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18 responses to “Sprint Playbook Details Forthcoming Changes”

  1. Vi

    “Sprint’s instant rebate promotion will end on July 23rd ahead of the launch of the Motorola Titanium, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung Replenish in Berry on the 24th and the Motorola Photon 4G on the 31st. An AMEX prepaid card will be offered by Sprint instead of a check by mail from now on.”

    Looks like Sprint is cash poor and looking for it’s customers to pony up some cash, like “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today (Popeye cartoons)”.

  2. F1

    “The Samsung Nexus S 4G has received a price cut to $99. 99 after new agreement and mail-in rebate as of yesterday until the 24th…”??

    For 10 days only?
    MIR is back since yesterday?
    Bizzare Promo, given that the Nexus Prime/HD is in the pipes!

    Could anyone please share their experience post this week’s “Firmware update” on Nexus S 4G, has it made any “real” call quality/feature difference?

    Thank You

  3. F1

    Just like to add, while attempting to run at Best Buy, the Samsung Nexus S 4G, indicated lack of Flash support.

    Thank You

  4. Akbar's Hijad

    I work for Sprint corporate in a retail store and all I can say at the moment is Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! for bringing the MIRs back. Ever since we waived the MIRs in the retail store, our accessory dollars tanked worse than the sinking of the Titanic on her maiden voyage.

  5. josh

    was hoping they were going to announce ditching the asinine “premium data” fee.

  6. bottomline

    It’s all good, Go Sprint!!!

  7. Alex Ferda

    Without the premium data fee for high data consumption devices (smartphones), Sprint would be unable to be the only carrier to offer true unlimited data plans. If you are a high-end data user (Pandora, TV, Google Music, etc.), Sprint is your only viable option.

  8. Vince Caruso

    Bringing back mail in rebates is a very big mistake. The third party stores like Best Buy, Radio Shack and Sprint branded Wireless Connection, I-Wireless stores etc will eat the Sprint corporate stores alive.
    Who in their right mind is going to give a corporate Sprint store an extra $50 or $100 per phone and wait 2 months or more to get it back in the mail when they can go down the street to a Best Buy or Radio Shack store and get the same phone without the added price or hastle of filling out and mailing in paperwork?
    I love Sprint’s plans, and their service is better than most. But the mail in rebates are a deal breaker for me.

  9. sam somwaru

    burn thru data with some adult sites we stream. sprint is only option.

  10. dj

    hey bottomline, how does it feel to be a cheerleader for a carrier that is now officially in last place?

  11. Damiel

    I haven’t noticed any real improvement with signal quality on my Nexus 4G, but I like how the NFC is now working. I just need an app that will let me program my work NFC badge into the phone just in case I forget to bring my badge.

  12. F1

    On a different subject,

    According to a contracted SPRINT source, the iPhone4 (CDMA 3G has been on the table) will be at last joining the SPRINT line up, as it’s very first iPhone. Available for purchase by late August, early September.

    My analysis is however, that there will be no 4G WiMax, the 4G editions wil be exclusively LTE, hence for now, limited to AT&T and VZW as the iPhone5.
    For now, U.S. “LTE roaming”, will be out of the question, since these two current editions are of 12 approved versions of LTE worldwide today, which at least for the forseeable future will not be compatible, unless SPRINT, provisions it’s LTE as one of the two current U.S. versions, something not unlike the current CDMA roaming agreement with VZW.

    Thank You

    Thank You

  13. F1

    @ Damiel

    Thank you kindly for your response to my question!
    Does your Nexus S 4G, have the GRJ 90 version update, and would you consider it again, if you had to purchase a device of your choice today?

    Thank You

  14. F1

    Since there is no current “Phonenews” iPhone thread:
    bgr dot com/2011/07/18/apple-to-launch-low-priced-iphone-for-350-iphone-4s5-end-of-summer/#comments

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  15. F1

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  17. Duker

    Mail in rebates are a pain for both the customer and the employees, but the bottom line is 50% of the people never get them……probably a big reason they are bringing it back.