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11 responses to “Sprint Launches Katana Eclipse, Motorola VE20”

  1. james

    holy 2003!

    *activation of simply everything plan required*

  2. Mustang46L

    The Motorola Q9 is being re-released later this month.

  3. Vic

    The VE20 does have a touch-sensitive external display similar to the V9m.

  4. Tired

    The Q9C is out on right now.
    Go look.

  5. DP

    Does Sprint’s pulling of the Q9c hint that they might be getting the Motorola Q9 Napoleon? I’d buy that phone in a heartbeat if true…

  6. The Wireless Guru Rayshami

    You are incorrect James. Neither the MOTORAZRâ„¢ VE20 nor the Sanyo Katana Eclipse require activation on Sprint’s Simply Everything plan. Please try to be a bit more careful with posting inaccurate information as you did regarding these two wireless devices. Thank you.

  7. chris

    chris price u actullaly messed up this time. there IS a touch screen like the v9m. james is kind of right all sprints plans are simply everything except u can choose you lot of minutes. two strikes in these comments!

  8. james

    uhm rayshami, i was kidding… no need to get your legal team on me. didnt the 2003 comment give you that impression? plus if i was serious, i would have provided a link. sprint fan boys have no sense of humor. perhaps its cause theres nothing funny about having to sell towers for cash or losing over $200 million in three months.

  9. Rocky

    I checked out the VE20 at a retail store, the interface is snappier, apps load quickly and there are separate options for updating the firmware and PRL updates under the settings menu. Sprint TV has an option for widescreen in its menu (finally). Its about the same size as a V9M but thicker and lighter. I don’t care for the plasticky nature of the phone, but YMMV.

  10. celz

    will you sprint haters get a life… stop bringin up the towers sale.. how about you go to a company that owns all of thier towers… oh wait sprint was the last one to sell towers… freakin dummies