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4 responses to “Sprint Issues PRL 50562 & 60662”

  1. rizzo

    Again. Sprint no longer “flags” accounts for PRL updates when you call into customer service. Unless things have changed in the last 2 weeks. I called 3x and spoke to first level, tech support, and even account services. Same outcome they could/would not flag my account for a PRL update. Check into this and see what you find and report it Chris. See if you get the same info.

  2. Don Louie

    I have phones with a manual update option so whenever these come out I initiate it. Most of the phones sold the last few years have that capability but the few times I talked to tech there was no problem flagging. To the author, thanks.

  3. rizzo

    I just called Sprint and they are unable to flag my 2 palm centro phones. Someone else call and try to get your phone flagged manually and post back here if you were successful.

  4. JJ

    I was unable to get them to flag my account either. But I have a windows mobile phone and there is a prl update app on it. Im still trying to get them to flag my wife’s phone. We’ll see what happens