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7 responses to “Sprint Offering $50 Credit to Select Customers, Rejects Pre 3”

  1. Jon

    If they want to keep Postpaid customers instead of prepaid, why not offer Postpaid customers better deals? I went prepaid on boost and only pay 40 per month for what I was paying over $100 with nextel and I’m using the same phone lol.

  2. Chris

    I don’t think it’s fair to compare anything to Nextel’s horrendous service! haha. If you’re using the same phone, that means you still running an iDen phone. The problem with prepaid plans though, is that you don’t have any of the roaming capabilities of the parent company. You also receive significantly worse customer care. This particularly applied to all Sprint services. I have been a thoroughly satisifed Sprint customer for years and I am familiar with the level of servive provided by Boost and Virgin Mobile. I guess we will both hope that Sprint holds out and doesn’t fall to the deep pockets of Verizon and AT&T!

  3. josh

    I just upgraded through amazon wireless yestreday is there any chance I get this credit?

  4. F1

    @ Josh

    The $50 Credit, is a new tool for “the Retention Department”, to entice one, to stay @ SPRINT, and prevent/reduce the churn rate. I suggest asking really nicely from costumer service, to extend you the offer.
    Remember that, you have 30 dirty days in the state of California, to “change your mind & leave”, thereby odds are, that SPRINT will honor your request! Good Luck!

    Thank You

  5. Bronxboi

    Why do people resort to trickery to get money. This is an enticement for people thinking about leaving the carrier, it is not bonus cash. It is unethical to sign up and try to get 50 dollars by threatening to leave. Sprint has been losing cash for years and your activities does not help.

  6. Cecil

    About four weeks ago, with 5 months left in my contract, I was offered $65 to renew my contract. They said it wouldn’t remove my upgrade eligibility either. I didn’t bite … yet.

  7. reltm

    I was offered $50 to extend on SERO. The first CSR told me I could take the $50 and it would not affect phone upgrade prices, but when I called the employee line to accept it they said I could take the $50 OR a phone upgrade, but not both.

    Oh well. Seems fair, I guess. Here’s hoping for a super Sprint lineup this Fall!! (And please, have some decent non-4G options! Too bad about the Pre 3…)