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19 responses to “Sprint Now Advertising Unlimited Access Plan Online (Updated)”

  1. Ryan

    Customer service still says it’s a trial only for certain markets. I followed the link to order online and that plan isn’t even an option. Strange….

  2. Anthony

    I called and was told the same thing as the other poster. Only available in select markets. Thats too bad.

  3. adam

    the person i got at the 800 number wasn’t even aware of the package. i then called *2 on my phone and that person said that the PAM would require and additional 39.99 plan.

  4. cbear

    that is correct only offered in certain market areas however it is expanding and no PAM is not included you do have to pay additional but since the main componet has vision built in and a voice only code is not made yet a PAM plan is not an option yet…sorry

  5. Christopher Price

    I should note that, when a PAM plan is not available, Sprint generally okays hacking your phone to bypass PAM restrictions. You can get more details on how to do this in the forums.

  6. brandon smith

    Power Vision: Requires a Power Vision phone. Not available for use with modems

    just have to read the fine print

  7. Christopher Price

    While that’s true, it’s a technical limitation that Sprint should fix… the PAM plan should be an add-on. Similar terminology is supposed to be on the SERO plan, somewhere… good luck asking a typical SERO customer if they were ever presented with it.

    That’s similar to the “limited time offer” staple added to most offers… almost all Power Vision plans will say that somewhere on the terminology. Sprint doesn’t customize it’s legalese very much between plan offerings… creating much confusion amongst the people that actually read it each time.

    Regardless, Sprint should offer the PAM plan, and has said in the past they do not prohibit NAI bypassing so long as it is not abusive to the network.

  8. spinedoc

    Yep, only in certain markets. Lots of markets in CA, some in MN, and I think philly were most of them.

    A VERY cool perk they told me was that if you had a connection card you could combine it and bring the unlimited plan down to $90, making your total bill $90 plus $60 = about $150.

  9. Hello

    This post is so wrong. You cant buy the plan online, you can only buy the phone. How hard is it to actually click on the link before posting an article?

  10. Dustin

    I assume add-a-phone isn’t available. Anybody know if this will work with PowerSource phones? I assume not, since they’re considered Nextel.

  11. blaze

    This post is so wrong. You cant buy the plan online, you can only buy the phone. How hard is it to actually click on the link before posting an article

    Or how about you read the whole artical before making a comment.

  12. spinedoc

    Dustin I asked, you can’t add a phone on this. They said you basically have to pay the 119 for each line.

  13. Carlos

    On the old website where it was advertised for the SF Bay Area it would specify that nationwide roaming was included. On the revised website there is no mention of that even on the fine print. So which is it: roaming or no roaming on this plan?

  14. Don Louie

    Why does it cost so much, Helio is cheaper also Cricket, Leap, MetroPCS and Boost even have less costly options. BoyGenius says have to pay extra for data with pda. I can see not matching up with the regional pre-pays letting Helio is not good

  15. docbrown88

    Anyone find it odd that there’s a “Start” button at the top of that Centro’s screen (in addition to obvious faux rendering of Google and the address bar).

    Whoever does Sprint’s graphics for smartphones is either high or had one too many late nights…

  16. Christopher Price

    To clarify the mis-reporting by others in the media, only BlackBerry devices need a separate data plan. Palm and Windows Mobile devices can keep the standard Power Vision included with the unlimited plan.

  17. Jon

    You can use powersource phones. NO phone as modem use. Nextel phones not eligiable. You can also add unlimited aircard use for another $30.00.

    this plan is not a family plan. there are no “add-a-lines

  18. christina

    i am a dealer in northern california, we sell this all the time and it is not available in all of california currently it had only been offered in the central valley.

    I have had this plan for about a year –

    *it does include roaming as long as you reside in a coverage area
    *Available on PowerSource Phones
    *Unlimited Voice Calling
    *Unlimited Domestic Text Messaging
    *Unlimited Web Browsing and Data Access from your phone (no phone as modem, add on $39.99)
    *Unlimited Picture Mail
    *Unlimited Nextel Direct Connect with PowerSource Phones
    All of that for $119.99

    Add on Unlimited Mobile Broadband Access via Connection Card for $30 more total $149.99

    Christina – Higher Wireless –

  19. Don Louie

    I want to know TV and radio pack comes with these plans, is it Access, TV Premier, Radio Premier, Navigation or Ultimate if any?