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31 responses to “Sprint Roadmap Leaks: Opus One Now i1, Samsung Rant on Boost”

  1. Don Louie

    There’s so much grief given to Sprint for missing out on the Nexus, Moto Android devices and having to wait for a better versions of the same Web OS devices. The sooner they can get the WiMax HTC, LG Android and LG WinMo WiMax the better. I’m still suprised Moto hasn’t put out out any feelers for Android or WiMax, a combination of the two would be perfect

  2. Tom

    I fail to realize why cell phone companies keep products in a shroud of secrecy? Palm announced the Pre at CES last year. I immediately sold my HTC Diamond, bought a 29.00 Palm Treo, and used it for a good 6 months. When the Pre was finally released, I was first in line. (I still had the 350 I got from my diamond hidden away in my wallet). You would think they would announce up and coming phones to keep people from jumping ship because the other carrier got a newer cooler phone. Do they keep everything so secret because they don’t want people to stop buying phones and waiting?

  3. Christopher Price

    Two main reasons, Tom.

    One, is anything can happen. Phones can get embargoed (Qualcomm/Broadcom, for example), phones can run into bugs, manufacturers can miss deadlines… and customers feel lied to. You may not, but you read every day and stay updated. Most people don’t.

    The other reason is that carriers do not want people chasing the next phone. They want to lock you into a contract today. Just as car manufacturers paint cruddy checkerbox patterns on test cars so that only the enthusiasts will know what’s around the corner.

    They know you’ll find out, they don’t want that info reaching the average consumer… who’s looking to sign a two-year agreement today.

  4. Duker

    this post is exactly why I check this website every couple days. This info is invaluable if you are in the wireless industry.

  5. bottomline

    I second that emotion

  6. IMHO

    None of this matters. Sprint is toast….killing it’s own. They just announced that they are selling the Boost $50 unlimited plan with CDMA phones. No contracts, unlimited talk, text and web. This canabalizes their own $99.99 plan big time. Let me further clraify this difference. If you want a $50 Boost plan, it costs $50. Boost absorbs ALL fees and taxes. The comparable $99.99 plan works out to be roughly $111.00 with all the Fed taxes and Sprint fees. This PLUS the $36 activation fee, means that 2 years on this plan costs $2,700. The Boost plan costs $1,200. Why on God’s green earth anyone would want to have a two-year contract AND activation fees AND all the assorted taxes and fees is beyond me. When they offered this only on the weak-ass iDEN network, it was a fair trade–cheap service, crappy coverage, non-existent 3G network. But to offer this on CDMA says that Sprint now is officially giving up even attempting to compete with ATT and VZW. Buh bye Sprint.

  7. Christopher Price

    Offering a plan that kills all of AT&T and Verizon’s offerings is hardly giving up. Sticking with Simply Everything as the end-all-be-all of Sprint would be a failure.

    Sprint is choosing to be the opposite, the cheapest carrier for those that want 3G, and leaving Simply Everything for the 4G future. I suspect that Sprint 4G phones will attach to Simply Everything, or a similarly-priced offering. So, you can chose, between an ultra-competitive 3G unlimited plan, or a 4G all-inclusive plan.

    Sprint may finally be getting it. I happily switched to Boost Mobile, but would be willing to go with Simply Everything if my phone could double as my home ISP.

  8. IMHO

    Christopher….you can compete effectively on one of two levels: technological advantages, or price. Apple competes on technological advantages, and can command any price it wants. Which is why your iPod costs 3 to 4 times the cost of a competing comparable generic MP3 player which therefore has to compete on price. Both can be profitable, but only one can be truly successful. In the Wireline Phone world, ATT had the technological advantage for nearly 100 years, but when others caught up to it, they bottomed out so bad they got bought up by their own Baby Bell. In the Cellular Phone world, there is technological advantage (iPhone, BlackBerry, the “reliability” of the Verizon Network). The Big 4 of Cellular (ATT, VZW, Sprint, T-Mobile) all try to claim that THEY have the technological advantage. In networks, in handsets, whatever they can. And then you have TracFone, Net Zero, Metro PCS, Boost, et al. And while PrePaid may have started as a “credit challenged” offering, it has evolved simply into a model of beating others on price (witness Metro PCS’s CEO interview in Forbes magazine last month).

    And while both form of competition can be succesful and profitable, only those with the technological advantage can be wildly profitable (a la Apple, BB, VZW). Sprint’s decision to compete solely on price shows that they have given up attempting to compete on the quality of their technology. Doesn’t mean they will belly up, just that they will no longer be any more important in the industry than TracFone.

    And is Sprint’s 4G going to play Rin Tin Tin and save the company? From a strictly technological standpoint, possibly, but with ATT and VZW close on their heels with LTE, and their ability to outspend Sprint 4 to 1, Sprint is not likely to succeed. And, of course, give the ineptitude of Sprint as a successful marketer and deliverer (witness the past 4 years), Vegas is giving this poor odds.

    So let me clarify….Buh Bye Sprint as a Tier 1 carrier with it’s own retail operations and stores and cutting edge phones, and say hello Boost on the peg board in every gas station and discounter in the nation with the older phones….right next to TracFone and Metro PCS. Doesn’t mean it will work worse, just cost a hell of a lot less.

  9. Christopher Price

    Here are the lowest costs for all-inclusive Tier 1 carrier plans.

    AT&T – $60/month Voice via GoPhone or $120/month Postpay + Unlimited data
    T-Mobile – $99/month via Even More
    Verizon – $130/month unlimited voice + data or $40/month voice only via Page Plus
    Sprint – $99/month simply everything $50/month voice + data via Boost Mobile CDMA

    Sprint is finally competing on price by returning Boost Mobile CDMA. Only Page Plus is a cheaper solution from a Tier 1, and Sprint makes almost as much money from Liberty’s similar plan since it is a Sprint MVNO.

    What is clear is that Dan Hesse’s vision to make Sprint a premium carrier has failed. Sprint is falling back to the Len Lauer/Gary Forsee tactic of having the best technology (EV-DO Rev A & WiMAX), as well as competing aggressively on price. When factoring in data, not even Page Plus competes with Boost/Liberty on Sprint’s network.

    Sprint will always be more relevant than MetroPCS or TracFone. Sprint has a national network and can drill the price down to the point that being on MetroPCS or TracFone is pointless. With Boost UNLTD, they’re finally pairing that with the more-attractive Sprint CDMA network.

    I hardly would call the Curve 8330 and Samsung Rant to be “gas station phones”. And, as we’ll be showing on shortly, Boost has a tacitly-supported backdoor currently to activate all non-Everything Sprint CDMA phones. The savvy get the great phones, average customers get modern phones on Boost UNLTD.

    I’ll go one step farther. I think Sprint should dump their retail operations, and pare them down to Apple-style one-to-three-per-city tactics. Drive online sales and cut costs. Ask iPod how that worked out.

  10. IMHO

    We agree, Christopher. Sprint will fade away as a brand, convert everyone to Boost, and possibly change the industry to a non-contract basis in the process. But all of this counts on Sprint’s management to do it right, and their track record is abysmal. Business Week, Fortune and others have repeatedly cited Sprint’s lack of forethought in virtually anything they do….witness your own exclusion from a press conference that you were invited to. They tend to change their minds on a whim, with no thoughts to the consequences.

  11. thought-it-through

    Sprint-Nextel’s reversal from ” Boost-only” for prepaid to once again reviving prepaid on CDMA is, how shall I say it…interesting. This company is KNOWN for their whacky ways and perplexing reversals.

    Here are the actual subscriber number breakdowns as of Q3-2009 (the most recent financials available):
    “The company served 48.3 million customers at the end of the third quarter of 2009,
    compared to 48.8 million at the end of the second quarter of 2009. This includes 33.6 million
    post-paid subscribers (25.0 million on CDMA, 7.8 million on iDEN, and 870,000 Power
    Source users who utilize both networks), 5.7 million prepaid subscribers (5.2 million on iDEN
    and 500,000 on CDMA) and 8.9 million wholesale and affiliate subscribers, all of whom utilize
    our CDMA network.”

    Notice that there are 0.5 million CDMA prepaid customers, and 5.2 million Boost prepaid customers. Even though Sprint-Nextel’s “Boost only” prepaid strategy lasted only a few months in 2009, still there are TEN Boost prepaid sub’s for every ONE Sprint CDMA prepaid sub. In all those years leading up to last summer when they announded the “Boost only” prepaid strategy, they had garnered a measly 500,000 CDMA prepaid customers. Put another way, in a SINGLE QUARTER they added about 1.8X the number of Boost prepaid subs than they have added in all the years previous on CDMA. I find it interesting that they have just reversed their strategy and revived the CDMA prepaid offering.

    Whacky maanagement, constant reversals, leaving all of their customers guessing. Great strategy…

  12. F1

    Great keypoints IMHO!

    C.P. ” I’ll go one step farther. I think Sprint should dump their retail operations, and pare them down to Apple-style one-to-three-per-city tactics. Drive online sales and cut costs. Ask iPod how that worked out.”

    Unfortunately SPRINT, does as a company, offer’s nothng that could make it succeed on an Apple model:

    SPRINT as a company has had a failing leadership for far too long, it offer’s policies that, to put it mildly “shoot themselves in the foot”.

    APPLE on the other hand designs their products to be class leaders, and hence has earned it’s place in the Industry, as such allowing it to execute what I describe as “absolute control (freak) policies” and thereby maintain Steve Job’s standards for APPLE as a whole.

    SPRINT, over the years consistently has failed on delivering flag-ship devices which have potential of massive consumer following, i.e the APPLE iPhone, the GOOGLE Nexus One.

    SPRINT, when it finaly did introduce the ANDROID to it’s clientle, stead fastly refuses to make the devices available to all accounts, by creating explicit requirements alienating it’s own consumer base, by the millions.

    SPRINT, by introducing and agressively pushing to it’s own base, the converting to “BOOST” accounts, and the “Everything Plans”, canibalizes it’s own sources of income, all in the name (the excuse) of being competative, ill designed planing for a company that for years, has lost over a million accounts on a quarterly bases!

    SPRINT keeps writing checks that it can not cash. It is indeed very sad to witness this development, the destruction of the company from within, if these policies are continued to be implemented, overall it will result into negative results for all consumers.

    Having said that, I would not be surprised to see SPRINT’s D. Hesse, just to create a false shorterm sense of value to the shareholders, woud adopt just what C.P. suggested.

    Thank You

  13. JJ

    You wanna know the reason why there are still plenty of people who wish to sign a 2 year contract and pay more instead of choose the $50 boost plan? CDMA on Sprint uses the full evdo speeds…boost does NOT. Also you can’t get any smartphones like the htc touch pro2 or htc hero with boost. More and more people nowadays are getting into smartphones and they want it work at its fullest capacity,something boost at this time cannot do. That is why I still have a 2 year contract,because i want to be able to use htc touch pro at 3g speeds.
    When boosts releases htc phones and lets you run at evdo speeds then maybe more people will switch over. But as long as signing a contract lets you get the latest smartphone at a real low price they will continue to sign 2 year contracts.

  14. Sean

    Here’s an idea. Non pda/smartphones unlimited for $50 and still discount phone for new contract. Smartphones require current plans that are offered now.

  15. Christopher Price

    Boost CDMA does not appear to have the QoS controls that Boost iDEN does. I find no difference in speed between Boost CDMA and Sprint CDMA over the past 48 hours of EV-DO use. And I’ve been using it pretty much exclusively.

    Also, to be clear, I don’t think Sprint is going anywhere as a brand. I think that Sprint is re-aligning the Sprint brand to be similar to Cadillac; top-tier 4G, all inclusive. It’s not the most expensive out there, but it’s the best out there. Like Cadillac, Sprint will be priced aggressively but maintain 4G service as a part of Everything plans… eventually.

    I think that Sprint is just finally deciding to leverage Boost on CDMA in order to make it their mainstream brand. I think they’re giving up on Virgin Mobile in earnest after trying time and time again to make it a success. I think Boost will be aligned much like Chevy with basic-yet-competitive unlimited plans that are cheaper and better than the competition.

    Lets just hope that unlike GM, Sprint doesn’t go bankrupt in the process of getting their act together.

  16. Don Louie

    I thought they were going to keep Virgin as a brand because supposedly it had it’s own following like Boost? If Sprint added a roaming option like Cricket it would be tops

  17. JJ

    Thats good news that the speed for evdo on boost cdma is the same as evdo on sprint. That makes boost more worthwhile for more users.
    But like you said, sprint as a brand will stick around. Plus people don’t want to pay more than $200 for a phone and are willing to sign a 2yr contract to get low prices. Sprint might have some issues but they still have the best plans on the market and great evdo speeds plus they might not have the customer base that att or verizon have but its enough to keep them around.
    I myself like sprint 3g over verizon. For several months I had verizon and sprint since I was tech for verizon. The whole time had signal coverage with verizon I also had coverage with Sprin and the evdo speed on sprint was slightly faster than verizon running on my mac g4.This shows that sprint can compete with any of the topdogs on the market.
    I’m sticking with sprint as long as they continue to offer the best plans on the market.

  18. Christopher Price

    It’s very hard to kill an MVNO. I don’t think Virgin Mobile will die as an MVNO brand, but with Boost returning to CDMA… Sprint is making clear that they want to push Boost, and not Virgin.

    That makes sense considering their past. Virgin tried post-pay plans, even Helio niche plans. They failed at everything but per-minute prepaid.

    And that’s where I think Virgin will stay. Boost no longer promotes their per-minute prepaid plans. Virgin pretty much only does that. So, if you want an all-inclusive 4G-ready plan, you’ll go with Sprint. If you want unlimited talk/web without a contract, Sprint has Boost. And if you want a simple per-minute prepaid, there’s still Virgin.

    My point was simply that with Boost being game-changing inexpensive rates… few will go with Virgin considering they typically pay $15-$25/month for a paltry amount of minutes. I suspect most new adds will go the Boost route instead, and Sprint will be pushing people to do that anyways.

  19. Nanfy

    Christopher Price,

    What phone are you using on Boost CDMA.

  20. F1

    “Virgin” had an instant brand recognitation for it’s parent company.

    This reminds me of the a “mini” rebranding version of “AT&T to Cingular back to AT&T”, it will be obviously far less costly, and it will assist SPRINT in streamlining it’s product line.
    As I have sited before, “Retention” was trying to convert my “Fair & Flexible” into a “Boost” account, after they had failed in converting it into an “Everything Plan”.

    I also hope as C.P. said before, that it doesn’t turn into another GM story, every expence, becomes a more significant expense given their limited income.

    Thank You

  21. Christopher Price

    I am using an HTC Touch Pro. It was activated using the activation trick, which we’ll document shortly on the Phone Encyclopedia.

  22. Erick Montero Lagunes

    ?what the shit all you idiots think you are, acting and talking like if you all new everything man?………….. it really seems that the stupids that talk shit about Nextel Sprint, get paid very good money for doing it, by their “patrons”, probably at&t or verizon also known as “(some of) the enemies of the average people in this country, in this republican decade”…………..(that is just one of the many angry ways to call them)

  23. Erick Montero Lagunes

    the only fucking thing that Nextel Sprint haters want is misinform the peoples that are more ignorant and stupid than them when it comes to the “cellular telephone” or “wireless” technologies (for whoever the fuck reads these words, take them however you like, but these are not insults—i am just clarifying, clarifying)

  24. JJ

    good comment Montero. I wish I could speak as eloquent as you and use such beautiful words.(sarcasm) Especially when nothing you said made sense or had any type of facts supporting your comment. Most people aren’t hating on sprint/nextel, they are just saying that the cdma side works better than the iden side.
    You might want to take a chill pill, we are all just trying to help each other out in this forum. Calm down buddy, everything will be okay.

  25. docbrown88

    This roadmap seems a little goofy.. Motorola MS400 is a 5 year old phone… I’ve read elsewhere it’s the ES400.. Also the LG LN510 is old.

  26. robert

    so all these so called professinals on here please listen to me for a sec….
    whoever it was that used th whole chevy thing was almost right on point! SPRINT IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!! They are taking the meneral motors game plan in stride, thats why you see all the differant brand names!!! if they wanted to they could do the same as att and big red and stamp their logo on every product but they are using these “logos” as product statements so to speak its a marketing ploy….boost and virgin and nextel all have their own followings as well as sprint is establishing their OWN following as well!! YOU CHANGE THE NAME YOU LOOSE YOUR BASE…THEN YOU CANT BUILD..(unless you start all over…which is stupid!)
    so please go back to selling your DROIDS AND IPHONES and stop misleading people on these sites!!!!!!

  27. Erick Montero Lagunes

    well, just let me inform everybody that i am the slowest person in the planet to write down using a keyboard, so i need to be direct-efective-eficient (or RUDE, for some people) with the words i put here, that is why i did not put “any type of facts supporting MY comment” quickly——-let me tell you that i have been with sprint-nextel-boost mobile since the year 2001, sprint about 1.5 years, nextel about 2 years, and currently boost mobile since like feb 2007 (about 3 years)———the logic of Nextel Sprint (Sprint Nextel Corporation) seems to be (but very obvious for people like me, THE INTELLIGENT PEOPLE) that they want to have everything, they want to have the most important cellular and wireless technologies and services of today, and of the future, to offer them at the best prices—-that is why the two companies decided to merge—that is why they started the WIMAX-4G technologies in this country—-that is why they started THE BEST CELLULAR TELEPHONE SERVICE IN THE HISTORY OF THE FUCKING U.S.A. (and probably the world, until now), under their boost mobile brand………………?do you want to know why they are “THE BEST CELLULAR TELEPHONE SERVICE IN THE HISTORY OF THE FUCKING U.S.A. (and probably the world, until now)”? ?do you? answer= for 50 dollars per month people get unlimited nationwide talk, walkie-talkie, text (including pictures and videos) and web……….for 60 dollars per month people get the same things plus unlimited international calls to almost all canada, 3 cities in mexico (mexico city, guadalajara, monterrey) plus unlimited worldwide texting from the u.s.a. (including pictures and videos) plus unlimited international walkie-talkie calls to canada, mexico, peru, brasil, argentina and chile…………..for 70 dollars per month, only in the case of their new 3G cdma blackberry, people get all the domestic and international calling and texting services that i have just informed, with the exception of the walkie-talkie services, which is a disadvantage, but knowing that the internet can be used at 3G speeds (if people do not want the international services for the blackberry, they only pay 60 dollars per month)………………and if “some” people is “fucked up” and do not have the 50 dollars (like for example: most of the U.S.A., in this republican decade) they can always change the “unlimited plan” for the “basic plan”, just adding as little as 10 dollars and only paying 10 cents per minute any time any day, and etc., etc., etc., etc.; and all of these (?great?) plans and services, i almost forget to say, !!!!!are being offered as PREPAID services, my dear IMPRECISE+LOST+CONFUSED+SPECULATOR+MEDIOCRE+SPOILED+MIND READER+MISINFORMER+WANNA BE (ME)+PROPHETIC+AFFIRMER+disgraceful+ungrateful, (?nerd?) children!!!!!……………….until now, there is no other contract or prepaid service better than boost mobile from a general perspective-point of view, because a lot of people forget or ignore the GPS services from boost mobile (prepaid nextel) and third party providers that can be added to their great phones, services like boost navigator, telenav navigator, the gps mobile location from accutracking (you can see where your girlfriend or relatives are in a web based map by locating their boost phone with satellites, for a cheap monthly charge, i think it is like 7 or 10 dollars just check the accutracking website) and some other extra services that only contract providers have until now, people can not have most of these extra services with any other prepaid provider……………….ANOTHER EXTRA SERVICE THAT BOOST MOBILE DOES NOT EVEN TALK ABOUT AND PROBABLY DOES NOT EVEN KNOW IS THAT PEOPLE CAN USE THE IDEN PHONES AS MODEMS FOR LAPTOPS AND DESKTOPS COMPUTERS THAT HAVE WINDOWS-98-SE, OR WIN-2000, OR WIN-XP, OR WIN-VISTA (I DO NOT KNOW IF WINDOWS-7 TOO)……..THE PHONES THAT I HAVE USED AS MODEMS ARE FROM THE i205 to the i880’s (the older phones), AND SOME OF THE NEWER PHONES, THE PHONES THAT HAVE THE MINI USB “HOLE”, LIKE THE i290, i425 and the i335, THE OTHER NEWER PHONES HAVE THE MICRO USB “HOLE” AND I STILL DO NOT HAVE A MICRO USB DATA CABLE SO I STILL CAN NOT CONFIRM THOSE PHONES USE THE SAME SETTINGS AS THE ONES WITH THE MINI USB CABLE……..YOU CAN JUST CALL THE MOTOROLA IDEN CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND THEY WILL TELL YOU STEP BY STEP WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO IN THE COMPUTER TO ACCESS THE INTERNET WIRELESSLY AND UNLIMITED FROM THE CELLPHONE AT 19.2 KILOBITS PER SECOND, AT THIS SPEED IT TAKES ABOUT 1 HOUR TO DOWNLOAD 10 MEGA BYTES, MAKE SURE YOU DISABLE THE WINDOWS AUTOMATIC UPDATING SO THE INTERNET BROWSING DOES NOT GET SLOWER (IT IS ABOUT 10 MB PER HOUR= 1 MB PER 6 MINUTES AND YOU CAN ACCESS THE INTERNET ON THE NEXTEL NATIONWIDE NETWORK AND ALSO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE GOOD SIGNAL, THE LESS SIGNAL YOU HAVE THE SLOWER IT GETS)………..WITH ANY BOOST MOBILE PLAN THERE IS ACCESS TO THE INTERNET FOR THE PHONE AS A MODEM, YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY EXTRA AND ACTIVATE THE “WIRELESS WEB” ADD-ON, YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING TO THE PHONE, JUST BUY THE PHONE IT COMES WITH 5 DOLLARS AND THE BASIC PLAN, DOWNLOAD THE DRIVER FOR PHONE AS A MODEM FROM THE MOTOROLA IDEN WEBSITE TO YOUR COMPUTER, INSTALL IT, CONNECT THE PHONE TO THE COMPUTER WITH THE USB DATA CABLE (FOR NOW IT IS GOING TO BE BETTER TO USE ANY OF THESE PHONES i290, i335 or i425 THEY USE THE MINI USB DATA CABLE, 15 DOLLARS AT WALMART OR 20 DOLLARS AT RADIOSHACK) AND THEN FOLLOW THESE STEPS: 1=control panel, 2=network and sharing center, 3=create a new connection, 4=connect to the internet, 5=dial-up, 6=where it asks you for the “dial-up phone number” put just like this: S=2, then do not create any user names or passwords, and if you want to put a name for the connection you decide, and then just click “connect”, and that is all, it connects to the “nextel data network” which is 19.2 kilobits per second…………if you have the “pay as you go-basic plan” you only have to put in the phone at least 10 dollars every 3 months but for the “phone as a modem” function you just need at least 1 CENT EVERY 3 MONTHS, and that is gonna give you wireless-unlimited-nationwide access to the internet for the laptops or desktops at 20 kilobits per second, but practically for free———shit, i am so fucking tired now, i am gonna come back later to finish these comments…………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  28. Andoman

    As someone that works in the construction industry, we are all stuck with nextel. All the lumber yards, gravel pits, concrete plants, asphalt plants, etc use nextel and it keeps us locked into the product (However, verizon has been trying to give our gravel pit free phones because they figure it will get businesses to change over). That being said, I would like a Palm Pre, Android, or iPhone that I can organize my schedule on, check email, and not have to pay extra for blackberry. Personally I’d like the palm pre since I now carry around a i350 and a palm pilot (yes sad I know) but if this doesn’t change soon I’m going to retire my palm pilot and nextel service and deal with the ramifications. Please release the i1 soon!!!!

  29. Jerry

    Christopher Price:

    When will your activation trick be documented?

  30. Christopher Price

    I’ve grown pretty tired of late when other claims we’re “ripping off” unsturdy workflows, by presenting a working one.

    That, combined with posting it would probably result in it being modified or shut down by Sprint… and we’re backing off of coverage for now. It’s up to Boost to signal to us what the future of the loophole is.

    The loophole is well documented on the online community, and when we re-launch our forums next month… I’m sure people will be sharing it there as well.

  31. Boost Lover

    I Really like bost Unlimited For $ 50 per month esp with shrinkage 😀 lol

    if & when sprint / nextel or anyone else ? can put a Android / Windows phone / true

    Smartphone with true 3g & 4g speeds for $ 50 – $60 per month

    then i might think about switching if ” Boost ” was smart they would

    use the full sprint / nextel Network Capabilitys –> Talk , Text , Full Web / data etc & blow every one else out of the water LoL

    also The sneaky phone as a modem feature does not hurt either 😀
    i Have used it when out cable went out to access the web & It Does

    Also i like the walkie feature i have an i1 and know a few people who

    only use Unlmited walkie for $ 1 a day on the unadvertised Pay as you go plan … So whayt would be a real giant killer is if “Boost ” can figure out how to make thier WT work with others like verizon , Altell & all others who have & or will have Ptt …

    i have heard rumors of –> that there is a way to make some of the
    blackberrys work on ptt ??? Hmmm sounds interesting

    but Don’t know how true ? Any comments & or more info would be Great