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108 responses to “Sprint Launches Premier Loyalty Program”

  1. bottomline

    Look, everyone has a right to their opinion……..Salty, u like ATT, great knock yurself out. Stick with ’em, I for one am not trying to convince u to go back to Sprint. All I did in my earlier posts was state my points of view, that doesn’t mean u have to agree. Also, despite all the difficulties Sprint is going thru I believe they will eventually right the ship and come out of this fine one way or another, whether by merger, bankruptcy, or on their own. Finally, I continue to ascertain that by weighing all the pros & cons of every major wireless providers’ price plans, Sprint continues to offer the best value……….Just my opinion, theres no need to get offended

  2. SaltyDawg

    I’m not getting offended. I’m sorry if it comes across that way. it can be difficult to relay emotion, mood, or tone on a message board. I am only stating my opinion, the same as everyone else in this thread.
    You think Sprint is the best value- fine. What works for you is obviously not going to be what works for everyone- and what works for me is obviously not going to be what works for everyone. but the fact remains- when you start factoring in the cost of the actual device, suddenly AT&T is cheaper than Sprint. And, again, I posted an actual; link where you can see for yourself if you don’t believe me.

  3. John

    Then post the link. I dont know where your getting the info that shows att is cheaper than sprint. I would really like the link to look at it myself. As of now on the att website data on a pda plan starts at 30 with unlimited messaging an extra 20. So again Salty, i wouldnt tell att about your way around that price and keep it as long as you can.

  4. SaltyDawg

    I posted the link, I’m sorry you missed it, but I posted it twice. Again, even if you pay $30 for data and $20 for messaging (which you absolutely don’t have to do and most people DON’T pay it for more than a couple months) AT&T is still cheaper than Sprint when you factor in the $400 Sprint hits you for the device 9and you can get it for free on AT&T).

  5. Don Louie

    Salty Dawg, you’re coming off as a troll. The are two retailer sites you listed, those are not links, that can give you a great price on the phone but there is not any information on plans. Now I want to clarify I didn’t call you a troll but bringing back the same off topic subject is trollish, take it to the forums, please. Debate the percieved misinformation there because it’s off topic here, we’re talking about rebate programs in this article.

  6. SaltyDawg

    I guess you aren’t reading my posts then. In the same post I posted the link in, I told you I don;t know how to post a ling to the AT&T shopping cart. I did, however, spell out the exact options I selected on AT&T’s website and the total charges. Fell free to duplicate it if you think I was lying. Let me spell it out for you again:
    900 minute plan, unlimited PDA data, unlimited messaging. This came to $20 per month more than Sprint’s 900 minute plan with unlimited data and unlimited messaging. However, the phone itself is much cheaper on AT&T.
    And the link I did post DOES have plan information if you care to actually click the link. it gives you a free Fize, and then you select your plan.
    This is absolutely NOT off topic here either. We’re talking about Sprint taking drastic measures to hang onto their long time customers, but their drastic measures might not be enough to save them if AT&T has a better deal.

  7. Don Louie

    It’s funny that I was calling to make sure my rebate on my primary was still active for the primary and the rep told me that the yearly upgrade applied to all my lines, even on added last March. I don’t believe her but she said that my account was noted as such, even crazier is when this started (7/08) I was told the yearly upgrade only applied to the and which was added 2 years after the 1st. That’s where the discussion about rebates came in with me upgrading 2 lines but returning the one, I plan on testing it with the Pre

  8. 08SI


    dude, seriously u got issues….. check the prices on the Touch Pro/Fuze, whatever you wanna call it. SPRINT AND ATT ARE SELLING IT FOR THE SAME PRICE!!!! I’m done with this… Have a good day.

  9. SaltyDawg

    @ 08SI:
    Dude, at least follow your own advice and check the prices. Sprint and AT&T are NOT selling the Touch pro and Fuze for the same price.I have already went over this several times now. Put both in your shopping cart and see what the one time charges come out to be. Since you must not have read any of my previous posts, let me repeat the same information I said in a previous post:
    Sprint: One Time Charges: $399.99
    AT&T: One Time Charges: $279.99

    And if you go to

    There are NO one time charges for the Fuze. You get it for FREE.

    I love how Sprint fanboys keep saying, “la,la,la, I can’t hear you” after spouting some totally wrong information. Sprint fanboys are so desperate to believe thsat Sprint is the cheapest in every possible way that they will flat out ignore the facts here.

    Again, put the Sprint Touch Pro in your shopping cart, and the put the AT&T Fuze in your shopping cart. Look at the one time charges, and then come back and tell me Sprint is selling it for the same price as AT&T. And then go to that lets talk wireless link I posted and show me a similar deal for a Sprint Touch Pro.

  10. JJ

    The touch Pro is actually 299.99 NOT 399.99 on the sprint site and it is the same exact price on the att site. There is no price difference between the 2. At least if you get it directly from the att and sprint site.

    If you by them without a 2 year contract they are both: 579.99 for Sprint and 499.99 for ATT.

    If you saltydawg feel that the price is otherwise different and can get it at the price you mentioned, then good for you. You got a great deal. I guess those of us who aren’t as good as you are at finding loopholes or great deals like the ones you have found, will continue to pay the price advertised on the companies site.

    At this point like it has been mentioned before, keep those plans as long as you can because for the rest of us who don’t cheat the system we will just have to pay what the cell phone companies charge.

  11. SaltyDawg

    Look man, I don’t know how I can say this any more clear. Follow these instructions:
    1: open up a browser tab with sprint’s site, and another tab with AT&T’s site.
    2: Put the following items in your cart- Sprint- Touch Pro, Simply Everything Data 900 minutes plan. AT&T- Fuze, 900 minutes plan with rollover, PDA Personal Bundle 9includes unlimited data and messaging).
    3: Don’t select any other options or features from either site. Just go to the checkout.
    4: Note the one time charges. Sprint: $399.99, AT&T: $329.99. And Sprint has a $100 mail in rebate bringing it down to $299.99 after rebate, AT&T has a $50 rebate bringing it down to $279.99 after rebate.
    They are NOT the exact same price, as you incorrectly stated.
    Now, again, you can go to this link:
    and get a FREE Fuze. That is $300 CHEAPER than Sprint is charging for the Touch Pro. I posted the link multiple times now, so you can keep ignoring it if you want, but it is still there. and until you show me a deal where I can get a FREE Sprint Touch Pro, that stands as the better deal.

  12. John

    Good fof you Salty. Want a cookie?

  13. Going Cellular » Sprint rewards long-time customers

    […] say it makes more sense to give the better deal to the loyal customer. That’s what Sprint plans to do. They’ve launched a new loyalty program which might help stanch their bleeding of […]

  14. SaltyDawg

    To the guy who was saying Qwest is doin as bad as Sprint earlier in this thread, Qwest just posted a 4th quarter net profit of $185 million, or $0.11 per share. For the fiscal year 2008 they had a net profit of $681 million, or $0.39 per share. These numbers were down considerably from the 2007 numbers, thanks to this economy, but still on the green side of things (making profits, not losing money). Quite the oposite of what Sprint is doing. You can read the report here:

    So I would not be surprised at all if Qwest makes a play to buy Sprint. Qwest has no wireless service- they are currently selling Verizon wireless. They were previously a Sprint MVNO but severed that relationship a few months ago.

  15. bottomline

    I’m the guy & I believe what I said was that “I thought” they were under federal investigation for cooking their books. I’m not saying Qwest is doing so but, if you recall, WorldCom was also posting great net profits for years until they were caught. In 2002, Qwest’s ceo did time for doing exactly that and if im not mistaken, phil anschutz(the founder) jumped ship from the company awhile ago. Whether or not theres any correlation with whats going on now is beyond me. Who knows, we’ll see what happens.

  16. SaltyDawg

    If you have some info saying Qwest is under investigation for cooking the books, please post it. As I recall, they were under investigation back in like 01 or something for it, but that investigation has been over for several years now (and their former CEO went to trial for it, but they have had 2 CEOs since then).

    And also, as I recall, Worldcomm did NOT post any profits WHILE they were under investigation. They posted a bunch of profits, then they went under investigation for it, and they posted huge losses the whole time from that point on.

    And yes, Qwest’s founder is long gone. That is a good thing for the company because they were never profitable under him. They have been profitable under the last 2 CEOs (both after the feds were already done with their investigation).

    Thebottom line is Qwest is adding customers and posting profits- even in the worst of economic times. To compare them with Sprint’s current situation is a horrible comparison as the 2 companies are clearly headed in opposite directions.

  17. Don Louie

    What does this have to do with the customer loyalty program. If you all want to continue to debate phone and carrier prices why don’t you all take this to the forums, can’t the majority of the post are about buddy having a cheaper phone and data plan than Sprint?

  18. SaltyDawg

    What it has to do with Sprint and their loyalty program is (and it says this in the thread) Sprint has had this loyalty program for quite a while now, and it hasn’t stopped the millions of customers from leaving every quarter. It is only a matter of time before Sprint either goes out of business or is bought by some other company. If the latter happens, Qwest would seem like a viable candidate.

  19. protocol

    Almost sounds like Sprint beat you up on the playground or something.. lol
    It’s alright man, you survived the beating and its time to move on now. lol

  20. SaltyDawg

    @ protocol
    All I’m doing is correcting all the misinformation in this thread. If that makes me sound like a hater then it’s because there are so many Sprint fanboys spreading false info.

  21. John

    I don’t know how stating what the exact price on the websites is spreading false info. But whatever Sawlty. I guess 99% of the people are wrong and your the only one with the facts. I gotta start coming to you from now on for all the latest news and info.

  22. SaltyDawg

    You didn’t state the exact price on the website- I did. And I don’t know how anyone can consider that as me being a hater. As I said, I was only correcting the misinformation in this thread. If you want to state the exact price on the website, put it in your cart and then come back back here and report the one time charges (as I did).

  23. bottomline

    I hate to have to rehash old(& probably irrelevant) stuff but, A). No, I cant say that I do have any “current” news regarding Qwest being under federal investigation. All I said was that “I thought” I read(or heard) they were under investigation(not that it matters, or anyone cares). I know there was a time(about 6 or 7 years ago) when they were under investigation because their former ceo did indeed get caught cooking the books for which he went to prison. B). WorldCom grew to become the 2nd largest telecommunications company in the country thru acquisitions & mergers after buying out MCI and almost buying Sprint. Up until the point they were caught by the feds, they were posting record profits that no one could figure out how. Especially, when the largest company at the time(ATT) wasn’t doing all that great. You can look it up, all the information is documented. C). This is all old news that really doesn’t matter anymore other than how it relates to the here and now. If you notice, I haven’t said one negative or inflamatory thing about Qwest(or anyone else) that wasn’t true. If Qwest is doing well, great, more power to them…….If ATT is doing well, great, more power to them…..However, there are still some of us that feel satisfied with Sprint and hope that they can turn it around.

  24. JJ

    Hey Sawlty you need to take a chill pill. No matter what you say, the fact of the matter is that sprints plans are way cheaper than att. You gotta keep saying things to make you feel better about att, especially now that sprint is turning around and is killing every other cell company out there in VALUE. If twisting the facts makes you feel better about yourself then good for you. As for me and probably a lot other people, I am happy with my sprint service and my touch pro that i got for 299 and pay only 99 a month for everything, not just voice. If you wanna continue arguing about the prices then good for you. It won’t magically change the deal i got and the deal every other person out there can also get just cause some idiot is mad hes paying to much for cell phone service. Im done with your childish responses. If anyone wants to continue the real reason for this thread (SPRINT LOYALTY PLAN) i would be happy to respond to that.

  25. Don Louie

    The loyalty program is good but needs some tweaking because vzw gives yearly upgrades on plans $50 or more and extra money off that price at 20 months. I would like the $35 and up plans to get yearly upgrades after completing the 1st contract with Basic getting after the 2nd and the perks coming midway thru the 3rd.

  26. SaltyDawg

    Yes, I remembert the MCI thing. You are confusing what they did before they got caught with what they did after they got caught. after they got caught, they almost went out of business and did nothing positive until Verizon bought them. You said you wondered if Qwest was lying about their current profits because they were under investigation 6 or 7 years ago, and used MCI as an example. Well, if we’re following MCI’s example then Qwest’s old and completed investigation has no relevance on what they are doing today.

    I’m glad you are happy with your deal. But you are still spreading false info. I already listed where you can get your AT&T Fuze for FREE (not the $299 you paid) and get a better deal on some plans than Sprint offers. And don;t tell me there are a lot of happy Sprint people because Sprint is losing millions of customers every quarter- so there are a lot of unhappy Sprint people too. Every other wireless carrier out there is adding tons of customers every quarter, yet Sprint is losing them by the millions. I am not bitter that I’m paying to much for a mobile service- as you claimed. I am, in fact, paying less for my AT&T service than I was for my Sprint service.

  27. Don Louie

    I quit

  28. bottomline

    You’re absolutely right salty, hopefully Qwest continues to do great and you continue to get great service from ATT………..

    @Don Louie
    Dont quit, there’s definitely light at the end of the tunnel. Sprint is already showing signs of a turnaround especially in regards to customer service in spite of their recent customer defections.

  29. bottomline

    I spoke to a customer care rep earlier today and he said that they are in fact in the process of tweaking it. In fact, it’s supposed to offer even more benefits than verizons’. I guess we’ll soon find out……..

  30. JJ

    Hey Sawlty,
    I never said I got the fuze for free. I got the TOUCH PRO with Sprint and it was 299.99. But since you know what I paid then I guess I am mistaken cause I don’t know how much I spend, I just spend it. Thats great that you can get the fuze for free but not on the att website.

    I just added it in my cart just like you said and the final price was 299.99. So I guess again your the only one that can get the special prize.

    Anyway, the fuze might be cheaper when you buy it wherever you buy it but the phone plan is still cheaper with sprint. I still don’t know how you keep saying that the unlimited plan from att is cheaper than the one from sprint. I guess good for att having such a loyal customer like you. Stating the wrong information to defend them but your still defending them. Good for att.

    At this point I am done. I guess your a lucky guy Sawlty being as your one of the only people that can get these special prices and plans.

  31. SaltyDawg

    Dude, can you read? I am trying to be nice here, but you keep spreading so much misinformation…
    PLease show me where I said you got the FUZE or the Touch pro for free? I specifically said the Touch Pro costs more than the Fuze, but i never said anything about what YOU had, or what YOU paid.
    The FUZE is being given away for free to new customers. That does not mean you have one. And I never said the unlimited plan was cheaper on AT&T. I specifically listed the 900 minute plan with unlimited data and unlimited messaging as being the same priceon AT&T, and cheaper when you factor in the cost of the device. There are also several family plans that are cheaper on AT&T.
    And I am not the only person to get these deals- heck, I posted a link about 10 times. I also gave specific instructions for exactly what to select on AT&T’s website.
    I love it how the Sprint fanboys keep acting like I’m the one in the minority here- saying things like i must be the only one in the world. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? AT&T is KILLING Sprint in total customers, and AT&T is adding tons more every quarter while Sprint is losing them by the millions every quarter. So if anything, you are the one who should consider himself lucky that he still considers sprint a decent value when millions of others are jumping ship every quarter.

  32. JJ

    Sawlty your telling me you didnt say this “@JJ:
    I’m glad you are happy with your deal. But you are still spreading false info. I already listed where you can get your AT&T Fuze for FREE (not the $299 you paid)”

    I guess your right. I must be seing things.

    But anyway enjoy your att service and ill continue to enjoy my service with sprint. Im glad your happy with your cell phone provider. In the end thats what we all want.

    I guess wnen sprint supposedly goes out of business then ill switch providers. In the meantime ill stick with my supposedly “bad service and expensive phones” because i love bad cell phone coverage.

    Okay, anybody have any actual sprint loyalty info or is sawlty going to continue trying to get commission on his sales pitches?

  33. SaltyDawg

    Dude, I don;t work for any cell provider and I don’t do any sales at my job either. Just because I keep putting you fanboys in your [place doesn’t mean I have any secret motive. Now, let me point out your last 2 posts so you can see how contradictory they are (in regards to what you are claiming I said):
    JJ said: “Hey Sawlty,
    I never said I got the fuze for free. I got the TOUCH PRO with Sprint and it was 299.99.”

    Salty responded: “PLease show me where I said you got the FUZE or the Touch pro for free?”

    JJ then said: “Sawlty your telling me you didnt say this “@JJ:
    I’m glad you are happy with your deal. But you are still spreading false info. I already listed where you can get your AT&T Fuze for FREE (not the $299 you paid)” ”

    So for those that can read, there is nothing new here. But if you have trouble with your reading comprehension, you may need it spelled out again: The FUZE is cheaper than the Touch Pro. Even on AT&T’s website, if you put both in your cart the Fuze is much cheaper. And I posted a link about 10 times now where you can get the Fuze for FREE.

  34. Don Louie

    I went to the att site got a Fuze for $250 w/900 minutes, data was $15/no messaging or $30 for data and messaging. No nav but there is a $20 data/nav pack no messaging, $20 additional for messaging or $10 for nav if not in plans. A Fuze, 900 minutes, data/messaging (still say a new sub has to get the $30 PDA personal/no nav or messaging) and nav comes to $100 ($120) vs. $90 on Sprint, even with a $15 pack you still have to say $20 for messaging and $10 for nav to bring it to $105. That happens with the 450 and unlimited plans, factoring messaging and nav which doesn’t even account for entertainment. I did research but shouldn’t we be talking about a rebate plan, notice a concession on device price, plan you can’t legitimately (start new service) on a smartphone any other way. Those that have these cheat codes are fine but I was never offered that

  35. SaltyDawg

    @ Don:
    Forget the nav. There is absolutely no point in paying for nav on a phone that has it built in. There are multiple free nav servces out there if your phone has built in GPS. It’s cool that Sprint throws it in with their data plans, but don’t act like you have to pay for it on AT&T to be equal when the Fuze has it built in.

    So, to help you out here, the option you are looking for on the AT&T website is as follows:
    900 minute nationwide plan (, then hit add feature and select “Messaging & Data Unlimited” (the description on AT&T’s website says, and this is a copy and paste “Unlimited everything! mobile Web. Cellular Video. Plus four messaging options: Text, picture, video, and Instant Messaging.” and the price is, and this is another copy and paste “Monthly Price $30.00”).
    So we’re at $89.99 for 900 minutes, with unlimited messaging and unlimited data. The same price as Sprint. Now factor in the cheaper phone and suddenly AT&T is cheaper.

  36. Don Louie

    So there is one plan that you may be able to is equal to not cheaper than the Everything Data, everybody will not be able to get the same deal you got as a new customer. You are one of the people that won’t use a readymade directory that’s a click away, $90 for both now weigh the plusses vs. the of them allowing that data plan, and phone reps wouldn’t budge on that data plan or vzw rep for that matter

  37. bottomline

    Sounds like a great plan if u dont go over 900 minutes ? What about for those of us that use our phone for business( I typically average 4000 minutes a month) and also require unlimited data & unlimited messaging. Before u say Metro or Cricket, I also travel throughout the country. All of a sudden, Sprint doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, does it ?

  38. SaltyDawg

    The 900 minute plan was only 1 example. Honestly, I only listed it because it it popped up when I hit the phone. But just about any plan you select is going to be around the same price or cheaper on AT&T. The only exceptions are those unlimited plans where Sprint includes data. On my family plan, for example, I am paying like $30 per month less than I was when I had Sprint, and that does not even factor in the much cheaper phones.
    On the family plans, you can get unlimited messaging for the entire plan (covers all lines) for $30 total, and then unlimited data is only $10 per line.

  39. Don Louie

    Alright now factor out nav, data/email is $30 w/unlimited messaging another $20 on any smartphone is that much, if you have a work around that’s working great but can you upgrade that Fuze a year after getting it? Salty Dawg I do understand what you are saying and how the savings is a scam but your plan is Agent Smith like SERO for Sprint

  40. SaltyDawg

    No man, lol, my plan is nothing like SERO for Sprint. When I log into my online account, I have the option to change all my plan features- including the cheap data plans. You seem to be thinking AT&T is like Sprint and puts a plan on your phone, but it isn’t like that at all. AT&T puts a plan on your SIM card, not on your phone. So you can pretty much use whatever plan you want with whatever phone you want. I think the iPhone has a special SIM card (but I don’t know for sure, it might use a regular SIM card too) but I know for sure all the other phones use the same SIM cards.
    I have read TONS of reports online where someone streamed their slingbox all month, and then got hit with a huge bill because they didn’t have a data plan, and they got the charges waived by adding the cheap data plan (over the phone). So this is not some super secret conspiracy.
    Again, once you are an AT&T customer, you will likely have the option to add the cheap data plan when you log into your online account- without even calling anyone or going into a store. But I haven’t read one single report of anyone getting denied when they tried to add the cheap data plan- either on the phone or in person. Ever. And, again, mine was offered to me by the rep in the store on the 2 Tilts I was buying that day. He offered to change my 2 older Tilts to the cheaper data plan too but I declined because I use a lot of data on those 2 and I didn’t want to feel like I was not paying mny own way. But I may very well change to the cheaper data plans eventually if I don’t think I will be using as much data at some point.
    But the bottom line is this- this is not a SERO plan where you have to know somebody or whatever to get it. This is a regular old plan option that shows up in your online account when you sign in. It shows up on the AT&T website too before you add the Fuze to your cart.
    Do this- go to the AT&T website and add th eplan first, before you add the phone. Now you will see all the option that are available to you when you sign into your online account.

  41. John

    Is there a moderator in this forum? What do the instructions on cheating att have to do with the sprint loyalty plan? Is anyone controlling this? You guys can continue this in other forums.

  42. SaltyDawg

    This is not “cheating” AT&T, lol. The only people who say this is “cheating” AT&T are sprint fanboys who refuse to accept that Sprint isn’t always the cheapest. Again- if you call AT&T they will do it for you over the phone, no questions asked. If you go to an AT&T store, they will do it for you, no questions asked. If you are an AT&T customer, you probably already have the option in your online account manager. This is not “cheating” it’s just being a smart consumer.

  43. bottomline

    Around the same price or cheaper on ATT ?? I seriously doubt that ! Look, I didn’t want to get into this but now that you mention it, I have had several plans with several different carriers(ATT, VERIZON, T-MOBILE, SPRINT) and Sprints is the least expensive by far. Now pay close attention, im not talking about the phones(or what they cost), im talking about the plans. I’m also not talking about the low end plans, im talking about the unlimited everything plans. I’m not going to get into the specifics, but my Sprint bill is atleast $50 cheaper a month. As far as the loyaly program, its my understanding that their working on tweaking it more before contacting all customers who qualify for it.

  44. SaltyDawg

    Well if you are talking about who is the cheapest, you HAVE to factor in the cost of the phone. I mean, seriously, if you put $50,000 down on a car, are you going to say your car is “cheaper” than a Neon because your car payment is only $10 per month?

    If AT&T gives me a $500 phone for free, but charges me $5 extra per month over the course of 2 years, I would consider that a huge savings- even though it is an extra $5 per month.

    As for your heavy usage- you realize the AT&T unlimited plan is $30 more than Sprint’s, right? Not “at least $50” as you said. It’s $99 for voice (same as Sprint) and another $30 for unlimited messaging and data. So yeah, Sprint is cheaper for the unlimited (if you want data and messaging- voice is the same price). But there are several plans where AT&T is cheaper, and that is what I have been saying all along.

    I never said AT&T was cheaper than Sprint in every possible scenario. I only pointed out that Sprint is not always cheaper than AT&T in every possible scenario either. Sprint fanboys like to say Sprint is the cheapest all the time, and that simply isn’t true.

  45. bottomline

    For starters, I am not a Sprint fanboy but as someone earlier had said, are you a paid ATT spokesperson or what ? NO, MY BILL WASN’T $30 CHEAPER, IT WAS ATLEAST $50 CHEAPER !!! I have the bills to prove it. Have you forgotten that ATT charges an additional $20 a month for unlimited messaging…….20+30=50 ! Now, for whatever reason, Sprint had(has) given us discounts that no other provider would give us. So, if you really want to know, it was closer to $80 less expensive. I just didn’t want to burst your ATT bubble. As far as factoring in the cost of the phone thats fine, but there are many places you can purchase a phone. It doesn’t have to be thru the carrier ! I’ve received all my cell phones for free because of the line of work that im in and the relationship my company has with all the wireless providers. In closing, I really dont care who thinks of what about whatever wireless service provider there is out there, im just telling it as I’ve seen it & lived it ! If this makes me a so-called Sprint fanboy, whatever. I could really care less………..

  46. SaltyDawg

    I haven’t forgotten about anything AT&T charges. If you read my post, I specifically said the unlimited plan on Sprint was cheaper if you wanted data and messaging but for voice only it’s the same price. And it’s not $50, it’s $30 for unlimited data and unlimited messaging on AT&T’s unlimited plan (and cheaper if it’s a family plan).

    If you have some special discounts from Sprint, that’s cool. And I agree that there are many places to buy a phone. Again, I posted a link about 10 times now where you can get a free Fuze. So I obviously know that you don’t have to get them from the carrier. But I never see any free Sprint Touch Pro’s anywhere.

    I don’t know the specifics of your plan, but the regular old Sprint unlimited plan is only $30 per month cheaper than the regular old AT&T unlimited plan- and that’s including unlimited voice, data, and messaging. So if yours is $80 per month cheaper, either you have some pretty killer discounts from Sprint, you didn’t have the AT&T unlimited plan, or you have several phones on your plan.

  47. bottomline

    Listen here salty, this is getting a little bit annoying. I have no reason to lie. NONE, WHATSOEVER ! Nobody is paying me to say what im saying & nobody is sponsoring me to reveal what im revealing ! I AM PAYING CLOSE TO $80 LESS(PER MONTH) WITH SPRINT OVER EVERY OTHER MAJOR WIRELESS SERVICE PROVIDER “INCLUDING YOUR BELOVED ATT” WHETHER YOU CHOOSE TO BELIEVE IT OR NOT !!! And yes, I did have your ATT unlimited everything plan with all the bells & whistles ! I am sorry if that hurts your feelings but thats exactly whats going on ! I dont pay for my handsets but if I had to, I know exactly where I would go where the price of my handset would be a non-factor !

  48. SaltyDawg

    Listen up- AT&T is not “beloved” in my book. Far from it. They are just better than Sprint in nearly every imaginable way.

    I could call B.S. on you, the way all the Sprint fanboys did to me, and demanded that I post a link. At least I DID actually back up all my claims…

    I won’t go there though. It doesn’t hurt my feelings at all. My only motivation in this thread was to set all the Sprint fanboys straight in all their bogus claims. Notice, when someone started talking about Verizon I did not dispute any of it. I just get sick of all the sprint fanboys claiming that sprint is by far the cheapest ion every imaginable way.

    BUT… since you started talking about specifics here. I was a Sprint customer for many years, and I HAD this stupid loyalty plan for a while before I left Sprint. Guess what? I am STILL paying AT&T less money than I was paying sprint, and I got 2 top notch phones for free. And this isn’t some bogus claim that “I’m so important they will give me phones for free” with nothing to back it up. No, I posted a link about 10 times now where any average joe can go get a FREE Fuze right now by signing a 2 year AT&T contract. So if you “claim” you’re paying $80 less on Sprint- good for you. But I am paying less on AT&T, and I also posted an AT&T plan that is the same price as the comparable Sprint plan (with the family plans being even cheaper) and posted how you can get your AT&T Fuze for free. And you don’t have to be some super important industry insider to get it.
    And, again, if you had the AT&T unlimited plan for $130, and you are repeatedly claiming that your Sprint bill is $80 cheaper, are you saying that you have Sprint’s unlimited plan for $50? because is you do, please post how I (or anyone else) can get that deal. I have given specific details, including links and detailed instructions, on how to get every single AT&T deal I have talked about. If you’re going to go in all caps, “yelling” at me about your alleged deal, back up your claim and tell me how I can also get such a deal.

  49. bottomline

    When the hell did I ever claim to be Mr. Important or some super important industry insider you moran ? Do you suffer from low self esteem ? I cant help it if you have an inferiority complex that compels you to have to lash out at everyone that doesn’t agree with you ! It’s not my(or anybody elses’) fault that you’re so obviously bitter about your past experiences with Sprint that you feel you have to go out on a crusade and try to prove everybody else wrong ! I’m not going to apologize for the fact that I pay less with Sprint than I ever paid with ATT(or anybody else for that matter). The last time I checked, this is a thread(forum) about Sprints loyaly program, which begs the question, what are you doing here if you dont have Sprint anymore ? Its not good to keep such negative energy in, let it go, its not that big a deal. Then again, whatever, its a free country do or say whatever you want. Im done.

  50. Don Louie

    Salty Dawg, bottomline take your carrier debate to the forum. The more you all keep bringing this off topic discussion you promote trolling