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4 responses to “Sprint Launches Samsung Epic 4G”

  1. Jay555

    I’m a little surprised that Sprint would charge $250 for this phone in addition to the $10 premium phone tax they charge. But I guess a lot of people consider that to be a better deal than the other carriers. Personally, I’ll take my Vibrant and HSPA+ any day over Sprint and 4G.

  2. JJ

    Amazon has the phone for only 199.99. Plus no mail in rebate. Its always better to buy outside of the sprint store until they get smart and stop doing the mail in rebates.

  3. JJ

    Its cool about the vibrant being hspa+ compatible but its capped at 7.2mbps since it is not a true hspa+ phone. It will be good to see how fast a phone on full fledged hspa+ will do. Also once wimax reaches higher speeds.

  4. F1