

    I hope that it covers the suburban areas north and south about 30 miles from Boston but I wonder if it will only be metropolitan Boston

  21. Austin

    I’m hoping the same thing for SLC area, I hope it covers the whole metropolitan strip into Utah Valley. And I hope they roll it out soon.

    I’m getting the Evo when it comes out, either way, but it’d be nice to have 4g coverage with it right away.

    Even if I’m stuck with EVDO for a few months, though, I think I’ll be fine.

  22. Jacob

    I currently have an iPhone 3G but would like to switch to the Evo when it becomes available. However, there are a few questions about it I need to have answered before I do so…

    1. First and foremost, one of the main reason for having the iPhone is for the iPod app built in.. I have been an iTunes user for years and it was always soo easy to add my songs straight from iTunes to my iPhone. I’m wondering what I will need to get on my comp instead of iTunes in order to put songs on the Evo.. And also wondering if it will be as easy as connecting the phone to the comp to start doing so.

    2. How does the 30,000 Android apps stack up against the 185,000 App Store apps?

    3. The iPhone is just a simple phone to learn and to use.. Is the Evo going to be equally as simple? (Answered preferrably by HTC and Android users)

    4. When in the world am I going to get 4G in my city?! (Tulsa,OK)

    There are others but those are probably the most important.

  23. Carter

    @ Christopher Price

    Why wouldnt it be available in non WIMAX areas when the phone is compatible with both 3G and 4G.

    Im probably not going to get WIMAX this year in my city, but still planning on getting the Evo.

  24. SaltyDawg

    @ Austin

    A poster on another forum told me the 4G WiMax rollout for Salt Lake has been well underway for a while now. I think he was actually one of the workers working on it but I can’t remember now. Anyway, he said the towers are like 5 times more concentrated than regular Sprint towers, and he also said it extends down into Utah Valley.

  25. SaltyDawg

    @ Austin

    Here is the post, copy and pasted from another forum:

    “Clearwire buildout in the SLC area has been well underway for a few months. There are dozens of Clear installations already up across the SL Valley, as well as Utah County.
    The speed of their build out is very aggressive, and they have MUCH closer site density than Sprint (up to 5 times closer site density than Sprint in some areas of Sandy for example).
    You should see Clear launch sometime in the Fall.”

  26. DP

    At 12:04 pm (PST) on April 9th, Sprint’s Twitter page stated that the Evo will be offered in non-4G markets
    Far from official confirmation, but it’s something I guess.

  27. DP
  28. SaltyDawg

    @ DP

    On the contrary, I would have to say that is official confirmation. You don’t get much more official than that.

  29. Jesse

    @ Carter

    When Sprint was starting to roll out EVDO back in 04 test markets and larger scale markets in 05 EVDO devices were typically not available in non EVDO areas, even though all Sprint devices use CDMA for talk.

    I hope I explained that well, if not, well i’ll try to do better

  30. Michael

    there will be a way around having to pay for mobile hotspot. i’ve been using that, or similar, capabilities on my phone for many years and despite being what verizon and sprint employees have told me, i haven’t paid anything extra.

    if you have read anything, you would know the phone will work in 3g or 4g networks, it’s just like when digital was rolled out when cell phones were leaving analog, new phones will work on both. Regardless if your local sprint store stocks the phone immediately, it will obviously be available online(for most areas).

    The big thing not explained, whether data and voice will be allowed use simultaneously. sprint has not yet made up their mind about that. If they decide to allow that, sprint will be by far be the most superior cell phone company, hands down.

  31. Keith

    Bottom line is this… Sprint has the lowest plans around, and no we will not be charging extra for 4G service, just the mobile hotspot… and even if we did charge independantly for each service, yes, we would still be less than Verizon… who by the way wont have a 4G phone for at least another year, as the plans for 4G are still in the first steps…

  32. SaltyDawg

    Uh, T-Mobile has plans that are the same or even cheaper than Sprint, and their HSPA+ is faster than Sprint’s 4G, and available in more markets this summer than Sprin’t 4G.

    It just irks me when someone comes in acting like Sprint is the ONLY low cost choice or the ONLY choice for fast data.

  33. Iluvcellphones

    TMobile may have cheaper plans also but their service doesn’t even compare to the other carriers. Their 3g service can’t compete with Sprint’s 3g service, voice or data. Besides wasn’t TMobile’s service just recently down for about 8 hours?! I have a few friends on TMobile and they were complaining all day about their phones were not working, meaning they couldn’t make or receive calls and of course no data servies were available. As I said TMobile is the least favorable of all the carriers because of the quality of their service. Cheaper plans yes but crappy service.

  34. SaltyDawg

    Wow, looks like someone has no idea what he is talking about. T-Mobile’s 3G is actually faster than Sprint’s 4G, and will also have wider coverage by the end of the year, if it doesn’t already. See the comparison here:,2817,2359139,00.asp

    And I’m pretty sure T-Mobile wasn’t down for a full day, lol. I know the Sidekick servers had some issues a while back, and so did Blackberry servers. But that’s not the same thing as every T-Mobile customer losing service.

    T-Mobile may be the least desirable carrier to the idiots, but the people who know what they are doing will consider T-Mobile if the coverage n their area is good (which it is in most metro areas).

  35. scott

    I pay for a 4g wireless card from sprint now, so hopefully I get to use the 4g service on EVO as part of that package. Otherwize think those who didnt but their wireless card should get it for free.

  36. scott

    salty dog are you kidding really. tmobile 3g faster than sprint 4g…keep dreaming
    you should use boost mobile or something 🙂

  37. SaltyDawg

    Scoot, did you read the link? I am not the one who said T-Mobile’s 21 meg 3G is faster than Sprint’s 10 meg 4G. Th etests done by pcmag are what I was quoting.

    So your opinion aside, the facts speak for themselves here. T-Mobile’s 21 meg 3G has proven to be faster than Sprint’s 10 meg 4G.

    If you have something that says otherwise, I’d love to see it.

  38. Curt

    I have a co-worker who sits across from me every day who has T-Mobile. I have always had sprint. Although he really loves his T-Mobile, he also has admitted that his T-Mobile is not as fast as my 3G service and I believe android apps open faster than windows apps. We work in law enforcement and often travel places together and he is often asking me to check things or make the call because he is having trouble with service. So I can tell you that I speak from real world experience when it comes to a comparison between the two. I don’t know what it says on paper about the two services, but I can tell you that I have changed my mind about changing to T-Mobile to try and save a few dollars. Which brings me to another thing, the cost to get a comparable plan was going to cost the same for two phones, the savings would have come from adding a third or forth line. People can make up their own minds about the service that works best for them, but I would have to say that after the last two years Sprint has done just a great job that I just might be a customer for life.

  39. SaltyDawg

    Well I would advise your co worker to get a new phone. There are reports all over the net of the HD2 getting around 10 megs on speed tests. His phone was probably not made to support the faster speeds.

    T-Mobile 3G is faster than Sprint 3G. That is just an undisputed fact. What we are debating here is that T-Mobile’s 3G is also faster than Sprint’s new 4G. So if your coworker thinks Sprint’s 3G is faster than T-Mobile’s, than he absolutely needs a new phone.

  40. F1

    @ Saltydawg

    I am not so sure if Curt is siting the Data speed as much as general reception, I have considered the T-Mobile as a secondary Cell service provider, however due to privacy/security issues that has been repeatedly experienced and well documented, neither GSM network is allowed to advertise as having a “secure”Network.

    I am certain, that Curt can attest to violations that transpired some years back with the FBI voice-mail breaches, commonly known was the well publicized case of Ms. Paris Hilton as a public figure experienced first hand data breaches on her “Sidekick”.

    CDMA was always deemed as the more secure network system, given it’s extensive Military background.

    Thank You

  41. SaltyDawg

    Paris Hilton’s Sidekick thing was not due to GSM not being secure, it was a result of her giving someone her password.

    Also, I wouldn’t get too excited about CDMA being so secure. You can clone an ESN and listen in on someone’s calls. It’s highly illegal, but still a breach in security.

    Does CDMA really have a military background? I know they use a lot of IDEN, but do they use CDMA?

    Also, check this out:
    As you can see there, the NSA was trying to get Obama to use a secure device- the Sectera Edge, which is a CDMA/GSM hybrid. GSM must not be as insecure as you claim.

    Nothing is bullet proof. But I have no reason to believe that CDMA is more secure than GSM.

  42. Esteban

    I am almost certain that Sprint will not charge extra for 4G speeds. 4G is considerably cheaper to manage than 3G is. Proof? Well look at the current mobile hotspot plans. It is 59.99 for 5GB of 3G speeds, or UNLIMITED for 4G speeds. See? It’s cheaper. I don’t anticipate Sprint charging extra at all for 4G, it will be incorporated into the current 69 dollar everything plan.

    Although I expect them to charge for mobile hotspot, I don’t think it will be more than $20. The only reason Verizon is not charging for it is because they can’t sell enough Pre’s and Pixi’s. That’s the ONLY reason. Verizon is a very money hungry company that charges for almost EVERY SINGLE THING immaginable. Why would they ever give something away unless it was worth it to them?

    Although chances are against this, Sprint might not even charge anything extra for the hotspot feature. Who knows? Even so, I don’t expect it to be a very high dollar amount. Remember, 4G is about 5-10X faster than 3G and also about 5X cheaper. Dan Hesse said so himself.

  43. kokoa

    I was wanting to know if any one new the regular price of the htc evo?

  44. kokoa

    I have the htc hero and i so love it?:0)

  45. coolfx35

    I am a big forum freak so I mineswell join now while i wait for my preordered Evo. I currently have Palm Pre, which I have a love and hate relationship with lol. 60% of the time its the best phone in the world, the rest i want to smash it against the ground (which I have lol). Currently overclocked at 800mhz and runs pretty good except for tandom freezups.

    Looking forward to having a great experience. BTW someone already root the phone.!

    pretty amazing

  46. F1

    @ kokoa

    The EVO “Retail” ranges subject to change:

    Sans contract:

    @ Best Buy: $599.99, that is with no activation!
    @ Radio Shack $499.99
    @ SPRINT:$450

    With contract: