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10 responses to “Sprint Responds to Criticism, Drops Nexus 5 from BYOSD Ban List”

  1. What the BYOSD? Sprint Blocks MVNOs from Using Nexus Devices They Don’t Even Subsidize |

    […] Follow-up: Sprint has removed Nexus 5 from the BYOSD ban list. We have in-depth coverage in our follow-up article. […]

  2. Eric Duncan

    It would be interesting to know your sources for this information (I read your previous post, which needs a serious edit to point to this “update” for the Nexus 5).
    But, i have to respond to one statement you made here which is completely false:

    “These higher-volume devices cost less to most consumers, because they are typically purchased on-contract at launch, where carriers offer subsidizes that often exceed the Early Termination Fee (ETF) associated with the plan.”

    In fact, it’s completely opposite. These higher-volume devices cost MORE to most consumers; because when purchased on-contract over a 2 year plan on Sprint’s cheapest plan ($110/mo), the consumer ends up paying $2,640 over the two year term – or pay the ETF penalty. In addition, Sprint hits you with a “premium data” fee of $20/mo for smart phone users, plus $4 international calling rates. That’s an additional $576 for a total of $3,216 over the course of two years. All of this is pre-tax, and NYS has some of the highest cell taxes on the country:

    Purchasing a device out right, for $400 per say, allows you to to easily spend $2000 less over the course of the 2 years for a Ting-ized plan, or a pre-paid plan. Ting makes a value point: no one needs unlimited. Pay for only what you use.

    I’ve personally switched my family to Ting 7 months ago, and recently purchase the S4 out right through Ting (which was $150 less than what Sprint charges “out right.”). I was previous a 14 year member of Sprint and went through the rollercoaster right of Premium White Glove Member service, Premium Member Benefits, Grandfather Discounts, etc. Then Sprint eliminated all of these, and my bill skyrocketed to $180/mo for 2 “smart phone” devices on the cheapest “Family Data” plan they had, paying these ridiculous “Smart Phone Premium Data” fees of $20 each, International Long Distance privileged, and etc, it was time to get out.

    Now at Ting, my bills have averaged $33/mo – including all taxes – for 2 devices. That one fact alone is only $800 for 2 years of service – including all taxes (the Sprint prices above was Pre-Taxed). That alone saves me over $3000 (once you add tax to Sprint’s bill for 2 years). Therefore, paying $570 (minus a $25 discount for $545-ish) for a new S4 was a no brainer. Heck, I am now buying an Nexus 5 and the Ting SIM card today for another $400 to replace a 3 year old device. I will still save $2000 of the 2 years, which started 7 months ago.

    If that wasn’t enough, I’ve referred a number of users to Ting, of which I got a $50 credit the first time and a few $25 credits after that to actually wipe our 2 or 3 bills completely.

    Bottom-line, that statement that consumers “devices cost less to most consumers [if buying on contract]” is false because you have to take into the account the monthly costs over that 2 year term. That is the snakeoil and lies that major carriers (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T) use to trick people into paying those outrageous 2 year contracts; and, if you try to leave, try to scare you with ETF fees. I was very happy to pay my $350 ETF fees for my two devices to get out of contract, which still saves me $1,700 per my calculations above.

    Get out of contracts guys (can gals)… Pay for only what you use.

  3. What the BYOSD? Sprint Blocks MVNOs from Using Nexus Devices They Don’t Even Subsidise | MVNO Dynamics

    […] Follow-up: Sprint has removed Nexus 5 from the BYOSD ban list. We have in-depth coverage in our follow-up article. […]

  4. Johnny

    So as of today, December 12. I can buy a Nexus 5 from the Google Play store and a Sprint SIM/UICC card, pop it in the Nexus 5, and activate it on Freedompop?

  5. Ben

    I tried FreedomPop last week and was told the Nexus 5 was still not able to be used on FreedomPop. No word on when it would be, just that they were working on it. Here’s wishing they work quicker.

  6. Ting To Allow Sprint iPhone 5 Activations Next Week, More Developments

    […] year when the Nexus 5 was initially banned for activation outside of Sprint itself, only for the ban to be relaxed after customer outcry against Sprint, owing to the carrier not subsidizing the device directly and buyers demanding the […]

  7. Razorwindmo55

    Great read. Like those of you that are or were on Sprint, I had 4 phones and Sprint’s ZTE tablet on contract for $358 mo. It was killing my wallet with 2 household incomes. I had made every attempt to get my bill reduced to no avail. Much of Sprint’s charges are the high Premium Data and taxes. My last call to them was to terminate service and accept the ETF but, not before I found older phones for a few dollars to replace my Premium phones resulting in Sprint unknowingly releasing them from the contract so I could go MVNO. I started with Ting on my phone only before I realized I used it more often than I thought causing me to monitor my usage daily after the second week to keep my cost under $50 mo. I really liked Ting but decided I didn’t have the need for LTE and switched to ECOMOBILE for a flat rate of $50 mo. unlimited. I may only be saving $185 but that extra savings is going to my mortgage. When my GS3 (still mint cond.) starts acting up, I will purchase an unbranded phone and currently thinking these Google phones or any unlocked phones (from and testing MVNO’s for the other 2 major carriers.

  8. Razorwindmo55

    There are currently 3 MVNO’s that have LTE but, are limited on what phones can be activated. I caution EVERYONE to not even consider Expo Mobile. Here is a link to all current Sprint MVNO’s. This is updated every so often;