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7 responses to “Sprint Launches LG Optimus S”

  1. Cecil

    600 Mhz not 800 Mhz, right?

    I also just found out that it may not have a light sensor or proximity sensor…

  2. The Insider

    Hold off people from purchasing the LG Optimus S until Black Friday because it will be free after rebate, $100 in store before a $100 MIR.

  3. DingleBerrry

    Radio Shack has it this week for FREE! I got one and its great!

  4. Creighton

    The Samsung Transform Is better! currently Sprint’s best midrange handest overall. I may have considered this esp with such a good price had they put a flash on the camera, which is a must for me. I don’t get that why they would not include that! on devices like this. Is it really that much more money?? Then sometimes you see a flash on a dumbphone and it’s worthless!

  5. Cecil

    I disagree. The Transform has serious performance issues. The Optimus is a solid phone for the price. Check out some benchmarking data I pulled on my own.

    Nothing scientific, but proves the superiority of the Optimus. I wonder how much is attributed to Android 2.2, and how much can be attributed to the hardware differences.

  6. Creighton

    @Cecil well im not sure what all those benchmark numbers mean without studying up on that because im not that savvy in that dept lol. But I have had no probs really worth mentioning on the Transform it’s much smoother then it’s predecessor the Samsung Moment I can tell you that much and esp over wifi works great and pretty good on Sprint evdo as well. Like I mentioned a flash on the camera has just become a requirement for me when I get a phone to have for those random night shots if im out and about without having to carry another camera, & the Transforms works great! It is supposed to get the upgrade to 2.2 as well so that should make it even faster etc then what it already is. Too bad like I said there’s no flash on the LG, as I prob would have gotten it. I also do like the front facing camera on the Transform too. Also just realized no slide out qwerty on the Optimus prob why the price is lower as well. Well guess that’s why we have choice right.

  7. Cecil

    Couldn’t ask for a better phone .. especially for the price of FREE. Happy customer of the Optimus for over four months.
    Are the Transform and Zio still sitting on 2.1/Eclair?