5 responses to “Sprint Now Offering WebCapTel”

  1. KneeYogi

    This works surprisingly well. It even makes note of sounds (such as typing, coughing, laughing).
    Makes me wonder if someone is actually sitting there listening.

  2. Chris R

    I believe there is a real operator there relaying it via text.

  3. Ron

    There is a relay operator listening in. I’m deaf myself and have been using relay operators for a long time. Their job is to be discrete and they are not allowed by law to repeat anything they hear said in a conversation. As I said, I’m deaf so here’s how it works. If I called you using this service you’d hear my voice. What ever you say the operator send to me as text. I’m not sure if they are using Dragon Naturally speaking of just typing. But if they are using the voice recognition then they simply repeat what you say to me in their microphone. Either way there is a relay operator manually sending the text to you.

  4. Ron

    I just found a video that demonstrates how it works. This is about the captel phone which came out before the web based wecaptel. But as far as the relay operator goes it works the same way.