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11 responses to “Sprint Launches Franklin U300 EVDO/WiMax Modem in Baltimore”

  1. Don Louie

    How are users supposed to discern which network they are on?

  2. Humberto Saabedra

    The included software wil change status indicators depending on coverage area, though a WiMax lock takes a total of 25 seconds if a recent TheStreet review is to be believed

  3. Carlos

    “for $199.99 after new 1 year agreement before an additional $50 mail-in rebate, bringing the total to $149.99.” That should really say after 2 year agreement NOT 1 year agreement.

  4. Carlos

    Also it’s interesting how you won’t know the 5GB cap won’t apply to 4G unless you read the fine print and they were sly enough to sneak in a “no voice calls permitted” clause in the terms and conditions to discourage VOIP.

  5. Mustang46L

    Carlos – No, it is a 1 year agreement which is a compromise between the normal EV-DO cards with a 2 year and the WiMax with no contract.

  6. Tyler


    I don’t think the ‘no voice calls permitted’ clause has anything to do with VoiP. VoiP is a data call. I think they are referring to some other aircards that do permit voice calls when you plugged in an earpiece and paid a per minute charge.

  7. JB

    Sprint is headed in 100 different directions. They have always pushed new products out before their competitors (a positive), yet they never work the bugs out on their current products (a glaring negative). They need to stick with one thing and develop an identity and market their products toward a mainstream consumer base instead of “techies,” waiting on 4G to become a reality.

  8. Don Louie

    I don’t agree with that assessment, they were pushing forward with Wi Max since the begining of ’07. The 1 direction that does seem to be getting lost is ptt, guess that’s 2 since it concerns IDEN and qchat

  9. JJ

    I dont know what you guys are talking about? Its actually good when a company is moving in diff directions as long as the movement is forward. Also what bugs are you talking about? Dont just make stuff up.Get the facts first. This dual modem is a great idea to give people a chance to taste the future technology that is being developed. Come on people, until you try it out yourself and can speak based on facts then dont talk.

  10. Don Louie

    I want to see what’s to it too but am at a loss as to why it cost more than the current data cards.

  11. Tyler

    They have to make it dual mode to still have coverage until the WiMax network is built out. They learned their lesson the first time when they first came to market with a voice network without analog. This is similar. They didn’t have any analog out of the gates and their coverage sucked while they were still building their system. Not until they did a deal with Verizon to use their towers did that improve. This is a smart move by Sprint….for a change.