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11 responses to “Sprint Internal Documentation Confirms Paid 4G Hotspot Option, Device-Specific Plans”

  1. Jesse

    can you rephrase this and put it more simply please : )

  2. The Fart

    In essence, this sounds like people who would like to upgrade to the HTC EVO 4G will have to switch over to a 3G/4G rate plan since the data aspect of the device is WiMAX enabled and those who wish to use the device like an Overdrive will have an additional cost per month for it.

  3. The Fart

    BTW, the Sprint employee(s) who leaked the internal information pertaining to the HTC EVO 4G training should be terminated for cause as every significant Sprint training requires from my understanding a NDA.

  4. ray

    When talking to customer service about upgrading my phones, I was told that I could order any phone now, but still might have to change plans to activate said phone. (ie blackberry, pre, etc), but I could order the phone first, wait until I get in and then only when activating change. I mentioned the EVO and was told, no, you’d have to change your plan to get it before ordering. No matter what plan you are on, you will have to change and that the EVO will have a plan of it’s own.

  5. Jon

    I wish websites would stop posting “internal documents” they are internal for a reason and are never the final decision. How many times have news sites given peoples hopes up over the Android 2.1 release becuase they speculate.

  6. Christopher Price

    Jon, how can we be speculating by posting internal documents? It’s not speculating to read something internal off a sheet of paper.

    It’s pretty clear Sprint and/or HTC and/or Samsung has botched updating Hero and Moment to Android 2.1, and the paper trail they have created makes that pretty clear.

  7. Frank

    Don’t worry about the employee’s getting terminated, the year is young and Sprint has had layoff’s every year except maybe the year they bought Nextel. Hmmm a differen’t billing option there’s no way they could screw that up!

  8. F1

    Sometimes you make a prediction, and yet silently hoping that it does not come true,…

    It would have been a coup for SPRINT, not to change the “Everything Plans”, however this is, one of the rare occasions, when change does make sense.
    Last time they did that with the Instinct, “NOW”, is reinventing “DATA” once again, at least there is going to be a significant improvement, do you recall “Power vision”!?

    This is nothing new to the “seasoned” accounts, but to all those new comers, who claimed: “you want a new phone, get a new plan!”,
    “I told you so”, comes to mind, this one is on you!

    Thank You

  9. Cell Dude

    The only logical change would be to charge $9.99 or so for the mobile hot spot the EVO can do. If they change the Everything Data to make it more expensive than $69.99 on the cheapest plan for an individual account, you can kiss Sprint good bye.

    They are in NO position to be picky or look like VZW or AT&T. They do not have the reputation to justify as does VZW which has the coverage rep backing them up. AT&T has the iPhone, enough said. AT&T can charge double the price on monthly plans for the iPhone and people will still sign up!

    If this is true, its the end of Sprint. T-Mobile better learn from this or they will follow Sprint.

    For the record, I hope they stay with their current Everything data plan. The add on for the mobile hot spot makes sense.

  10. JJ

    Forcing different plans on those who want the EVO might backlash at sprint. I remember when vision switched over to Power Vision and phones started having EVDO. All I had to pay was 9.99 to get a power vision phone.
    Hopefully at least for those with an everything plan this will be the case. Plus, what if you want the evo and don’t get 4g in your area, are they going to charge you extra for a service you can’t even get?
    This will be interesting.

  11. Jeremiah

    I haven’t had a POTS land line in years. And recently, I gave up on paying for cable TV (don’t miss it! I get more done around the house and I can download anything from SSL encrypted newsgroups without commercials). So, besides my Sprint wireless statement, the only remaining communications/entertainment bill I get is for my home Internet connection. With a 4G hotspot on my Android, broadband follows me and I have little need for a $70-$130 bill from Time Warner. So, you can believe people will pay a little extra to turn on the feature. And even if I don’t want to turn on the hotspot to avoid the premium charge, I can still tether my laptop to the phone for internet access.

    EVO 4G — Heck Yes.