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11 responses to “Sprint Releases Update for Samsung Moment, Adds Network Assisted GPS”

  1. Jason

    You have to go in store for an update?! hahahaha!

    My SanyoM1 could do OTA updates!

  2. JailBird


    The Moment *CAN* do OTA. Just for some reason Sprint isn’t pushing this update out via OTA.

  3. Christopher Price

    The update could not be delivered OTA, either due to a bug or needing to update some low-level part of the bootloader. It can happen to any phone, the Moment just happened to be one of the unlucky ones.

    According to Sprint, the bug has been fixed, so future updates will be able to be delivered OTA.

  4. Jim Ritenour

    So Jason… You have a WHAT ? A haha Sanyo hahahaha M1 hahahhahaha !! !! !! You are laughing at a Samsung Moment with an 800 mh processor ?? AND an AMOLED display ??hahahahahaha… That was funny !! Surely you were just kidding, right?

  5. Yankees368

    No, Jim, I actually back a blackberry tour and a pre. I am just laughing about the fact that my old Sanyo M1 that I still have lying around has OTA updates, but this update requires a store visit (for now). Clearly that went over your head.

  6. JailBird

    Actually, the homebrew scene have been flashing this update themselves for the past week or so :).

  7. Me

    i just got this phone the other day….my wife and i …..its really the greatest …..i think im in love …it does everything and anything…fast loading…pics…posts…and the graphics for the camara….really great….i think im in love

  8. Duker think they would have worked out the bugs for OTA before they introduced the phone….

  9. Quebin

    I quite frankly cant find anything wrong with the Samsung Moment, even without the latest Android Software. AMOLED screen, Fast Processor, Camara WITH flash even when recording. This phone is too bad a$$. The battery really doesnt bug me too much because im always near a charger.

    @ Jason – a Pre… really? No Video recording capability unless hacked… Takes forever to turn on… Not the best phone to throw into a comparison with the Moment. Blackberrys are ehhhh ummm they are alright i guess, but it doesnt compare to the Moment.

    I work for RadioShack bro i know the complaints people bring day in and day out. Guess what is the phone that is least complained about?……. The Moment 😮 thats not shocking at all because the phone is awesome.

  10. Cecil

    @Quebin I had the Moment for two weeks and I had to give it back for many reasons. Battery lasted about 3-4 hours. GPS never worked right .. actually it more often than not located me in other COUNTRIES. So this caused incorrect data for my weather widget, Google Latitude, and Sprint Navigation. Also I was coming from a Blackberry Curve 8330, and I thought the keyboard was not great. Plus the Moment is HUGE! I went with the HTC Hero. The Hero is better in most of those areas, and also provides a lot of other great additional functionality that the Moment doesn’t have (social network integration, HTC Sense, etc).

  11. jeff m

    There are a lot of nice featchers on the moment but what happend 2 live search the market has notheing I’ve found compareable. And with googles name stamped right on the phone why can’t I load google earth? Again nothing compairable in the market. Yet an android phone with another carrior I won’t eaven mention there name but dose load google earth?