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55 responses to “Sprint Responds to SERO Woes”

  1. Open Letter on SERO | Blog

    […] You can read the official response to SERO events of the week, here. […]

  2. Dan

    Thanks for this update. I thought the last reporting was both alarmist and had anti-Sprint bias. Phone News is a great source of information when it reports facts and does not try to put a spin on things, one way or another.

    Thanks for posting this update

  3. Wayne Schulz

    Sprint’s response doesn’t seem to rule out a change in SERO plan cost which is being discussed (and has been for some time) in the SU forum by the same folks who were accurate in predicting the last round of Sprint plan changes.

    Also I am guessing that maybe what happened is Sprint internally was changing the SERO site to block anyone from buying the Instinct on a plan other than the SERO unlimited and maybe inadvertantly locked out all PDA’s from being purchased on a plan other than the unlimited?

  4. Humberto Saabedra

    The last comment was deleted due to hate speech.

  5. derf

    Like Wayne above, this whole thing about blocking PDAs on SERO was prob nothing more than a programming tempest in a teapot. What I want to know is, come July 13, (when the more expensive ‘Everything Plus’ plans kick in), does this mark the end of getting a smartphone signed up on the $30 plan? The other key question is if Sprint will force anyone onto the newer plans if they try to swap out devices during the 30-day trial — i.e., if I get a Centro before the 13th, can I exchange it for the 800w and stay on the $30 plan? From what I’m reading elsewhere, it sounds like Sprint will only activate the 800w on a higher rate plan.

  6. FrustratedCustomer

    I agree with Wayne,

    Everyone’s issue is the Increased SERO prices. This is sprints downfall. They don’t have the best phones so do they not realize people go with them BECAUSE of SERO?

    Get a clue Sprint!

  7. Don Louie

    I don’t see them forcing a change for upgrading to anything but an Instinct. You SERO holders need to stop crying though because you won’t find a better deal anywhere even if the new plans are forced at upgrade. The new and old SERO/SE Plus will still be cheaper than current and competitor plans, there will be no sympathy or empathy from me

  8. Jaz

    Your right Don, there are no other planaz anywhere as cheap as the sero plan. Thzt is tbe only thing keeping me with Sprint. So if they raise the price or change the terms drastically then bye bye sprint. So stop with your “crying and no sympathy comment. Sprint is luvky not to lose antmore customers. You sound like an ignorant sprint employee.

  9. J-Biz

    Don Louie
    FYI the new changes effective July 10 will not be a better deal, the SERO program will offer the same prices available at any store so once again Sprint is screwing both their employees (through referrals) and customers that would normally not go to Sprint except for the deep discount they can get through SERO. Oh and employees only get 2 referrals per year, was once unlimited and most recently restricted to 10 per year.

  10. celz

    stop complaining i really doubt they are gonna force you off your old plan since those are the terms you agreed to… sprint has the best htc contract the only sanyo and you might say samsung is better than vzw and at&t its at least equal.. moto is equal so the only two companies is lg and nokia thats not tha best but its far from bad… and with q chat taken off.. wimax around the corner and nokia seems more into that than evdo… sprint can make a big change

  11. Don Louie

    I’m a Sprint sub, not an employee, and most of the SERO subs are crying if not whining about a price increase. From what I’ve read they will add nav to it and increase the price to $60 for the 500 minute plan and the 1250 plan to $80 which is still cheaper than all others. If these changes make you want to leave, go ahead but I can guarantee you the grass will be considerably less green anywhere else

  12. Dustin

    I can’t believe so many people are complaining about SERO prices. Maybe they should switch to Boost Unlimited :).

    I will say though, good luck on switching BACK to SERO if you switched off of it. As an existing sub I had 0 chance on switching to SERO, even when I ordered new phones off of the SERO web site! Sprint caught it, moved the phones to our old account, and switched them to non-SERO plans w/o even letting me know! Multiple emails and calls to care, retentions, and executive escalations did nothing, and I’m a ‘Premier’ customer!

  13. Ervin

    I agree wih Wayne Schulz…The response only says that there will still be Sero plans that will work with PDA/Smartphones…As of right now they also say that the Instinct will work Sero. But only the $99 Sero plan which includes everything..just like the Simply Everything Plan. On the SU forum there are pretty valid talks about price hikes. I do believe the sero plan that was $30 a month will be bumped up to $59.99. Hopefully we that already have contracts will not have to upgrade our plan if we for example want the new treo 800w….come on sprint….youve already lost enough customers

    oh and you can currently still sign up for the sero contract and any of the pda’s excluding the instinct

  14. los2003

    would employee discount still be available if I was to switch to a sero account if not no big deal.

  15. Jaz

    Some of you keep saying that there is almost no chance that sprint will let you switch to sero if you dont have it. I must be really lucky then. I switched my wifes phone plan off of a family share plan on to a sero plan without anyone asking me anything. and just yesterday I switched my other 2 family share plans to sero, one of them being a blackberry. They didn’t ask me one question. They just switched it no questions asked. At this point sprint needs to accept any plans to avoid any more bleeding from the mass of customers canceling.

  16. Dustin

    Jaz: And how do you go about doing it? Although with my 12% corp discount, there probably isn’t a need, but it’s nice to know…

  17. Jaz

    I didnt have to do anything special to get it. I just called and they switched me. It might be protocol to only take new customers for SERO but there are sprint employees who can override that and be smart and keep the customer happy like most other cell companies are doing.

  18. los2003

    thanks Chris now I’m tryin to figure out whether its worth me changin.. since I can’t get my discount with the simply everything plans.. 21% is a lot to give up. but sero maybe be worth before they change the prices of the plans

  19. Don Louie

    When the prices change it still will be a deal

  20. Ray

    I have been with sprint since around year 2000. I still have that account for which my father uses until the contract expires, which they offered to let me out of right now…….but he wants to hold onto it a bit longer.

    I signed up for a sero plan via the website in november. At first there was some confusion and the credit department said I needed to add it to my existing account, but it would be a sero plan.

    I have two different log in’s at for each phone number, but one is sero and one is not.

    if you want it, you can get it.

  21. los2003

    want the sero account??

  22. chammy

    what email did anyone use to sign up for sero….I need to know because I want to sign up before the deadline

  23. Crispy

    The website you want to go to is and when it asks for the sprint employee email address, enter I just got my new phone yesterday, however I am an existing sprint customer and because they would not let me switch my existing account over to the SERO plan, I now have 2 phones with 2 separate contracts. Maybe the next agent I speak to will let me switch my older plan over to SERO with no question….if not, I will be terminating the contract.

  24. Barry

    The email is no longer working on the Sero site… When you go to, it now asks for the employee email address PLUS the last 3 digits of employee ID… seems like their trying to keep people away from this plan unless they are really referred by an employee.

  25. Barry

    Oh, I just noticed it’s no longer called Sero… It’s now called the Everything Plus Referral Program. Nice…

  26. Barry

    the Sero plan is no more! Read email:

    Dear XXX,

    Thank you for writing back to us.

    Yes, the SERO (Sprint Exclusive Referral Offer) plan will be expired on
    July 12, 2008. The details of the new plan are as follows:

    The charge of the plan is $49.99 and it includes:

    – Domestic Unlimited Messaging (Text, Picture, Video, and Audio)
    – Domestic Unlimited Direct Connect and Group Connect
    – Domestic Nationwide Long Distance and No Roaming Charges
    – Unlimited domestic web access
    – Access to Music Premier and TV Premier
    – Unlimited Navigation – GPS Navigation
    – E-mail including ActiveSynch or BlackBerry BIS access (for BlackBerry
    – NFL Mobile and NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile
    – Unlimited Nights Starting at 7:00 p.m.
    – Unlimited Sprint Mobile to Mobile Calling
    – 500 Minute Plans: Additional minutes $0.45 overage rate
    – 1000 Minute Plans: Additional minutes $0.40 overage rate
    – Plans do not pool or share minutes.
    – Call Forwarding is 20 cents per minute.

    If you want to get the existing SERO plan for $30.00 then, you need to
    port-in before July 12 otherwise you can port-in anytime after July 12,
    2008 and get the new plan.

    Thank you for using eCare. Have a great day.

    Hellena S.

  27. los2003

    so the 1000 munute plan will be 79 or 69

  28. crispydlite

    I stumbled upon a link online that will allow you to get past the first screen requesting the employee email address & last 3 digits of the Employee ID. My friend just did it and worked so if you are still interested in getting on the current SERO plan (runs through July 13th), here is the link!!! YAY!!!

  29. Jaz

    This is going to hurt Sprint very much. Some people are only with sprint because of this plan. I was about to get 3 more customers for Sprint and if they are not able to get the Sprint Sero plan then they will just go back to Alltel. We’ll see how much more damage Sprint will cause to their sinking boat. All I know is sprint better not try to make me change my current Sero Plan or bye bye to them.

  30. crispydlite

    For all the last minute shoppers, TODAY is the last day!!! If you need to sign up for SERO or know someone that does, use and/or share this link! Still works!

    During the order process use the employee address:

  31. Sprint Pulls the Plug on SERO, Launches Everything Plus |

    […] by helped turn the tide, and PDA and Smartphones are still permitted on SERO. However, plans were already under way to […]

  32. crispydlite

    Although the link still works, Sprint has since changed the plans…$59.99 Simply Everything is the lowest priced plan available. Sorry to all that didn’t get in before the switch!

  33. Barry

    Looks like Sprint has officially put the 5GB limit in place for it’s broadband cards… from the new Everything Plus Referral Program site:

    Exclusive Referral for Sprint Mobile Broadband Cards
    With this plan and your Mobile Broadband Card or USB modem, you have instant Internet access wherever you go on the largest national Mobile Broadband network.

    This plan includes
    Internet access on the largest national Mobile Broadband network.
    5 GB/mo. in total or 300 MB/mo. while off-network roaming. (1024 kb=1MB. 1024 MB=1 GB).
    International data roaming may incur additional charges. Sprint reserves the right to limit throughput speeds or amount of data transferred.

    Anytime Minutes Monthly Price Monthly Usage
    0 $49.99 5GB

  34. matt

    can an employee please send me a referral? E-mail and last 4 digits of sprint ID please! Thanks

  35. MiMi

    I need a referral any sprint empoyees please email me at

  36. Poe

    Can anyone email me Sprint’s employee’s email and required ID?

  37. C^2

    Any sprint employees who would be so kind as to share the wealth, please e-mail me your e-mail address (obviously) and your required ID, I have been delaying putting off starting a sero account for a bit to long, as it looks like I missed the really good deal. Darn It, but I would still like the chance to try now, I guess.

  38. C^2

    Forgot, my e-mail address is

  39. rick

    I’d also like a referral from some friendly, neighborhood Sprint employee. 🙂

  40. ron

    If there is a Sprint employee who would provide their email address and last 3 digits of their ID# I would really appreciate it. Money is tight right now and I can use all the help I can get. THANKS!

  41. Jim

    Can anyone email me Sprint’s employee’s email and required ID?
    Thanks in advance

  42. Jim

    Forgot to add my email. :-O

  43. Grace

    Hello. I would love to get an referral from a Sprint employee to the Everything Plus plan. Please email me the employee email address and the last 3 digits of the ID. Thank you!

  44. Stan

    Also looking to sign up to the new Everything Plus plan. I would like to get a referral e-mal address and CID, too. It’s not cheap, but it’s the best deal around. Thanks.

  45. David

    Hello. I would love to get an referral from a Sprint employee to the Everything Plus plan. Please email me the employee email address and the last 3 digits of the ID. Thank you!

  46. David

    I would love to get an referral from a Sprint employee to the Everything Plus plan. Please email me the employee email address and the last 3 digits of the ID. Thank you!

  47. David

    sorry here is my email: