Sprint PRL 60613 Released

Sprint has issued PRL 60613. As with past Sprint roaming updates, no change list is immediately available. However, Sprint encourages all users to upgrade, even if you do not frequently roam. New PRL files contain EV-DO authentication strings, as well as data roaming enhancements.

To update your PRL, call *2 from your phone and ask customer service to flag your account for update. Some new-model Sprint phones also have a PRL update option in their Tools menu.

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15 responses to “Sprint PRL 60613 Released”

  1. Josh

    This information may not be totally correct. I can’t speak for normal CDMA phones, but my Sanyo Pro 700, which is dual band CDMA with Nextel DC, it’s latest PRL is 40411. The phone will not update the PRL by going to PRL and hitting update so I called Sprint, *2, and got a message saying my phone is updating. I checked my PRL and it had updated to PRL 40411. If this is incorrect, someone let me know.

  2. Josh

    I ended up getting the 60613 update finally after fighting for it

  3. Jonathan Lincoln

    Looks like this is correct. I have the Sanyo M1, and my PRL is now 40411.

  4. K

    Has anyone successfully received the 60613 PRL update? My Motorola Q is stuck at 60610. I’ve tried *2 many times. I even went to a store this morning (after being given the runaround by a different store) and they claimed my phone was completely updated but the PRL still reads 60610. Now, every time I dial *2, the message claims an update is available is it successfully installs. However, the PRL reads 60610 after several reboots.

    I’ve got a co-worker with the same issue and he has both a Palm Centro and the Mogul.

  5. K

    Sorry, that should read that it successfully installs the update but still no PRL update.

  6. K

    After a final call to *2 and a promise that the update would be sent directly to my phone within 2 hours, I just checked the phone settings and my PRL is now version 40411. Does anyone have any idea what is going on with Sprint and PRL updates?

  7. K

    Thanks for the information. I guess I really just wondered why my phone went from PRL 60610 to PRL 40411. Do you know why Sprint is changing the number scheme for PRL updates?

    Should my co-worker with a Centro or Mogul expect the same thing? He said he’s been trying for over a week to get the update to PRL 60613 and can’t seem to get it either.

    I guess I wonder why the tech in the store couldn’t get this accomplished and insisted the 60610 was the most current PRL for my device when in fact it’s now 40411.

    Again, thanks for the help. No one I’ve talked to at Sprint can provide any information.

  8. K

    Yes, I still get an EV-DO signal. I can browse the internet without any issues. I guess if everything is working I won’t worry about it for now but my co-worker said he had never heard of the 40xxx series of PRL updates before.

    Thanks again for all of your help.

  9. MarkR

    I just called SPrint reflagged the account. Dialed **22807 it gave me PRL40411. Now my phone will not find sprint service. What gives??

  10. MarkR

    I have a Palm Centro… 40411 will not find service when set to home networks only

  11. jon

    I just got the instinct…is there anything i can do to make it faster, signal stronger or to further customize it?