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15 responses to “Sprint Launches Simply Everything Plus Mobile Broadband”

  1. Jeff

    Not really unlimited data…

  2. JJ

    How is not unlimited? What do you mean?

  3. Rosh

    What he means is that the air card data plans include up to 5GB per month. After 5GB, it is $0.05/MB.

  4. Cecil

    I wonder if this will be offered on shared plans.

  5. deeskillz2000

    From what I understand, the 5 Gigabyte cap is in the Sprint PCS coverage area only. There is only a 300 MB cap in their extended network. I could be wrong about this but a rep told me that Sprint has a lower cap in its roaming areas.

  6. JJ

    Yeah there is a cap. But everyother cell phone service also has the 5 gb cap. Theres nothing different in this and another service. Plus, most people only reach 2gb. This is an awesome deal.

  7. 08SI

    I never quite understood why people were/are so worried/bothered about the cap. The only beef I have is that it is advertised as unlimited, but then again every other wireless carrier does the same. I listen to streamin audio stations almost every day in my car through my treo 755p and there’s not way I can even touch 3 gigs. If you sit on limewire all day on your wireless connection need cable or something 🙂

    Plus, just like Mr. Saabedra said, I doubt they’re enforcing it now.

  8. JJ

    Good point. Although the cap i think only counts if you tether or use a wireless card.

  9. Mustang46L

    I could hit the cap, but only if it was my ONLY internet connection, and I worked from home.

  10. Jim

    Would be nice if they included tethering a phone by allowing a split of the 5G/mo data usage between an aircard/built-in modem and the phone. But their PAM tethering situation is a total fiasco and they really need to get it straightened out.

  11. dj
  12. bottomline

    If u really stop & think about it, it’s a pretty good deal ? Who else is offering this ?

  13. gs

    ok i’m confused… so i pay $99.99 for simply everything and $59.99 for a laptop card or i pay $149.99 for both together.. so basically its just a $10 discount for combining to two? I don’t see how that equates to $599.99 a year savings… … and i can get a netbook with att wireless card built in and pay $59.99 a month on their 3G network and not have to deal with an additional card…. sounds like a marketing ploy to me….why don’t they just add tethering for 119.99 a month or something

  14. js

    Apparently, I use more than 5 gig, as Sprint is cutting off my service as of May 8, 2009. No penalties for ending my contract early: how nice, lol! I’ve never seen over 2 gigs on my account, so where they find 5, I’ll never know. I bought the card and service because they advertised UNLIMITED service. How naive I was!