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5 responses to “Sprint Re-clarifies $35 Warranty Fee, Calls it A Service Offering”

  1. Sprint Clarifies Warranty Changes to |

    […] retracted this report based on extended comments from Sprint. An explanation is contained in the replacement article. var SurphaceSettings = { s4id: 'JTP9U27X' }; var _surphld = […]

  2. JJ

    So this means that sprint is not the best at customer phone repair. They are just like every other company. Especially when they can’t even enforce the third party repair centers to follow their guidelines.

  3. A

    Chrais, the last time Sprint implimented a $35 service fee, they had not previously advertised on their website that in warraty serive would be free. Between April 2009 and Oct 25, 2010 however they did advertise this explictly as a free service, a) on their website, b) in pamphlets and in power points given to sales people for their use in promoting Sprintin sales sales to customers, “No charge” repair or replacement for in warranty (defined by Sprint in writing as within one year of first activation”) for warrantble (non user caused) issues.

    They cannot charge this $35 to non TEP subscriber who purchase before Oct 25, and the prior case is not analogous at all.

    They can change their service terms, but cannot apply the new charge/conditions to buyers who bought before the change was announced.

    Sprint can also escape by offering nonETF contract cancellation. Sprint would need to fully refund full purchase price of the phone itself to escape their explicit obligation under the Federal Warranty act. Sprint legally nominated itself as warrantor party to consumers with its prior language.

    They have been stripping the old policy from tehir website, but it is here:…l/Slide1_0.PNG…/Slide_202.PNG…nal/Slide3.PNG

  4. Thatguy

    You folks are missing the big picture here. I work for a certified sprint repair location and can tell you one thing. You are welcome to send your device to the manufacturer and wait 2 weeks for shipping back and forth while they take care of you. Or you can bring it in, pay the $35.00 and have a recertified device the NEXT business day (if ordered before 3pm). That is a convenience charge.

    Also you can bring in your phone with a cracked LCD and get it fixed or replaced for that same $35.00. As long as the phone isn’t stolen, water damaged, or broken beyond repair (broken into multiple pieces) it is covered. Yes a dropped Evo is now fixed or replaced for 35 bucks.

    Tell me another provider that will do that? They would laugh in your face.

  5. Raya

    I agree with Thatguy 100%, my 2.5 yr old phone died today, the touchscreen function was not working so i went to a Sprint Service Center to see if they could fix it. I thought it was an easy fix something they could easily handle, turns out the phone is irrepairable. The best part is i only had to pay $35 and am getting a brand new phone tomorrow i am so happy i still cant believe it. I asked the sales guy like 5 times if all i owed him was $35 coz i didn’t want any surprises down the road, also he said my contract is not extended (i am out of contract). Tell me which other cell phone company does this? NONE.