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10 responses to “Sprint HTC Evo Shift Revealed”

  1. JJ

    I’ll stick with my evo. I don’t think I want to drop processore speed. I’m happy with swype. Hopefully the evo gets gingerbread soon.

  2. Martin

    That is a horrible Keyboard, definately glad I got the Epic 4G.

  3. Konjaro

    I have to disagree Martin, I think the keyboard is better than the Epic’s. It’s like a smaller Touch Pro 2 keyboard, with nice size buttons.

  4. Kevin

    The question is, being a Andriod product, will it come with a SKYPE app? If not, I won’t be purchasing. Why do we keep hearing that Andriod phones have Skype access, but for some reason, you can never get the app to work on SPRINT.

  5. Ish

    Eh. I type better manually than with Swype. It’s not bad, but just not for me. It’s the drop in processor speed that failed for me here. I’m heavy on Widget and app use…I’m won’t settle for slower than what I use now. (Evo)

  6. Wally

    You do realize that the processor in the G2 (and supposedly in this new Evo) wipes the floor with the processor in the original Evo dont you? You cant just look at the stated “speed” and call it worse.

  7. JJ

    How does the g2 processor wipe the floor with the evo processor? Do you have some type of test results or some research information that we don’t know about? I would love to see it.

  8. Benzo

    Yeah this phone will more than likely have the scorpion processor like the G2 which is the newer and better processor. So that means that its actually faster if you check the benchmark test they show on youtube. The processor speed doesnt matter anymore its the kind of processor that makes all the difference.

  9. JJ

    I’m looking forward to the evo2 instead. i don’t really need a keyboard since I have swype.

  10. Techki

    hehe i hope this baby gets activated with sprint service..