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108 responses to “Sprint Launches Premier Loyalty Program”

  1. SaltyDawg

    So when someone asks you to back up yu=our claims you resort to a bunch of personal attacks? Not one single link to back it up? I think that says it all.

    You were dead wrong about Qwest, and I backed that up with links. You were dead wrong about AT&T’s plans, and I backed that up with links. So it’s funny that you have absolutely nothing to back up your claims now. You have been wrong enough times in this thread that I think it’s time you back up at least one of your bogus claims.

    Also, it’s hillarious when you call someone a moron but can’t even spell the word correctly.

    personal attacks with no substance. Yeah, great post. Now try to actually back up some of your claims because you have been owned in this “debate.”

  2. John

    Man sawlty you really need help. We are all glad you are happy with att. But consumer report just rated sprint #1 in value for your money. They also rated customer service in this order: 1:Tmobile 2: Verizon 3:Att 4:Sprint. Yes, sprint was last in CS but then again Att didnt get first in any ranking. So you can state anything you want, you can say we all spread false info, but that still doesn’t change the fact that me and a lot other people in this thread that have sprint have great plans and dont care what some pathetic person that thinks hes the only person that knows all the so called facts think. So at this point its all about what company suits you and sprint still suits some and att suits others and so forth. So ill stick with my so called bad service and be happy with everyone else who thinks so too.

    And again i ask Sawlty, what thread is this for? Oh yeah, its about sprint loyalty. Or am i mistaken? I forgot Sawlty is the King of the know it alls. He cant be wrong!

  3. SaltyDawg

    And again- you may very well be happy with your Sprint service. But, again, Sprint is losing customers by the millions while every other wireless carrier is adding them. So just because 4 or 5 people in this thread is happy with Sprint certainly does not mean everyone is. The numbers would indicate that far more people are happier with other carriers than with Sprint.

    Heck, Consumer Reports rated Sprint dead last in customer satisfaction. Meaning, more people are upset with their Sprint plans/service than on any other carrier.

    And yes, I know what this thread is about- the Sprint Loyalty plan. As I said- I HAD that stupid loyatly plan and I still got a better deal with another carrier. So Sprint better do a lot more than that if they want to turn things around.

  4. bottomline

    I have been owned in this debate ?? Well, Congratulations(I think I spelled that right) Champ ! I guess we all cant be as smart or articulate as you. Now come get your medal………

  5. JJ

    No, not a medal. A cookie. Or maybe a star sticker for a job well done 🙂

  6. js

    sprint is now officially better than AT&T with sprints new and expanding 4g network

  7. Mike Neipris

    This reward program is an insult

  8. terry