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9 responses to “Sprint Opens TEP Enrollment For All Customers This Month”

  1. John

    To bad they jacked up their deductibles from $50 to $100. (At least on SmartPhones)

    100% Percent Increase in deductibles?! Come on Sprint, it’s one thing to jack up rates a little here and there, but you can’t just go and DOUBLE them!

  2. Don Louie

    That’s not Sprint’s fault, Assision raised the fee but you seriously want to complain about replacing a $500 phone for a $100. Most of the time I only to pay for a lost phone

  3. bottomline

    Exactly, I dont understand some peoples’ mentality. Its not like a car, yur not obligated to keep insurance on yur phone. If u dont like it, cancel yur insurance & pray to God nothing happens to yur phone….. Its that simple.

  4. Christopher Price

    I wouldn’t say Sprint is immune from criticism here.

    Asurion did not raise the deductible across the board, they either tested on Sprint or did this in response to Sprint devices. Verizon’s devices arguably have higher full retail replacement costs, yet their deductible stays put at $50.

    Asurion is a contractor for Sprint. Sprint is supposed to look out for our (the customer’s) interests and keep rates low. Did they do that here? I don’t think they did.

    Sprint can always, within a reasonable timeframe, terminate their contract with Asurion and hire another insurance agency if they want to. Here, they didn’t want to. So, yes, it’s reasonable for you to complain about Sprint’s lack of action here.

    You do have other options. But, some of those options (like SquareTrade, for example) are only available within the first 30/60/90 days of purchase. So, you can “just pray,” but you can also be ticked at Sprint for limiting your options post-purchase.

  5. JJ

    Verizon has the same $100 deductible on their smartphones. This is Asurions fault most of the way and maybe a little fault on sprint for not trying to get the lowest insurer possible for its customers.But then again phones have become more expensive and people were also taking advantage of the system. I’m amazed they didn’t raise the deductible earlier. At this point your better off getting a phone from best buy and getting their insurance since there is no deductible.

  6. JJ

    **sorry-verizon is $89 deductible and their monthly charge on advanced devices $6 compared to the $7 from sprint.

  7. Czech M8

    If you really want to compare the cost of VZW to Sprint then by all means let’s pit apples to apples; the check you write each month. How much is the check you write to VZW for monthly voice, data and messages + phone insurance vs the same services + insurance with Sprint? If putting $40 – $50 back in the pocket at the end of every month is killing you then I have a bridge to sell you. Two months on Sprint and you’ve covered the cost of that higher deductible.

    As far as shifting the deductibles from $50 to $100, I’d rather have seen the coverage drop from a max of 3 replacements / year to a max of 2/year and keep the deductible at $50. It’s all about cost benefit, risk and reward.

  8. g00b

    If you don’t want the lost/stolen benefit (which requires police report??), you can opt for just equipment repair at $4 / mo.

  9. Steve Summit

    The deductible is utter, utter nonsense. Nobody told me there was a deducttible when I signed up for TEP. (My bad, I guess.) I’ve been paying $7/month for two years = $168. The replacement cost of my phone is $84, so I’ve already paid for it — twice! Yet they want me to pay a $50 deductibe? Fraud!