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10 responses to “Sprint Launches Samsung ACE SPH-i325, SPH-M520”

  1. Nextel Accessories

    any word if either of these devices truly support Rev A?

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    […] “Sprint this morning launched both the Samsung ACE (SPH-i325) and the Samsung SPH-M520. Both devices are now available from SprintÂ’s web site.The ACE, as we previously reported, is the CDMA version of the popular BlackJack line, combining elements from both existing BlackJack models. The Ace offers both GPS navigation and Sprint TV as well as Sprint Music Store access. Also, the ACE doubles as a GSM 1800/800 world phone for international roaming. Shipping with Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard, it is not clear if, or when the device will be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1.The ACE is available for $199.99 with new two-year agreement, $449.99 without contract.In addition, Sprint has also launched the Samsung SPH-M520, the slider replacement to the SPH-M510, which we have also covered previously. The M520 will retail for $49.99 with new two-year agreement, $249.99 without contract.” via […]

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  7. Audrey

    Hey there!

    Qik is now available on Samsung Ace! We are excited to announce that Qik is now available on Samsung SPH-i325 (ACE), a Windows Mobile(R) 6 device, that supports both CDMA and GPRS/GSM networks. Similar to other Qik supported devices, with Samsung ACE you can now use Qik to stream live to your friends, family and the world with just 1 click of a button.

    The Samsung SPH-i325 (ACE) is available from Sprint in USA.

    To sign up and start Qikking from this great device visit


    i can’t run application with my SAMSUNG SPH-i325 please what should i do