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20 responses to “Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 Update for Rollout on Friday (Updated)”

  1. JJ

    I wonder if this update will work on on unlocked by hspl and has a custom rom already installed? Would love to compare it since it will have sense ui.

  2. Nanfy

    The first , last and only update to the touch pro 2.

    For 300 on contract what a great deal 😛

  3. bottomline

    Fantastic news ! I’ve been waiting for such a long time…

  4. Don Louie

    What WinMo phones sold now doesn’t have it?

  5. Christopher Price

    Treo Pro is still sold by Sprint and the Samsung Omnia 1 is still sold by Verizon. Both are stuck with 6.1 unless you use an unofficial firmware. My Treo Pro runs 6.5.5.

  6. samuel

    just had a chat with a sprint rep, the update is tomorrow the 19th

  7. samuel

    will be out by 5pm central time, so 6pm eastern. awesome.

  8. SaltyDawg

    I’m surprised anyone even cares about this anymore. Sprint waited way too long for me to care.

    I’ve been running a cooked 6.5 ROM for months now. Why would I want to install Sprint’s this late in the game? I’m sure it will have tethering disabled and be loaded with bloatware.

  9. Steven Goldfein

    Not everyone can run a hacked rom. Here’s the link:

  10. JJ

    Update is available like steven posted above but it is still on the Sprint support page for downloads. You’d think thats the first place they would post it to make it easier. Well, if anyone is going to try it let us know how it goes.
    Like Saltydawg said, one of the disadvantages to this rom is tethering will be blocked but there are ways around it. I’m looking forward to having sprinttv work on my phone again. We’ll see how it goes.

  11. Steven Goldfein

    The download has been running since I posted the link. It might finish before the replacement for this phone is released by sprint.

  12. SaltyDawg

    Sprint TV works just fine on my cooked WM 6.5 ROM. SO does Sprint Navigation, Nascar, and all the other Sprint stuff. Oh yeah, and tethering works just fine too…

  13. JJ

    salty, i have everything working on mine except sprint tv, which rom are you using? Did it come with tv built in or did you install it seperately? thanks

  14. SaltyDawg

    I’m using indagroove’s ROM. It did not have Sprint tv built in, but I installed it. I installed Mr X’s Sprint provisioning cab first and then installed all the Sprint stuff and it worked just fine.

  15. SaltyDawg

    @ JJ:
    Here’s the ROM thread:

    I am using the 6.5, not the 6.5.x version. And in that thread you can see how I got Sprint tv working…

  16. JJ

    thanks for the info. I had indagroove on my tp1 but the indagroove on tp2 doesn’t have the start button on the bottom like the energy rom. I will try that thread you mention and see if I can get sprinttv to work.

  17. JJ

    I have not been able to find the Mr. X sprint provisioning cab. Where could it be?

  18. SaltyDawg


    Sprint tv info and files in this post:

    Also- there are 2 versions of the indagroove ROM in that thread (both linked in first post). There is the 6.5 ROM that I use (start button at top) and also a 6.5.5 (start button at bottom). I don’t use the 6.5.5 because SPB Mobile Shell doesn’t work so well with that version of Windows Mobile (or at least it didn’t the last time I tried it).

  19. JJ

    I tried the sprint 6.5 update and it is alright… for someone who has had 6.1 all this time. Most people are better of with a custom rom. They have way more tweaks and better applications not to mention smoother operating. The sprint update is a good update but custom roms make it worthwhile having a windows mobile phone… at least for now. Windows 7 looks to ruin everything pretty soon.

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