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26 responses to “Sprint Nixing $10 Premium Data Fee?”

  1. bottomline

    Just out’ve curiosity, wheres all the positive commentary??

  2. Larry

    This post is somewhat misleading. The $10/month surcharge has NOT been removed from family plans like the Everything Data Shared 1500. I have that plan, and my account still shows the $10/month surcharge for my Evo Shift (even though the 4G is almost useless).

    For whatever bizarre reason, Sprint is apparently removing the $10/month surcharge from individual plans, but not from family plans.

  3. Creighton McCain

    Now that Att offers anymobile unlimited that was just the kicker I needed. Already moved on to Windosphone7 with them and happy! No more Airave needed either

  4. Larry

    I should not have used such a harsh word (“misleading”). I simply wanted to point out that, as far as we know so far (e.g., from, Sprint is bizarrely removing the $10/month surcharge ONLY from individual plans, not from family plans.

  5. Creighton McCain

    Ok this is bizarre & im sure a mistake because if there gonna nix it why would they be doing it for people who have 4G devices who the fee was intially meant for makes no sense??? Also if you go shop at there website it says there is the added fee..

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  7. Scott

    Sure enough I checked my account and the $10 fee is removed. I am on the $69 everything data plan.

  8. Art

    It is still on my Everything Data Shared 1500 plan. 🙁

  9. Phoneman

    I still have the fee on my everything data family plan…

  10. Creighton McCain

    Wow that person on that sero plan sure got locked into a good deal seems kinda fishy though how they put an epic on that plan w out sprint making them change??… Again see my previous post this whole thing is bizarre but Ive already kissed sprint goodbye regardless and am happily enjoying windowsphone & Att now that they offer anymobile unlimited too. And I dont need an airave for service lol.

  11. Helena R.

    That apply only for “Old customers”?

  12. Phoneman

    Well I hope they remove it from my family plan.

    If they are removing it form the individual plans and not the family plans, then the only reason I can think of is they must have been called on their bait and switch (advertising that $69.99 plan and then putting an extra $10 in the fine print).

  13. Creighton McCain

    Ya but again this doesnt make sense because they took it off people who have 4g phones! Im sure they are happy but Im sure it’s a mistake!!

  14. Jon

    Typical Sprint move. Take things on and off just like the iden network. One day they’re getting rid of it. Next day they’re keeping it. Make up your minds Sprint or you will lose customers like me for example.

  15. Corey

    Sprint’s position among cell phone companies was that it was the best value and it simplified it plans, along w/ improving customer service. With the $10 charge per line, Sprint brought there pricing inline with Verizon here in Dallas. Verizon is offering special plan here in the Dallas area (call to any mobile, 10 family & friends, $9 to add a line to family account). I just canceled four lines with Sprint yesterday and went to Verizon. I simply could not pay the same price for Sprint and Verizon service. I have had a good relationship with Sprint, but there network is not on par with Verizon. For example, I have three bars in my home w/ Verizon; I need a cell signal amplifier with Sprint which I am charged $5 per month.

    Lastly, the 4g service is worthless. It burns out the battery on my EVO so fast. You simply can’t use it. In addition, there are some many gaps in coverage it is just unusable right now, unless you live in a very populated area (excluding most of the suburbs). This has been my experience and my coworkers experience who have the EVO.

    Good luck Sprint, don’t get arrogant bc the EVO has been successful. When you get your pricing close to Verizon and AT&T, you will run into issues w/ folks defecting like me.

  16. robert

    Wow way to go phonenews read some lol

    No the fee is there, it would be stupid to take it off.
    Also if Chris used Sprint he could check under add services and see it still there. Just a temp software glitch.

    But phonenews has another sprint bashing blogger.

  17. sheiksheik

    The $10 premium data fee has not been removed. It doesn’t show on the main account page, but if you click on “Analyze My Plan” right under the phone details, it will show that you still have the $10 fee. I am not sure of Sprint’s reasons for it not being in the “Add-on’s” section of the plan details, which is where all this confusion is coming from. People are not seeing it there, and are assuming that Sprint removed it, when in all actuality, it is listed in a totally different area, where most people don’t look. So check out your “Analyze My Plan” section and see if it’s there. I bet it is. If not, then please let me know so I can see why mine isn’t removed…lol:)

  18. Jesse

    WOW!!! Just went and looked through the history of my bank account and I’m on the 69.99 plan (unlimited 450 individual) and they’ve never charged me the $10 extra it’s $76.91 after fees and stuff, then I looked on my Sprint bill history and they charge the $10 fee but have always given me a $10 courtesy discount, ever since the EVO came out plus they give me other discounts that I have no idea why they give em, but I’m not complaining!!!!!!!!!! Suck on that suckers

  19. Not your typical girl

    Good for you, Jesse…wow ur so special. Damn idiot! If you can’t add anything to help others why comment?

  20. Lame

    Well done, Too often these days we find “news” based on nothing. Thanks for rising above the rest of the static and not contributing to the never ending supply of false stories and speculation pieces.

    PS: Maybe consider a few more headlines that end with question marks. What better way to give yourselves licence to write whatever you want?

  21. TravellingNomad

    WOW…not being charged for $10 because you got a credit when you got the EVO? what are you gonna do when that credit expires? i hope you are aware that some Sprint customers got recurring credit of $10…but only for a limited time. so good luck when you start complaining about it when it comes off…so why don’t you suck on that SUCKER!!

  22. Jayne

    Just called Sprint to get it taken off my account and they said that this is all NOT TRUE! Everyone has to still pay the $10.00 premium data fee. He would not budge, and insisted that even he is paying it as an employee. I complained about not having 4G coverage, and even if I do get into a 4G area and turn it on, the battery dies on the cell. So what good is it if you can’t use it?

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  24. biker1

    I am honored to give Sprint an additional $120 + taxes and surcharges per year for the privilege of 4G.
    I sent them an email to ask them if I can be charged more for the privilege.

  25. Chester

    The $10 fee was the last straw for me. After Sprint removed my family plan discount in the fall and now I was going to have to pay an extra $50/month for my 5 lines, I bid them farewell after 12 years as a customer. I moved to AT&T and got 5 iPhones for $19 each. I got a family plan with ample minutes and data with a 20% service discount every month and couldn’t be happier with my new service. With that $10 fee hike, Sprint was no longer the discount carrier it used to be. I will now save nearly $20/month with AT&T and have a better carrier for my area.