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8 responses to “Sprint Novatel U727 Firmware Updated, Fixes Mac Issues”

  1. ed

    Of course, there is no way for Mac OS X users to directly update their firmware. Mac users must bring their U727 to a Windows PC, install Sprint SmartView, and finally, run Tools > Check for Application Updates…

    wrong…mac user do not need a windows pc for updates…Sprint and Apple have made a Sprint View connection manager for macs…no need for windows…go to and its on the page right below choode your operating system

  2. bediddleby

    I was able to install the Windows version in my VMWare Fusion WinXP virtual machine and update the firmware. I couldn’t use it to connect (not that I’d actually want to), but the Tools/Check for updates still works to go update the firmware even when it’s not connected. I would hope the same would be true for Parallels and VirtualBox users.

  3. tom

    Ive had the firmware update notification on my macbook pro for a month. It says it needs to download it and to click ok to install it but it never installs. Its an annoyance for now and Im foreseeing it as a headache in the future. I dont have a windows pc.

  4. dave holden

    On my MacBook Pro using Parallels and v 2.27.0064.0 of SmartView I was able to upgrade my firmware. Thanks for the info.

    -Dave Holden

  5. dave holden

    Wait, it said it updated but it’s still the same version. crap. i’m still fiddling, hold please….