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4 responses to “Sprint-Powered Straight Talk Android Phones Now Include International Messaging”

  1. jackspade

    I am on the t-mobile s.t byop sim plan and i can txt international with no problem so what u mean they dont allow it with att n tmo? p.s my frenz is on the byop sim plan with att and he got a call from s.t automated services saying that he is “using too much data either stop or there cancel is service” and he aint even on his cycle for a month yet.So when u think about it…its not really unlimited they dont even have the courtesy to say they throttle your speed like the other company you Mention!!!! Above

  2. dale

    The second and fifth paragraphs in this article desperately need a copy editor … unless a stream-of-consciousness writing style is actually what you’re trying to achieve.

  3. Fergie

    Wow! Dunno how I missed this one! I saw the international calling, but this suits me even better and at no extra cost. Tracfone seems to be shaking things up with StraightTalk, but not seeing much on Net10-I have to wonder if N10 will eventually fall away?

  4. Miranda

    I wonder if this offering is supposed to be a consolation for the fact that the android devices have ONLY sprint coverage and no roaming capabilities. Coverage in my area is horrid. I test drove the Optimus Q for a single night. It will pick up in the city, but just a few miles outside in any direction has no sprint coverage at ALL. I returned the phone the next day. I’d like one, but I’ll wait until they have a more dependable coverage map.