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24 responses to “Sprint Launches Third Samsung Instinct Firmware Update”

  1. Don Louie

    From what I’ve been reading about this upgrade (out since 11/19), it makes the phone even sweeter now

  2. Kenneth

    I saw a friend’s Instinct pull up all kinds of documents from his AOL account & enter web sites I knew was not possible before. Didn’t believe it til I saw it.

  3. Jeff

    Opera Mini is pretty good on this phone (beta 4.2 only) with the new keyboard. Otherwise, TV is still choppy at times (or shows don’t play at all). Good, but not great.

  4. Dominik

    I did the update last Friday and now I have the ability to use Opera Mini.

  5. Jason

    hmm Kenneth, your friends instinct must do something none of the other’s can. doc support didn’t come with this update, just the hooks to do it. Doc support comes out in December when they release the Instinct “Business Pack” that includes calendar sync, office doc viewing support and a couple other features.

  6. Max

    I did the download and still seem to get some problems locking up on TV and some websites. Love the phone other than that. I used the phone on my last trip up the coast (California hw1) and it performed perfect! Got us to every destination and found the best prices on gas and lodging.

  7. Alexa Marino

    I love my phone!!!! My friends think it’s not as good as the iPhone. I seem to think it is. I’m a geek to the extreme!

  8. Pierre

    I am impressed and disappointed.

    I used to come to this site to laugh while reading some of the hateful comments on every SPRINT article and now I’m back after a few months and seems you guys have softened up.
    I though that now that Sprint is down on their luck you guys would be piling on.

    It used to be so entertaining reading the haters comments. I’ve had Sprint for years and the problems I’ve had with them I’ve had with nearly every Wireless provider so i never understood why the hate on them specifically was so extreme.

  9. danno

    I’m in the process of upgrading my sprint phone but i’m having doubts which phone I should select. Does anyone know if the instinct contacts captures address info as well and if you can sync to MS outlook?

  10. Max

    Pierre I agree with you 100% ! All the hate coming Sprints way is unwarranted. They do have the best network. I currently also have Verizon along side my Sprint. The Sprint connection and service is far superior. More bars along with much better customer service than they used to have. I think Dan Hesse is doing a great job turning around what was a good company into a great one.

  11. Alexa Marino

    I still love my phone! The Instinct rocks me hard. I have my pics posted on

    I went up town and used my instinct to find some great coffee houses. It got me right where i needed to be.


  12. Alexa Marino

    I do need some help from one of you guys though… My phone keeps locking up when I play TV. I have made all the required new downloads and still it locks up. I have to keep rebooting the phone which does not make me happy.


  13. Don Louie

    And I read the new update makes tv better

  14. Paul

    I’m really regretting buying this phone. I guess I didn’t do my homework.
    Issues include: TV locking up, long load time for every application (especially annoying when trying to play music), lack of colors/poor resolution, worthless camera in dim light or over 3 feet from subject, worthless video camera, lack of cool looking icons, TV should fill screen, no Flash, docs, PDF, applications won’t work if battery is 50% or under, GPS Navigation good for driving only not walking, no ability to connect to Sirius radio or XM radio accounts, only Trial versions of games, no bulk (over 10) texting and no easy way to select more than one contact at a time, knocks off internet when call comes through, etc..etc..etc..

    What I like about the phone: size, mini sd card, Favorites screen, maybe a couple of others I can think of now.

  15. Diane

    OK – so I downloaded this new Firmware update this morning. Does anyone know when the “Business Pack” is being released. I thought the software update would actually include that, but I guess it was just the “hooks” to prepare for the release of the business pack. I’m about ready to reactivate my Mogul. The functionality on this Instinct was all hype and “cutesy” stuff – not a good business phone.

  16. leonard

    so where is this new firmware for the instinct being downloaded from?
    I cant get in to the sprint website from my phone. the past week i keep getting an error message.
    Alexi, where did you download?

  17. leonard

    Where were you able to find the new firmware? I have searched everywhere.

  18. kenneth

    You press Main/ then Settings/ then General/ then second from the bottom is software update. If any other over the air update is available for example for the browser the Instinct will prompt for you to upgrade now or later when you open the web application.

  19. leonard

    will try again later or call Sprint.
    Thank you Kenneth.

  20. leonard

    Showing error message when I try to update.

  21. Diane

    I think kenneth already answered this…I was checking email on my phone and it notified me there was a software update. Then it prompted me to go to the email home page. Click the Settings icon in the upper right corner, Click Check for Upgrade. It will then tell you to go to Settings from the Main Menu, click General, and choose Update Software. It will load (takes about 5 minutes) and “reboot” your phone. But after that NOTHING…I’ve been everyone on the phone to see if it added an application. So I guess it was just firmware upgrade in preparation for “Business Pack” purchase at a future date?????

  22. Rebecca

    I am still getting “error in communication” message. Does anyone knows how to fuix this problem

  23. leonard

    I was having this problem and called Sprint.
    They were no help at all, so I just rest my phone to factory settings and the errors stopped.
    I had to reprogram settings.
    Remember to backup ph.#

  24. leonard

    you will have to reprogram your settings. and reattach pics to phone numbers. after the reset get your phone #s back off the server.
    this will take 15 to 20 mins.
    good luck