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16 responses to “Sprint HTC Mogul Beta Leaks, Windows Mobile 6.1 and Sprint TV Added”

  1. SaltyDawg

    Does the update add MMS?

  2. JS

    Your absolutely right Chris, I don’t know why these people cry about Sprint not adding MMS when Sprint themselves have stated that they will not add it to their Windows Mobile phones.

  3. Nick

    This is where the rumor started:

    It was a chat with Chief Marketing Officer John Garcia. Messages to note are those from “Steve” and “Will” regarding MMS on Blackberry and WinMo.

    So this rumor has some serious credibility to it, as it’s coming from someone pretty high up in Sprint’s ranks. Basically guys, Sprint officially HAS said that both platforms ARE getting MMS.

  4. Lee

    But does anyone know if Internet Sharing is still included in this ROM upgrade?

  5. You're Late
  6. Mobile-enthusiast

    Ha, not only is this update old news, but it has been kitchen-ized (build your own rom out of it), and no2chem has already built an excellent custom rom based on it that is much faster and gives you almost 30mb of free ram on boot.

    As far as MMS, yes, Sprint and Microsoft have announced that they are working on an MMS system to be included in the OS (not a third party app like ArcSoft). If you’re going to be a reporter, keep up to date!

    This is almost as bad as when you didn’t give dcd credit for the GPS enabled rom of his you were hosting…

  7. gguruusa

    “You can find both current and beta Sprint Mogul updates exclusively on our Phone Encyclopedia”

    Hah! More like “links to stuff we got from”

  8. dishe

    Dude, its great that you’re helping fellow Titan users by publicizing this stuff, but you MUST GIVE CREDIT where CREDIT IS DUE.
    The “exclusive stuff” you’re hosting comes from ppc-geeks, xda-developers, and who knows where else.

    You want to host it yourself instead of linking directly?
    But at least give credit for it somewhere. You’re going to lose whatever credibility you’ve got left with the phone enthusiast types.

  9. Day

    people are bitching about MMS because in order to use email to send pictures you need the carriers email. I dont know about you but I dont know what service all 150 contacts in my phone use so in order to send pictures i would have to call them and ask them what they use. Pain in the ass if you ask me, I dont see why sprint cant get off their high horse and just fucking give the windowmobile phones MMS. I mean the 6700-6800 for verizon have it? so its not impossible.

  10. Calvin McDowell

    ever since I updated the rom to 6.1 I have not been able to use the tcpmp it’s a crash note

  11. jgfortado05

    You can download a free mms app from the mogul homepage. Go to free/demo and the option should be there.