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10 responses to “Sprint Rolling Out Another HTC EVO 4G Update Next Week”

  1. Vince

    Is that JUNE 28th? I

  2. Dan

    Yes, Humberto Saabedra’s comment was meant to say June 28th, 2010.

  3. smartass

    No, this is Sprint, he means May 28, 2011!

  4. frank

    …and remove the ability to use the 4G WiFi hotspot for free.

  5. Benjamin A

    I’m on my way back to May 28th to fix your firmware. You’ll know I was successful when your phones suddenly connect to wireless N networks with no issues. LOL

  6. Christopher Price

    Typo corrected.

  7. Duker

    is that true you can use the WiFi hotspot for free?

  8. JJ

    I tried using the wifi hotspot and I get a username error. I think its because I bought mine 2 days ago and they already patched it. Oh well. I have pda net. So far I love this phone and windows mobile is long gone out of my head.

  9. Artax

    I didnt even know the Wifi was free? I read you had to pay for it anyway… So, if you’re getting it for free through a mod then, sounds like a personal problem not Sprints.

  10. JJ

    Still no update on my evo. Any news on update?