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10 responses to “Sprint Opens Dedicated FAQ Page for Forthcoming SERO Premium Plan”

  1. Bill F

    Quick question…anyone know. So I ordered a phone and SERO plan…hmmm way back in 2006 I think from 3rd party company…forgot the name. So I check my account and it says I’m on a Fair Flexible Plan 1250 plan (data, pic mail, txt all included) for 49.99. The FAQ lists what plans qualify…and I don’t see my Fair Flexible Plan. Is this going to hold me up? Anyone know? Thanks for the great info.

  2. ms a lewis

    no you will be required to pay the buyup addtional data plan so if you purchase the evo or epic and you have 4 g you will pay 20.00 if u dont have 4 g then u will pay 10.00

  3. corey

    Hi, i purchased my phone with the 1600 min simply everything plus family and i pay an additional $10 a month because I have the HTC EVo phone (for the 4g). Does this mean that i will also have to pay an additional $10 a month now with this plan? Also is there an option to opt out of this with no etf if you don’t agree with theses changes? thanks for your help.

  4. bottomline

    For those of us on “Free & Clear” plans, r we out of luck???

  5. bmur

    SERO salvation is nigh!|

  6. F1

    @ bottomline

    Wellcome to the “Now Network”, where the only thing that matters is “E.P.”

    That goes for “Fair & Flexible” and “Free & Clear” and any other none “Everything Plan”, no “Plan de Jour”, no play for you,meaning the remaining 45 million customers!

    Thank You

  7. F1

    @ Bill see post to “Bottomline”

  8. bottomline

    That sucks………..

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  10. Don Louie

    F1, why hold onto the notion that only 3M people are on E plans? At least you aren’t complaining about the 4G tax.