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8 responses to “Sprint Rolling Out HTC EVO 4G OTA Update”

  1. mike

    I got the update but i didn’t fix the wifi issue. I’m in the same room with my wireless network and still receiving one signal bar!!! 🙁 what is this update suppose to fix??

  2. Gary R

    I installed the updated. Since the update, I noticed that the keyboard no longer gives options for the other characters assigned to a particular key. It used to be if I pressed the “s” key, the “@” would become visible along with other options. This is no longer the case, unless the update changed my keyboard settings.

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  4. JJ

    So that’s why I haven’t received the update yet. I guess ill wait then. Has anyone had a successful update? I really want my battery to last longer.

  5. Christopher Price

    Somebody hasn’t checked the latest news on the home page…

    Sprint pulled the update:

  6. JJ

    I just got a message on my phone asking me to update. So should I update or wait? Battery life is not good on my evo and would like to try something to fix this. Has anyone updated since they announced the problems?

  7. JJ

    Just did the update and everything went perfect. No problems at all. But my battery still drains really fast. Hopefully they will fix that with future updates. I guess we will see.

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