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25 responses to “Sprint Launches Palm Treo 800w”

  1. A Sprint employee

    Banned have I been from Phone Scoop by Rich Brome. Allelujah the Palm Treo 800w has launched!

  2. A Sprint employee

    Thank God the SERO rates have been increased and it is now much more difficult for customer to even be able to sign up for one of the three voice plans as well as the single broadband connection card one.

  3. Jaz

    Hey sprint employee let’s see how long Sprint will keep you before they have to lay you off because they are losing so many customers. I understand that all companies out there are having to increase their rates due to rising fuel costs and other costs. But at the same time their customer service instead of getting better it is getting worse by the minute. Probably because of people like you. You don’t care if the customer is happy with the service, you just want your lousy commission and that’s it. I can’t wait for Sprint to be bought out by a company that actually cares about customer service or goes under. Your the type of employee that gives Sprint a bad name and are the reason for Millions of customers leaving sprint.

  4. tc1uscg

    Hey Jaz.. are you a idiot or don’t you know a TROLL when you see one?

  5. Jaz

    Hey tc1 this is a forum where you can post your comments on the ongoing issues of the wireless industry. This sprint employee guy whoever it is, is giving me some things to talk about. So what if it is some idiot. If you don’t like what is being written here then go somewhere else. This is a forum and in a forum you post comments. At least I think that is what you do here.

  6. ricco

    hey jaz – if you would provide your email – i would ensure any trouble you have could be corrected

  7. Dan

    Is it that time of the month Jaz?…..and what evidence do you have that states Sprint customer service is getting worst or are you just talking out your a$$? Also how do you see Sprint being bought out as a good thing?
    Maybe you own stock in Verizon or something? I can’t even imagin how much higher VZX would jack up their prices if they were the only CDMA carrier left, but I guess you just got all kinds of extra money to blow!

  8. sprintchick5

    jaz….wow you most have no life because you can sit here and bash sprint like there is no tomorrow. Hands down sprint has the best price point plans. Every service providers customer service sucks. I am a sprint rep and I give amazing customer service so check your facts…seriosuly your pathetic

  9. CJ

    I have had all the cell phone companies, and Sprint’s customer service is the worst. I thought they were trying to improve the customer service. Lately, when I call in, their is a foreigner on the other end. If I have a question besides the very basics “remove text msg off my acct, etc”, they can’t help. It is almost like they are reading off a script. If I didn’t have the $30 Sero plan, I would absolutely leave Sprint along w/ my wife and two kids. My wife hates Sprint bc her phone doesn’t always ring when she receive calls; she will get a voice mail that is the only way she knows the person called (every Sprint phone I have had does the same thing), but I have convinced her for now that the rates is so cheap that its better to stay w/ them for now. I am not bashing Sprint. This has been my experience w/ them. Hope wish them much luck in turning the company around. However, I think trying to charge rates like the big boys is the wrong course to take. I forsee them losing a lot of customers.

  10. Dan

    Every customer service I call (except Comcast) is comeone in India… why is Sprint’s so much differnet. I do agree that they seem to be reading off a script but have taken care of any issues I’ve had. I called Xbox live the other day and got someone India, I’ve also called Microsoft in the past as well as Toshiba, Samsung and HP all have cusotmer service in India so that can not be the reason. Almost all companies outsource their CS to other countires to save money and so that there is someone there 24/7. I beleive Sprint’s main problem was billing errors which in turn caused more pissed off people to call CS and then they associate that experiance any time someone metions their Customer service. The last time I called was to change my wifes text from 1000 to unlimited. It took the guy maybe five minutes and then when the call was almost over mentioned that since my contract was up in a few months he could give me $150 credit on my bill for resinging a new two year which I did, but I just that is just bad customer service.

  11. Nando

    I generally think sprint is pretty excellent in terms of call quality, service, and support in stores.

    I actually don’t think there phone support is that bad. The only gripe I have about it is that you get bounced around a lot with cold transfers forcing you to repeat your needs several times. For example, I ‘m on a business line but when I hit *2, I often get the non-business line people on the phone only to find out I need to be transfered.

    Additionally, seems people on the Sprint side are not empowered to fix things… there seem to be a lot of controls as you have to go multiple teams to solve your problems.

    All in all, this is still better than AT&T

  12. Jaz

    Some of you guys are just morons. Hey sprintchick it’s amazing how fast so called sprint reps (sprintchick5) start ringing in with their so called great service that they offer when customers start complaining and stating the truth. I am just stating that I have had a horrible time with sprint customer service and I am just stating what has happened to me. Lately I have been getting people that can help but it is rare. If you (sprintchick5) are offering good customer service to your customers then good for you. I guess I haven’t spoken with you when I call *2. I hope maybe one day I get you on the phone so I can recieve the great customer service you provide.

    Hey Dan, you know what evidence I have that sprint’s customer service is getting worse? I AM A CUSTOMER. I have had them for 7 years and that is all the evidence I need. In the end customers are the proof of good service and as far as I know sprint keeps losing customers. Oh by the way Consumer Reports put Sprint under T-Mobile, Verizon and At&t. So far I’m sticking with them because I want to give them the benefit of the doubt. The only reason I’m so posting so much about Sprint is because of the whole issue with the SERO plan, just like everyone else.

  13. Dan

    Jaz…Since 00 I have either had Sprint or Nextel service and work both directly and indirectly with Sprint during most that time. My experiences were much worst 5-6 years ago then they have been latley which is why I feel that the CS is better now. Your has obviously benn differnt but I feel they are at least trying to improve some of the major problems that they have. If you purchase something from one of their corp stores or call into CS there is a good chance you will get a call a day or two later asking you to take a surey on the service you received not to metion the whole They have simplified their plans which SHOULD help out on billing issues and I thought I also read that they changed over their entire billing system. They have just about cleaned house as far as the upper managment goes. Gary Forsee being the key since he was the main reason Sprint is were they are and he took Nextel with him. They have terminted a ton of indirect dealers across the country. Some of which did not help Sprints rep and since most of them look just like corp stores and say “SPRINT” above the door that will aways be there impresion of Sprint. The hole they dug them selfs is deep but they are not going to fix things over night. It will take years and honestly WiMax is probably their only hope. Thats all for now….I don’t have the time to start on SERO…

  14. Jaz

    Dan- I really liked your comment there. All the points you made make a lot of sense. That is the reason why I will be sticking with sprint too. Like I said I have been with them for 6 + years and they have been getting better. That is what I am hoping for, that they keep getting better. These little indirect dealers have given sprint a bad name. So here is to a good future outlook for sprint. This is the way it should be. To have an up building positive conversation. If your a SO CALLED GREAT SPRINT REP there is no reason to bash someone because they have an opinion they don’t like. Just find a way to change their minds by making that service better. Hopefully sprint will start weeding out the bad unprofessional CS reps. I will start filling out more of the surveys after every call.

  15. Pierre

    @ JAZ

    I sense a lot of intensity in your hatred for that company in all your posts. Then you say “i AM a customer”. Present tense!!!! But my dear, WHY STAY 7 YEARS IN AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP? Oh… you want to give them the benefit of a doubt? LMAO

    I hope you don’t give abusive men the same benefit of a doubt you give that damn company.

    I hope you find a way out of your situation dear.


  16. Jaz

    Okay Pierre. Really? A cell phone company compared to an abusive relationship. Come on. When you have an interesting comment about the WIRELESS INDUSTRY to post here on PHONENEWS. com then let me know. This isn’t a marriage forum. Next time read & analyze the entire comment before posting something that makes no sense. Last I read, this site was for “providing complete coverage of the wireless industry, cell phone news, and future 4G technologies.” Unless I’m wrong.

  17. Dan

    Pierre…I would not call it hatred more like frustration and the need to vent. Any Sprint customer that has been with them 5 or more years will have it. Calling it an abusive relationship and comparing it to an abusive husband is a little over the top. Maybe more along the lines of a husband that is a bad listener is a better analogy. Could he leave Sprint?….of course but with all the billing and CS issues the actually phone service and price is why most stay. I guessing Jaz in on a SEOR plan (becaue of previous posts) and if that is the case is it really worth spending a extra $40 a month to switch carriers so that you have better CS? I personally don’t think so considering I may call them 6 times a year but would shell out an $480 a year for it. I want a phone that works if I wanted good CS I would switch to T-Mobile but the service is much more impotant to me.

    Jaz…the problem with weeding out the unprofessional ones is I don’t think there would be anyone left to answer the phones after they do so. The way I see it is they first must stop outsourcing CS to other countires.
    Americans want to speak to other Americans….why do you think Telesales is here in the states but once you have sevice you are calling who know what country. Once you bring it back to the states you are going to have to pay people more than $9 something an hour. The people they need will not work for what they are willing to pay. They should take some of the extra money gernerated from bumping up the price of SERO to pay for some good CS reps. I would love to see numbers that compair Sprints CS to T-Mobiles in area like average hourly wage and percentage of reps state side becasue I think it would explain a lot.

  18. Pierre

    @ Dan and @ Jaz

    Maybe it’s a bit over the top but i did it on purpose to get your attention and to drive the point accross as hard as i could. If something is happening with your service provider and you have other options WHY THE HELL DO YOU STAY?

    I went through many different providers from AllTel to Bell Atlantic to 360 to GTE to Verizon and i hated them all. When i’m unhappy with something and my contract is up i LEAVE.
    Heck i paid the ETF to leave Verizon because they got on my nerves. This isn’t a marriage where you try to work it out for the good of the family/children so that “GIVE THEM THE BENEFIT OF A DOUBT” BS is just that BS. I’m unhappy. I don’t even call and complain more than once or twice. I figure maybe THAT COMPANY may not be working for me so I just leave before i stay and b!tch and complain all day while giving it a bad name.

    I have been with Sprint for 4 years now and i typically get my issues resolved pretty quickly with no problems. I’ve nver been happier with a wireless service. At th same time i encouragesd my sister to come to Sprint and she hated it and I was the first to encourage her to LEAVE before i have to hear her mouth about it.

    THis is supposed to be a new product realease article but JAZ is complaining so much you would think it’s the SERO plan article. IF YOU HAVE BEEN WITH THEM 7 YEARS AND HAVE BEEN UNHAPPY FOR 3 MAYBE IT’S TIME YOU HIT HE ROAD RATHER THEN LOG ON AND GIVE THEM A BAD NAME 24/7


  19. Jaz

    Well Pierre, it’s your choice to change services when you don’t like them. I on the other hand like to give people a chance. Unlike some people with problems I like to stick around and try to resolve them. Since you brought up the marriage deal, maybe that is the reason why the us divorce rate is over 75%, because people just don’t stick with something and work on the problems. You say if you don’t like the company you don’t even complain you just leave before calling them. Companies must love you, just giving them money left and right.

    This site is just not JUST about NEW Product releases, it’s also about cell phone services, news etc…

    Like Dan said before, one of the reasons why I’m sticking with sprint is because the price is worth sticking it out for. It might seem like I’m complaining 24/7 about sprint but there are just times where the bad seem more than the good. The good thing is that Sooner or later when you speak with Sprint CS you get someone that helps you out.

    Pierre I’m glad that your 4 years of sprint service have been good and your problems get resolved quickly. I can’t wait till that happens to me too.

  20. rlmentz

    Sooooooooooo How bout that new Treo?…………..What was it, oh yeah the 800w. Does anyone like it?

  21. Jaz

    yeah. It looks Like a cool phone. I would love to try the new autonomous gps feature. Although I saw on a website that you need a plan that is $70 or more to be able to use it. Has anyone heard about this?

  22. Christopher Price

    You do not need a special plan (or a $70+ plan for that matter) to use the gpsOne support in any Sprint phone (Treo 800w, Mogul, or Touch). If you can activate the phone, you can use GPS (provided you have the latest firmware, of course).

  23. Pierre

    I’m going to wait for the PALM OS version. I cant deal with Windows mobile.

  24. Dan

    Have you hear anything about a Palm OS version? I googled “800p” a week or two ago and only found stuff about the cento?

  25. Jaz

    I was a palm guy for a while but the touch got me hooked on windows mobile. Maybe now palm has caught up to windows with speed and memory. Although palm has windows beat on stability hands down. I miss that about palm. Not having to reset my phone every 30 mins.